Table legs: features and options

Furniture design is a very important component, since it is he who plays an important role in the choice of interior items. All elements of the furniture design must be in harmony with each other and make up a beautiful ensemble. That is why an element such as table legs is a very important part of furniture. For the correct arrangement of the interior, it is necessary to take into account such little things so that the picture as a whole is just perfect..


It is no secret that the furniture has various components. The table is no exception. A very important element, in addition to the table top, are its legs. Table legs also belong to furniture fittings. As a rule, they are usually made in a style similar to the main piece of furniture, so they are designed to complement it and make the overall furniture design more perfect..

Table legs have an important feature: they can serve as a kind of decor and highlight of any product. This applies to both tall dining tables and small coffee tables. But they are also an important functional element, without which many table models would look unaesthetic..

It is an irreplaceable element that is used in the creation of all types of tables, as well as cabinets, nightstands, dressers and other interior items..

An important feature of the table legs is that they primarily serve as a supporting function. They allow this product to be placed firmly on the floor. It is the strong and high-quality legs that can prevent the table from wobbling. In addition, they can hide the distortion of the table top and make the uneven floor imperceptible..

Some special models of legs have the ability to adjust the height as well as the angle of inclination. This way, even if your flooring is uneven, you can keep your desk level. So you will feel comfortable sitting at this piece of furniture and the table will be located conveniently and safely..

In addition, thanks to such a device, you can select the desired table height and transform it from a large dining room to a small coffee table. You will also have the opportunity to adjust it in accordance with the growth of the household, making a small children’s table out of a large table.

The legs are also designed to have a protective function. They protect the lower part of the structure from various mechanical influences, as a result of which scratches or chips appear..

The quality and reliability of the legs affects the durability of such a product and its service life. Legs make the use of furniture more comfortable, so they are irreplaceable.

All types of table legs can help improve the compatibility of this piece of furniture with others in the room. This seemingly nondescript element is able to make the interior of any room laconic and fill it with comfort. Nowadays, there are no houses that do not have furniture with legs. They can make any product more stylish, luxurious and unusual..


Manufacturers now present many varieties of table legs. So, there are:

Standard feet

These are the most common table legs. They are stands that are not endowed with the function of adjusting the height and other parameters. These are quite simple and affordable products. Standard legs-stands are recognized to perform exclusively a supporting function, therefore, most often they do not have decorative elements.

Table stands have a rather restrained and laconic design and are distinguished by their versatility. That is why most often they are installed in more strict rooms in terms of interior design..

Such a product is most suitable for a writing or desktop in the office..


Such table legs perform the function of decorating this piece of furniture. As a rule, designers present a large number of the most interesting and varied solutions. There are also handicrafts that have a very original and unique decor. It can be curly, carved products, options for the most uncomplicated forms, as well as standard in shape, but non-standard in design options..

As a rule, they are distinguished by various decorations, unusual shapes or elegant finishes. All such structures can act as an independent decoration item for any room. Manufacturers make these legs for different tables..

You can choose a model for a coffee table or for a classic dining table in the dining room or hall.


Such supports are most often used to complement office furniture. Folding legs allow you to make pieces of furniture multifunctional and more convenient to use. Such models are indispensable if the space where the table will be placed is limited and small. They have a fairly simple and convenient mechanism, but at the same time they have a budgetary cost..

They are easy to create yourself and apply to the design of any furniture. The assembly of such legs is not difficult at all, so such products can be easily transported when rearranging, during repairs or moving. These supports are excellent for transport and are designed to do just that..

Such supports can be matched to absolutely any table. They can have a very interesting and unusual appearance and, in addition to their functional role, perform decorative.


These are the legs that allow you to adjust the furniture to your individual parameters and requirements. You can independently adjust the height of the table and even change the angle of the table top. They are also perfect for a desk, as they will allow you to convert it into a desk. Height-adjustable legs are often used to make a children’s table so that the child is comfortable writing at it..

Manufacturers also present such legs for coffee tables. Telescopic models are not only highly functional and easy to use, but also quite attractive and unusual..

You can choose both models with a classic design, and with more modern and unusual ones. They can also have interesting decorative elements and the most creative designs..

Also, the legs are divided into types depending on their design.. There are:

  • Straight;
  • Bent.

All of them are suitable for a different interior style and look beautiful and unusual in their own way..

Materials (edit)

All metal legs are considered to be very attractive and durable. They determine the durability of the table. The most reliable are the iron and aluminum legs. They are able to withstand even the heaviest table with a massive table top.

Such legs are able to be not only high-quality and stable supports, but also a decorative element. Aluminum will perfectly fit into any interior design.

Along with aluminum, chrome is often used for the manufacture of such structures. It has more weight, but is similar in strength to aluminum. The chrome legs are great for hi-tech or techno home decoration. It is these two stylistic directions that are characterized by the presence of a large number of metal elements..

They make beautiful and stylish legs in the form of wheels, which look very attractive and bewitching, therefore they are able to surprise guests who come to the house..

Metal legs can be either classic straight ones that function as supports, or sliding, folding and collapsible. Such supports are most often used in the manufacture of dining table structures. In this case, chrome or brushed metal is used..

The chrome-plated legs consist of a steel profile pipe, which can have any cross-section. The average diameter is about 40 mm, and the wall thickness is usually about 1.5 millimeters. The inside of these legs is filled with a core and filler. Such a pipe is covered with powder paint on top or painted in another way..

Expensive quality tables can also be fitted with stainless steel legs. They do not change outwardly over time and are able to serve for years and decades..

