Vegas mattresses

Vegas mattresses

The correct organization of sleep includes many factors: the time of going to bed, the temperature in the room, the arrangement of the sleeping place. A quality mattress on this list plays one of the main roles, giving us a complete healthy rest. Only after a good night’s sleep, in the morning we feel vigorous and ready to productively spend a new day. Therefore, the choice of a mattress becomes a crucial step, and when buying it, you need to focus on a trusted manufacturer..

Features and advantages of the company

The modern market for sleep products presents a wide range of mattresses from various companies. Products of the leaders of this industry are available to customers today: famous American brands, the oldest European and young domestic companies..

Belarusian mattresses Vegas have been produced since 1997 in the city of Brest and have already successfully established themselves in this highly competitive market. Vegas mattresses are well known both to Russian consumers and residents of European countries..

Vegas products have a number of features that attract customers:

  • Only high quality materials from the best European suppliers are used for their production;
  • The catalog contains mattresses of different degrees of hardness and even asymmetric models with soft and hard sides;
  • The buyer can choose the desired design: springless or spring-loaded;
  • Products have a wide range of sizes, it is also possible to order a mattress with non-standard dimensions.

Manufacturers have focused on the excellent quality of components, so they do not save money and buy them from the world’s leading companies: Belgium supplies latex blocks Artilat, expensive springs AGRO made in Germany, natural coconut fiber Enkev imported from the Netherlands, the UK supplies polyurethane foam.

Vegas offers mattresses to consumers of all ages: soft but firm models for the elderly, harder for schoolchildren and young people, medium firm for toddlers. The factory produces orthopedic mattresses with various fillings: with independent springs, with a monolithic latex plate, with a layer of MemoryFoam material originally developed for astronauts, with natural coconut fiber.

Celebrating 20 years of work in 2017, the company does not stop there, but is constantly looking for new solutions to increase sleep comfort. Collaboration with German craftsmen and many years of our own research led to the emergence “Medizone X3000 Vegas” – innovative zonal spring block. Its creators have balanced the transverse zones of 7 types of hardness in the filling of the mattress and paid special attention to the central one, because it is she who provides the correct support for the spine..

Vegas orthopedic spring mattresses have a 3-year warranty, but if used correctly, the product will serve you for decades without any problems, since the unit of independent springs is provided with a 25-year warranty from a German supplier..

The brand took into account the interests of the smallest buyers and created a collection “Vegas Kids” for children 0-4 years old. Each mattress is available in several sizes to fit standard baby beds. They are based on only hypoallergenic fillers. The mattresses are equipped with a practical removable cover made of soft terry fabric, which contains 100% cotton. Much attention in children’s models is paid to breathability and moisture wicking.

The assortment of the company has a wide range of prices: the catalog contains budget models, mattresses of the middle price level and elite ones with expensive exclusive fabrics, an innovative type of latex Latex Pro and maximum orthopedic effect.


Vegas mattresses are grouped according to a number of characteristics into several collections. Let’s take a closer look at some of them and some of the most popular models.. Today the company offers the following collections:

  • “Comfort” – this line features asymmetric mattresses and uses independent TFK springs for the best spine support;
  • “Exclusive” – Vernestet and Multipocket small diameter spring units create the maximum orthopedic effect. Also in this line are used biometallic springs with useful properties. Expensive fabrics with cashmere and silk fibers are used for the covers;
  • “Modern” – the manufacturer has enriched fabrics of removable covers in this series with zinc oxide. In addition to the bactericidal effect, this substance has a beneficial effect on the skin;

  • Ecolatex – springless mattresses in two versions: with a monolithic slab made of natural latex in the core of the filling and with a combination of latex and a layer of coconut coir. Practical, removable knitted zip covers made from tropical cotton kapok and lyocell fibers, viscose from eucalyptus wood;
  • “Smart” – a line of inexpensive mattresses equipped with an innovative British design: Smartflex cellular material with increased elasticity;
  • “Assets” – mattresses based on the modern elastic Vegaflex Pro filler;
  • “Vegas Kids” – collection for baby beds. Suitable for babies from 1 to 4 years old.

Line of mattresses “Hit” lives up to its name and is among the leaders in sales. These are budget models with modern high-quality content:

  • Asymmetric orthopedic mattress Hit 1 provides the ability to vary the rigidity of your berth. The softer side is based on UK-sourced hypoallergenic elastic material Smartflex. The advantages of its porous texture are high breathability and the ability to wick off excess moisture. New development of technologists – pressed foam Duoflex has increased strength compared to conventional polyurethane foam and became the basis of the hard side of the mattress.
  • Hit 2 model also versatile, but stiffness is provided by an environmentally friendly latex coir board combined with resilient PU foam. The block of independent springs is guaranteed for 20 years and has a height of 12 cm.The cover cannot be removed, but the knitted fabric perfectly withstands dry cleaning right on the product.

  • Practical Hit 3 equipped with a detachable zippered cover. The model is based on highly elastic polyurethane foam with a thickness of 17 cm.

Other models include:

  • You can also remove for washing or replace the jersey cover on the model “Flash” from collection “Smart”. It is based on the most advanced developments of European technologists: springs Smartpocket, cover layer Smartflex and a coconut board impregnated with latex.
  • Springless “Smart Tempo” with monolithic elastic plate made of Smartflex Soft. This is an economy class model, but with decent orthopedic performance.

