Vega mattresses

Vega mattresses

Sleep comfort is very important and vital. It affects the psychological as well as the physiological health of a person. But the quality of sleep is influenced not only by the number of hours spent in bed, but also by the level of comfort of the bed, and in particular, the mattress..

The modern market offers customers a huge selection of mattresses of various configurations. Correctly selected, it will maintain an even posture and preserve health for many years. Especially for people who suffer from diseases of the back and spine, special models have been developed that relieve stress and have a beneficial effect on the entire body..

Mattresses from the company use a lot of millet Vega. Products from this brand have become widespread due to the huge assortment and high quality. Next, let’s take a closer look at this market segment..

About company

PKP “Vega” LLC started working in the furniture market in 2001. A year later, products from this company appeared on the Russian market. The main activity of the brand is the manufacture of mattresses of various shapes and sizes. In just 3 years, thanks to the well-coordinated work of specialists and the use of high-quality materials, Vega has become a leader in products for sleep and relaxation..

In order to fully fulfill customer requests and keep the brand, the company uses advanced modern equipment..

The employees of the company are real professionals in their field, but, despite the experience and skills, employees are constantly developing, improving their qualifications.

To date, more than a hundred different models of mattresses have been developed under the Vega trademark. Thanks to this assortment, each customer can choose the ideal option for himself in accordance with preferences, health status and material capabilities. Products from the above brand are used in presentable hotels.

Benefits of choice

Vega offers both medical mattresses and models for good rest and sound sleep. It is known to be a very popular brand that is in demand due to a number of advantages:

  • Quality. The company carries out careful quality control at all production stages, which excludes defects. The work is carried out in accordance with high standards.
  • Materials (edit). For mattresses, innovative materials are used that give comfort and have high quality indicators. Raw materials and textiles do not cause allergies and are suitable for those with very sensitive skin.

  • Price. The brand adheres to a reasonable pricing policy without extra charges and overpayments.
  • Range. Vega has a huge variety of models with different stiffness indicators and other parameters..
  • Life time. Mattresses will serve you for a long time, giving you relaxation, comfort and rest day after day..


The following series of sailors from the Vega brand stand out: “Comfort“,”Luxury mattress“(Springless),”Slim luxury“(Springless),”VIP“,”Classic“, for kids. Each line has its own unique properties and indicators. Let’s consider them in more detail.


Mattresses belonging to this series are equipped with a special independent spring block. During sleep, it reliably supports the body in the correct position, keeping the posture level and relieving the back muscles from discomfort and tension. Each spring placed in the block works independently, independently of the others.

The following materials are used as the main filler for this line: coconut coir, natural latex, holofiber, polyurethane foam. It is worth noting that specialists from Vega have created models for operation in a certain season – “winter-summer”.

It is a great choice for health-conscious buyers..

“Lux” (springless models)

The name suggests that mattresses from this series do not have spring blocks. Instead, they use monolithic or typesetting blocks from a variety of materials. The same materials are used as fillers as in the “Comfort” line..

While staying on the bed, a special feeling of lightness and weightlessness is created due to the special alternation of hard and elastic layers. Such a mattress keeps the body in a comfortable position, providing good rest after a hard day’s work..

“Lux” (thin springless)

This is a special series that has a distinctive feature – the mattresses can be folded and hidden in a compact place after use. This is possible thanks to the absence of springs and the convenient thickness. The maximum height of the mattresses is 10 centimeters, the minimum is 4 centimeters. This series is ideal for small apartments where it is important to save space. This is ideal for summer cottages, guest rooms and country houses.

Some buyers use it as an addition to a regular mattress. It can also be placed on a fold-out bed or sofa..


Mattresses from this series are the epitome of chic and sophistication. The filling uses safe and modern materials such as wool, horsehair, coconut coir, memorix and latex. This series is specially designed for those who are used to getting maximum comfort and benefit..

At the heart of the mattresses is the 3D system, which gives a special feeling of comfort, and is also able to instantly relax and get rid of disturbing thoughts. Air currents circulate inside the product, which give lightness and the feeling as if you are sleeping on a cloud.


This is a versatile series. Inside each mattress there is a special “Bonnel” block, reinforced around the perimeter with reliable metal frames. Bulk batting and polyurethane foam are used as the main raw material for the filler. This type of product is often used not only for the household, but also the hotel segment..

For kids

This series has been designed with the little ones in mind. From birth, comfort and healthy sleep are very important for children. Remember that the posture position is formed from an early age and it is better to take care of this immediately than to treat the consequences afterwards..

For manufacturing, natural and environmentally friendly materials are used that are safe for babies. In specialized stores, you can choose a model in accordance with the height and weight of the child. On such a mattress, the baby will always get enough sleep and feel great.

It should be noted that all products from PKP “Vega” meet high quality standards. The company has all the necessary documentation that confirms the level of quality and safety of the goods..

Most popular models

Among the huge variety of products, users highly appreciated the following models:

  • “Vega Comfort”. The minimum price is about five and a half thousand rubles.
  • “Comfort Plus”. Such a model will cost more than 7 thousand.
  • “Multi Latex Plus”. The minimum price is just under 10 thousand.

It is these three options that received a huge number of positive reviews in the vastness of the World Wide Web..

How the firm’s mattresses are made "Vega", see the next video.

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