Table designs are very popular, in the manufacture of which forged legs are used. The glass table top matches perfectly with the wrought iron supports and fits perfectly into every interior of an apartment or house. This is a laconic combination that always remains fashionable and relevant..

Forging can have an interweaving of openwork lines and the most unusual patterns, which are complemented by fragile glass in the form of a table top. The transparent surface of the tables allows you to draw attention to these legs and make them a highlight of this furniture. Forged table legs make it more stable and heavy. It will be difficult to move such a table on its own, but at the same time it will be stable in its place..

This is a great advantage of the entire structure, which significantly increases its operational properties..

The supports are also made of solid wood. Oak legs are very popular because they are distinguished by their reliability and durability. Table supports are also made of timber. Such models are perfect for decorating the interior of a room in country or Provence style..

Solid wood supports perfectly complement any wood furniture. They allow you to emphasize the high social status of the owner of the house. Such supports are quite expensive and therefore add to the cost of the table as a whole. To avoid this, manufacturers often use a combination of inexpensive timber and metal supports..

Supports are also made of plastic or glass. These are less reliable options and have a lower cost. Their only advantage is their elegant and unusual appearance. This is especially true of plastic supports, since manufacturers present a huge number of colors and designs..

Also, their design is very versatile. They can be presented both in the form of folding, and telescopic or folding plastic legs. Most often they are used to equip kitchens, terraces..

Plastic models are completely unsuitable for a glass table, since not all of them are able to withstand such a heavy tabletop..

Table supports are also made of stone. It is a robust and sustainable design that looks luxurious. They are durable and easy to use. Stone legs are chosen both as a functional element to ensure the stability of the table and for decorating products..

Soft pads are used in the manufacture of table legs. They perform a protective function and are most often made of felt..

They prevent the legs from damaging the underside of the worktop. Felt pads are very inexpensive, but the effect of them is very important. They are able to extend the life of the product by several years. They can be presented in a wide variety of forms. Felt overlays in the form of stickers are very convenient, since they are easy to install on the bottom of such furniture..


Classic supports are traditionally rectangular. High legs with straight edges have the shape of a regular rectangle, sometimes it tapers downwards and resembles a volumetric trapezoid in shape. For small tables, such as coffee tables or side tables, manufacturers present beautiful square legs. They look very laconic and elegant..

In the manufacture of decorative legs, designers use the most interesting and unusual shapes. They represent carved products with voluminous non-standard surfaces. These can be entire artistic inventions. They can be round and oval, convex, wavy, curved and concave..

Legs in the form of curved algae, tree branches, leaves, flowers and unusual plants look very beautiful. They can be an interweaving of volumetric patterns..


Very often, the legs are matched to the color of the table, but in some cases they can be contrasting or a couple of shades darker. For wooden furniture, choose either forged legs in metallic shades, or models in natural wood shades. Some models have interesting decorative coatings such as silver, gold, bronze. White legs look very elegant, especially for light tables or transparent glass models.

The black legs are perfect for complementing office desks with a glossy or matte finish. Tables with bright legs are selected for children’s rooms. It can be green, yellow, purple, blue, red supports.

As a rule, color solutions are selected depending on the stylistic design of the interior of the room..

Interesting design solutions

Designers offer very beautiful and original decorative table supports. These can be milled, shaped and other models. Table legs on wheels are very unusual. They make this product easy to transport. Removable castors make this piece of furniture more versatile.

Also, designers present growing legs with height adjustment. These can be collapsible or removable structures. Designers present very elegant models. You can find a large number of sophisticated steel options with curved unusual shapes, weaving and interesting decor. They are perfect for decorating a room in classic and modern style..

Now designers present very comfortable and reliable models of perforated steel. They are very sturdy and allow you to adjust the height of this furniture and other parameters. At the same time, such legs can perform a decorative function, decorating the table, despite the possibility of their assembly or disassembly..

Designers also offer models with artistic forging. Such supports can even be presented in the form of interlacing of legs and shelves in the form of a grid. This is a real masterpiece, which is decorated with other elements, for example, metal birds, butterflies, flowers. As a rule, they are covered with shiny paint, which adds charm to this product..

Review of popular firms

Now you can choose the legs for the table in the store, purchasing the table itself, or buy it separately in case you want to transform this furniture or change its appearance. These components can be purchased at any furniture store. A wide selection of them is presented in Ikea, where such products have reasonable prices and interesting design. So you can separately pick up the worktop you like and find suitable legs for it..

The brand is also popular Miniform, which produces components for furniture on a metal frame. Companies “MebCom”, Intexa represent all furniture fittings, furniture components, including legs.

Beautiful examples in the interior

If you want to somehow diversify the interior of the room, then you can purchase a model made in African style. This can be a glass table with bamboo supports. Beautiful bamboo weaves look very elegant and fill the structure with lightness. The interlacing develops into whole labyrinths, you can admire them forever.

In addition to bamboo, other braided legs are also popular. They are perfect for those who want to equip a loggia, cottage or country house. This is a great solution for rustic or country-style interiors. In this case, weaving is made from vines or thin twigs. These are very flexible and graceful legs that perfectly complement wooden or glass tables.

If you want to fill the interior with lightness, then glass table legs are for you. Countertops can be made of similar material. This is a great solution for those who have a lot of crystal and large furniture with open glass shelves at home. They will emphasize the refined taste of the owner of the house.

For rooms decorated in the Provence style, forged legs are perfect. It is better if these are unusual artistic elements. They can be supplemented with a wooden or glass table. For a loft-style interior, metal legs are also perfect. You can give preference to chrome models.

Do-it-yourself table legs. See the manufacturing process in the following video..

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