  • From the Medium Soft collection “Vegas Smart Sense” offers two seasonal sides “winter-summer”. The soft removable jersey cover is very comfortable. The filling of the “winter” part of the mattress is supplemented with a thin layer of heat-set fibers of sheep wool.
  • Vegas manufacturers are constantly improving their favorite models, replacing components with more advanced designs. For example, the F4 collection orthopedic versatile mattress “Comfort” replaced the super popular models No. 9 and 10a, which were discontinued. It is almost universal: the side of medium hardness is designed for a weight of 55-90 kg and is suitable for a wide age group of 25-45 years old, and the harder side will be convenient for adolescents and overweight people.

  • Lovers of moderately hard mattresses can safely recommend the model Vegas F2. A layer of natural latex and coconut fiber gives it a comfortable stiffness and elasticity. Seven zones of the spring block make the load distribution as even as possible.
  • Mattress F3 displaced the outdated Vegas 5a model from the market, which was appreciated for its high anatomical effect and a fabric cover Stress free. Modern technologies used in filling the budget mattress of the “Comfort” line Vegas F3 make it a very good buy. Spring block CopperCoil R1000 with a 20-year guarantee is located between two slabs Vegaflex and layers of coconut coir. Removable cover made from sustainable fabric made from durable bamboo fiber.

  • The hard mattress at number 29 is given new life in a modern model from the collection “Modern” Vegas М4. Its orthopedic properties work thanks to the honeycomb distribution of the springs. The filling uses a new type of latex Climatex with improved characteristics and a relief surface, giving the effect of micromassage. The hard side of the mattress is made with a 3 cm thick layer of coconut coir.

Dimensions (edit)

Vegas mattress factory offers customers a wide range of sizes. In the catalog of the online store or in the company salon, you can choose any model in a standard size for a single, one-and-a-half or double bed. The comfortable width of the bed for one person is 80 cm, the optimal length is 190 or 200 cm.The most popular size for standard large beds is 160×200 cm.The minimum size of the children’s mattresses is 60×120 cm.

A distinctive feature of Belarusian manufacturers is the production of mattresses with non-standard sizes divisible by 5 centimeters. This is a very valuable distinction, as very few factories provide such a service..

Materials (edit)

Modern mattresses are fundamentally different from the simplest models from the past with flying springs, a crumpled base and a faceless cover. They surprise with innovative filling materials and high-tech fabrics and allow the consumer to choose a product for any request and medical indication..

Independent blocks of springs made of biometal (steel + copper), used in the latest collections of the company, not only provide an excellent orthopedic effect, but also have a beneficial effect on the body, showing the healing properties of copper.

The elastic characteristics of latex improved by technologists are fully manifested in springless mattresses. Material Latex Pro very dense and resilient, but at the same time porous, therefore it is well ventilated. Its antimicrobial properties prevent dust mites from growing and it does not cause allergies. Due to their amazing elasticity, latex bases provide uniform orthopedic support for the body.

Another latex novelty is the cellular material “Klimatex”, the embossed surface of which has a micro-massage effect.

Porous material cover Memory foam distributes the load optimally, having the property of thermoplasticity. It adjusts to body contours for unique comfort.

A series of fillers has become an exclusive development of British specialists for the Vegas brand Vegaflex, Smartflex and their versions with the prefix “Pro”. These materials are the familiar polyurethane foam enriched with new characteristics, which has become more wear-resistant, flexible and resilient. They are used both in the form of a monolithic slab for the base and as floor layers to soften the coconut coir interlayer..

Without deviating from their principle: to use only the highest quality components, Vegas manufacturers sew mattress covers from fabrics of the famous German concern Bodet & Horst and a Belgian firm Monks. The removable cover can be cleaned and washed, and it will look great for many years if you follow the washing rules. Different fabrics are used depending on the characteristics of the mattress model:

  • StressFree – knitwear with high air permeability and useful property not to accumulate static electricity;
  • Bambootex – hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and phenomenally resistant to tears and wear, bamboo fiber fabric;
  • Tencel – durable, smooth fabric with an antistatic effect and impregnated with healing aloe extract;
  • Smartcel Sensitive – enriched with zinc oxide, which has antibacterial properties and has a beneficial effect on the skin;
  • Premium Jacquard – luxurious jersey with jacquard weave. It contains expensive fibers of silk and cashmere. Used for premium models;
  • Frotte – increased softness and 100% naturalness of this fabric made it an ideal choice for children’s collection.


Customer impressions of Vegas mattresses are mostly positive. Many are satisfied with the choice made after a long time of operation and note the decent quality of materials even in the most inexpensive models. Users really like the design of a circular fastener on removable Vegas covers: many manufacturers have a zipper sewn in only on three sides, and for Belarusian mattresses it goes along the perimeter of the model, which is very convenient.

Some reviewers note that a slight chemical odor has been emitted from the newly unpacked model for a while. Factory representatives answer such claims that this is a normal possible phenomenon, and the mattress must be left for a day in a well-ventilated room and the problem should go away.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is advisable to buy a mattress offline, having the opportunity to touch it and even lie down on different models: in a branded salon store this is a quite common procedure. It is necessary to summarize your preferences, medical indications and based on these requirements, and also taking into account height, weight and age, go shopping.

Belarusian Vegas mattresses are really an excellent product that can compete with the products of leading European companies. The quality of all its components is confirmed by certificates, and the rating of the best mattresses on the Russian market puts this brand in second place..

Learn more about the production of Vegas mattresses in the video below.

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