Strong mattresses

Strong mattresses

Mattresses Strong made on modern equipment using appropriate materials and technologies. The company has been manufacturing its products for over 20 years. The manufacturer in the line of models offers a variety of options – from soft to hard. The assortment of the company also includes various bedding and sleeping items. Customer reviews indicate high quality and reasonable price.

Orthopedic properties

Strong mattresses with orthopedic properties are perfect for back and spine health. Model “Baby Teenager” can be purchased for 3.5 thousand rubles. This lightweight, yet firm and elastic mattress is made of high-quality artificial material that does not cause an allergic reaction. Sizes are various: 60 by 120 centimeters, 70 by 140 centimeters.

The “Baby Teenager” model was created especially for children and teenagers. It supports the spine in the correct position, helps it to form. Sleeping on such a mattress will be relaxed, light, comfortable and pleasant. The fatigue and tension accumulated during the day is removed; it has a beneficial and beneficial effect on children, especially of school age.

The cover is made of cotton jacquard, supplemented with relief stitching, and is removable. Inside, instead of springs, a highly elastic foam in the form of a monoblock is used. The height of the “Baby Teenager” model is 11 centimeters, the rigidity is medium. The maximum weight per berth is not more than 70 kilograms. The Russian manufacturer gives a two-year warranty for its products; product service life – more than 10 years.

Durability and strength

Model “Antik Cronos” refers to mattresses of a high price category. The cost reaches almost 25 thousand rubles. For this amount, the buyer can choose a suitable option from a wide range of sizes: from 80 by 190 centimeters to 200 by 200 centimeters. This is a super-rigid product for people with a large body weight. The maximum load on one berth reaches 140 kilograms.

The manufacturer gives a 10-year quality guarantee for its product. Such a mattress will faithfully serve for more than 20 years. Its height is 22 centimeters. A springless block is used inside. The filler is 15 centimeters of natural, environmentally friendly latex coconut coir.

An additional plus is the presence of decorative handles with ventilated properties, allowing air to circulate freely inside. Together with the coir, holofiber is used inside the mattress. Cover with deep convex stitching is made of jersey or cotton jacquard.

This inner layer allows you to achieve high orthopedic properties of the product. It is especially comfortable and pleasant to sleep on such a mattress in the heat. It does not electrify, has good wear resistance, hypoallergenic, does not retain moisture. Throughout its entire service life, and this is more than one decade, the Antik Cronos model is able to maintain elasticity, resilience and rigidity. The sides of the mattress have different firmness, so that sleep will always be comfortable and pleasant..

Refined options

Mattress “Antik Demetra” from the Russian manufacturer Strong is a springless structure with different side rigidity. This model belongs to mattresses with a low level of firmness and is suitable for a comfortable sleep for people with low weight. The cost of the product is just over 44 thousand rubles. The size range starts from 80 by 190 centimeters and ends with a size of 200 by 200 centimeters.

Latex is used as the main filler. It creates a medium to ultra-soft firmness for each of the two sides of the mattress. The maximum load per seat reaches 120-130 kilograms. The quality guarantee is 5 years. Such a mattress will last at least 10 years..

The height of the Antik Demetra multi-zone model is 22 centimeters. In addition to the 14 cm thick solid latex, coir coir is also used as a filler. The design of the product provides for a ventilation system that does not trap moisture and dust. The cover is made of jacquard or jersey.

This product is durable and heat resistant. It shows itself perfectly both in cold and hot weather for many years. All materials used in production are natural, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. One of the sides of the mattress with medium firmness has orthopedic properties, so necessary and useful for the back.

Economical model

Mattress Arnotek from Strong is an excellent option in a combination of affordable price and high quality. The cost of this model is 28 thousand, but the manufacturer periodically holds various promotions, so you can buy the product with a 50 percent profit – for 14 thousand rubles. The main distinguishing feature of “Arnotek” is that this mattress has different hardness of the sides. One side is able to remember the shape of the body thanks to the orthopedic foam filler. An environmentally friendly, reliable and durable coconut coir plus massage foam with highly elastic properties acts as a filler for the other side.

The height of this model is 23 centimeters, the load on one berth does not exceed 140 kilograms. The Russian manufacturer gives the warranty period for 5 years. Together with high-quality filler, there is also a reliable spring system inside the product. Pocket Spring Multi. The cover is made of knitted fabric with a stitching and is easy to clean. The Arnotek mattress will allow you to fall asleep quickly, gain strength and energy, relieve insomnia, back pain and spine.

The filler in this model is antibacterial and hypoallergenic thanks to special substances. All this will affect not only sleep, but also overall well-being, and support immunity. The bactericidal properties of the Arnotek mattress, which are achieved through modern materials and technologies, allow minimizing inflammation and maintaining the well-being of the sleeper at a high level..

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