Toris beds

Toris beds are made of natural wood and solid wood. It is a reliable and environmentally friendly material. Such models are fashionable and stylish classics at any time. They will fit perfectly into any modern bedroom and will tell you about the great taste of the owner of the apartment. A distinctive feature of solid Toris beds is the unique wood pattern that nature itself has brought to life..

Budget models

The Evita series includes beds that cost from 9 thousand rubles. They are distinguished by classic style, soft upholstery, natural and high quality materials. The upholstery can be selected to your taste from a huge variety of options.

One of the bestsellers is the model “Evita Karini”. Its size is 80 by 180 centimeters, the price is 14 thousand rubles. The bed frame is made of oak and beech veneer. The base is a lattice, and the furniture is located on supports, which create a gap with the floor of 14 centimeters. This will allow you to easily clean and collect dust under the bed. When choosing a mattress for this bed, you need to take into account that it will be immersed inside by 6 centimeters. The width of the bed can vary from 80 to 200 centimeters, so there is enough space for everyone.

Another budget bed model from this line is “Evita K”. Its distinctive feature is the absence of a head-back. The price does not exceed 10 thousand rubles. The width of the bed is from 80 to 200 centimeters, the length is 180, 190 or 200 centimeters. This is a very practical, natural and environmentally friendly model, because it is made of natural solid wood.

Such solid wood furniture will faithfully serve for many years, will perfectly fit into any interior, will be very practical and ergonomic.

Popular options

The Atria series has an unusual design. This stylish bed is a real decoration for any bedroom. Models have a casing with soft padding. Lift beds are equipped with spacious linen drawers. Natural or eco-leather, ecological suede can act as upholstery.

You can choose not only the material itself, but also the color, texture. Prices in the “Atria” line start from 11 thousand rubles. A real hit is the model “Atria Tinto Left”. The total cost of such a bed is 24.5 thousand rubles. Buying for a promotion, you can save almost 6 thousand rubles. The left side of the body is made in the form of a corner. This feature allows you to neatly place furniture in the room, it does not take up much space..

The bed is equipped with a spacious inner box for bed linen, however, it is not included in the standard package and must be ordered separately. The total height is 30 centimeters, and the clearance between the floor and the bottom of the bed is 5 centimeters. This design is very strong, reliable and durable. The mattress is immersed in the structure by 6 centimeters. Laundry drawer with a volume of up to 600 liters becomes accessible due to the lifting mechanism.

The novelty “Atria Veneto” immediately became a hit of sales and won the love of customers. This model is an interesting design with a decorated headboard made of eco-suede, fabric, eco-leather. The total cost is slightly more than 22 thousand rubles, with a discount – only 17 thousand rubles. The size range includes 7 options. For the manufacture of the case, beech or oak veneer, wood from several layers, as well as chipboard or laminated chipboard are used.

Unusual shapes

Interesting and unusual beds are presented in the Vega series. The starting price of the models is 29 thousand rubles. This is a kind of sofa bed that can be placed both in the bedroom and in the living room or nursery. Such models have absorbed all the best from both the sofa and the bed. Models of the Vega series can be supplemented with a pull-out bed, orthopedic base or linen box. Basic materials – solid wood, oak or beech veneer, glued wood.

The “Vega Dongo” bed is especially popular.. A product measuring 80 by 180 centimeters will cost 29 thousand rubles with a 7 percent discount provided by the manufacturer. The full price is just over 31 thousand rubles. The maximum width can be up to 160 centimeters, and the minimum is 70 centimeters. Length varies from 160 to 200 centimeters.

Model “Vega Fonte” is distinguished by an unusual geometric pattern on the back and armrests. Such a bed will make any interior design stylish and fashionable. The total cost of the model is almost 37.5 thousand rubles. During the sale, the manufacturer provides a 7 percent discount, the price drops to 35 thousand rubles.

There are 6 different options in the size range. The smallest model is 70 centimeters wide and 160 centimeters long. The maximum width can be up to 160 centimeters and the length is 200 centimeters. The upholstery is made of eco-leather, the frame is made of solid wood, beech, oak or walnut veneer.

Additionally, you can order boxes of various sizes in the package..

Bunk beds

Two-story models from the manufacturer Toris are presented in the Mia line. The beds are specially designed for the children’s room. They are made exclusively from natural materials that are absolutely safe for children’s health and do not provoke an allergic reaction. These models are designed for two children.

You can choose the type of stairs yourself. It can be stationary or attached. These bunk models are equipped with linen drawers that slide out easily. They are easy to use, even a child can do it.

Such internal drawers will help save space in the room, you do not need to buy an additional chest of drawers for storing things..

Bed “Mia 3” is made of solid wood. The fixed staircase is located on the left side. The cost of a model measuring 80 by 180 centimeters is 55.5 thousand rubles. Oak or beech veneer can be used as an additional decor. The base is made of flex or supplex.

The width of the bed can be chosen from 3 options – 70, 80 and 90 centimeters. The length varies from 160 to 200 centimeters. Natural natural wood pattern will help to create a nursery in a cozy eco-style.


Buyers write in reviews that the quality of Toris beds compares favorably with competitors. All models are made of solid wood, there is an orthopedic base, drawers. A wide range of colors, models, finishes are presented. The manufacturer gives a long warranty period, which customers also like..

You can also buy the model you like at a bargain price and save a lot..

You will learn more about Toris beds in the following video..

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