Timber beds

A bed from a bar always looks quite solid and brutal. Not everyone dares to install it in their bedroom. But whoever decides, gets an original attribute, around which a rather extraordinary interior develops. What style is this attribute suitable for and how to do it yourself, let’s try to figure it out.


A bed from a bar can be performed in several types:

  • Podium bed. A podium is made from a bar with further laying of a mattress on it. In this case, the frame is made in width and length more than the mattress itself..
  • Standard bed with a height of 50 to 60 cm.
  • High bed, the sleeping place of which is at a height of over 80 cm.

Even in the nursery, you can place a bed made of this material. It can be made both in the form of an attic, and in one, two or even three tiers..


A bed from a bar has its own characteristics:

  1. For such a bed, it is worth choosing an oversized room. Otherwise, a too massive bed will visually make a small bedroom even smaller..
  2. The natural material is environmentally friendly. It does not cause allergies, does not attract dust, does not interfere with breathing freely in the room.
  3. Such a bed can be made independently without special skill in wood processing..

Which style suits?

Of course, at the sight of a bed made of timber, a village house appears, but not only in style Country such a place to sleep is acceptable.

This bed can fit into almost any classic interior. So, in Classicism, a bed from a bar should have strict forms, a high back. In Provence, the bed can be painted in light shades and use a bedspread with floral patterns.

In modern styles, she can also find a place. A podium bed will be appropriate in a bedroom decorated in a minimalist interior.

Eclectic also has a place for this attribute in the interior.. Here the bed should be massive, decorated with a huge amount of textiles..

In the Loft style, a bed from a bar will also be good. In combination with a brick wall and beams on the ceiling, a finished picture will come out.

How to do it yourself?

A bed from a bar in the interior can be homemade. In order to build it, you do not need any special skills in wood processing.

To work you will need the following materials:

  • timber with a section of 100×100 cm – 2.6 l. m;
  • timber with a section of 50×50 cm – 2.6 l. m;
  • edged board 25×75 cm – 20 pcs. 2 p.m .;
  • edged board 100×50 cm – 6 pcs. 6 p.m .;
  • edged board 25×150 cm – 4 pcs. 2.6 m each;
  • edged board 25×250 cm – 1 pc. 2 m and 2 pcs. 2.6 m each;
  • edged board 25×100 cm – 2.6 l. m;
  • wooden board 60×240 cm;
  • fastenings.

All boards must be trimmed.

From the tool:

  • a circular saw;
  • square;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • Miter saw;
  • hammer;
  • sandpaper of different fractions of abrasive;
  • drill screwdriver;
  • rubber mallet;
  • clamps;
  • socket wrench with heads.

Manufacturing technology:

  • First, the bed frame is assembled, since it will not be visible. Flaws on it will also not be seen. Here you can master the art of woodworking.
  • Initially, you need to determine the height of the legs and add the height of the side panels, cut off the resulting parameter from a 100×100 cm bar. In total, 4 pieces of such bars should be sawed off. Further, at the height of the leg, the mount for the side strips is screwed. This is best done with screws. Such a mount will be more reliable.
  • Next, we determine the width of the bed. Here you need to cut off two boards 50×100 cm, equal to the width of the mattress. In this case, it is worth adding 3 cm of length so that the bedding can be easily laid on the base and taken out. We also add 3 cm to the length of the mattress and cut off two more boards 50×100 cm.We fasten all four boards to the mounts that are installed on the legs.

  • If you are building a double bed, then it is worth making a longitudinal beam in the middle of the bed so that the mattress does not fall through and the base does not crack..
  • Next, the very base of the bed is made. For this, boards of 25×75 cm are used. They are stuffed at a distance of about 5 cm between themselves. This is done so that the mattress is well ventilated, and the base provides additional cushioning when changing body position during sleep..


Operating procedure:

  • Cut off two boards with a length equal to the width of the bed, including the side boards and two boards in the size corresponding to the length of the frame. To do this, we use boards with a section of 25×200 cm. We glue the finish with wood glue. Make sure that the top of the board matches the top of the leg bar. We fix with clamps for the period of drying of the glue.
  • Now the upper side of the bed is being made. This will require a board with a width corresponding to the width of the legs plus the thickness of the trim board. Four boards of the required width and length are sawn off. Bevels are made from the edges at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The bed frame, so that the upper trim does not break when you sit down on the bed, must be reinforced with stiffeners. To do this, from a bar with a section of 50×50 cm, we saw off parts equal to the height of the side panels, the size is taken from the base of the bed. It is necessary to make 20 of such bars. They are attached to the base with self-tapping screws..

  • Next, the top boards are glued and fixed with clamps..
  • After the glue has dried, it is necessary to plaster all the joints. For this you need to use a special grout, which is intended for plastering wooden structures. After the solution has dried, it is necessary to go through the entire bed with sandpaper to polish the irregularities.
  • With a long-bristled brush, we sweep away the rubbish from the bed and proceed to painting.
  • For this, stain is used. You can choose any color, it depends on the interior of your bedroom. If you want a bed with a deep, dark color, then several layers of coverage should be applied. Then the bed should be varnished. Both matte and glossy finishes can be used.
  • It is better to hang the headboard directly to the wall. This will make the bed construction more reliable. For this, hidden fasteners are installed on the back, with which the headboard is installed on the wall..

Place in the interior

A podium bed made of wooden bars is a great option for a modern bed.

A round bar bed will be perfectly inscribed in the Country style log cabin.

A bed made of laminated veneer lumber of an original shape will be an ideal option for a modern bedroom.

For the Hi-tech style, a stock of wooden beams is also appropriate, especially if it has unusual geometric shapes..

In the children’s room there is also a place for a bed made of timber, especially given the environmental friendliness of this material.


Those who made their own bed from a bar are eager to share their impressions. Many people say that this is ideal for a summer residence. With a minimum of money, you can get a great sleeping place, while the bed looks good. Some people install such a sleeping place even in apartments, trying to create an eco-friendly interior at home. Another plus is the simplicity of its construction, which any novice carpenter can handle..

Those who have purchased ready-made beds from a bar are also mostly satisfied with the choice. This is due not only to their design, but also to the natural materials used in the manufacture.

You can learn more about how to build a bed from a bar with your own hands in the next video..

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