Virtuoz mattresses

To keep your sleep restful and comfortable, it is very important to choose the right sleep accessories. One such item is a mattress. There are several criteria for its selection. But it is quite difficult to find an option that would satisfy all the requirements of the consumer..

The Virtuoz mattresses offered to your attention are one of the few that you will be 100% satisfied with..

About the manufacturer

Sleep Virtuoso is a factory that appeared in the vastness of Moscow in 2005. She specializes in the production of a variety of sleep products: pillows, blankets and, of course, mattresses. The company has its own registered trademark, so any copying of it is a criminal offense..

The range of products is constantly expanding. All products of this brand are certified, made from environmentally friendly raw materials and using the latest equipment from Germany, Italy, America.

Sleep Virtuoso produces orthopedic mattresses for all ages, any degree of rigidity. The pricing policy is so diverse that it can attract a fairly wide range of buyers..

Product characteristics

One of the important components of mattress products is the spring block. It can be of several types. The types differ in structure and a bunch of springs, on which the properties and price of mattresses depend.

Virtuoz offers the following types of spring assemblies:

  • Block of independent springs: the essence of this design is that each coil spring is in a separate case and is not connected to others. Their compression occurs independently of each other. This allows the product to follow the contours of the body..
  • Block micropackage S2000: 1500 springs are located on 1 m². An increase in their number contributes to an even more comfortable position of the body. The unit is capable of supporting up to 130 kg.

  • Dependent block: Here the springs are interconnected. Quite a simple and robust system. But its components quickly rust and are pressed through.
  • Five-zone block: different stiffness of the springs allows you to get a smooth transition in the density of the product. Such a block has orthopedic properties, does not oppose the load of the body.

  • The S 1000 multipack consists of small springs with an increased number of coils. Due to this, the structure is punched out in places of fixed load. Products are shown to people with diseases of the spine.
  • Block DS “Duet”: one spring is inserted into another, smaller. Provides a high “shutter speed” of the sleeping accessory. If a small weight is placed on it, only large springs are included in the work. If you increase the load, the internal springs are connected.
  • The Bonnel block is the most common. Evenly distributes the load and maintains the physiological curves of the body.

An insulating felt layer is located above the springs. This extends the life of the product by protecting it from rubbing. Natural and artificial materials are used from fillers in Virtuoz mattress products.

Natural include:

  • Latex: anti-vibration properties, good air permeability. After removing the load, it quickly restores its shape.
  • Coconut coir: absorbs moisture well, does not deform. Products from it are not subject to tearing. This material is odorless and highly environmentally friendly.
  • Holofiber: the fibers in this material are located across the product. It contains natural ingredients: wool, cotton, flax, seaweed. This fiber does not squeeze and allows air to pass through well, forming its own microclimate.

Of synthetic materials used artificial latex and memorix, who is able to remember the shape of the body.

Fabric for mattress toppers must be durable, breathable and not absorb dust. Therefore, the manufacturers of the company “Virtuoso” use for these purposes jacquard fabrics, merino fur, as well as a combination of jacquard and cotton.

As for the gluing of these products, hot melt glue is used for this. It is strong enough, odorless and solvent free.


  1. Hypoallergenic. These products include natural ingredients. They do not cause allergies. That is why mattresses of this brand can be used by both adults and newborn babies..
  2. Mattress covers allow the body to breathe during the hot season. And in winter they will give you warmth and comfort.
  3. Spring blocks smoothly distribute the load, and follow the configuration of your body. This prevents the development of diseases of the spine. And if there are any, they hinder their further development..
  4. Sleep Virtuoso mattresses are highly durable and will serve you for a long time..

Considering all of the above, as well as positive consumer reviews, Virtuoz products can easily claim the title of your favorite mattress..

Take the choice of your sleeping accessory seriously enough. Take your time, find the best option for yourself.

Give yourself a deep and comfortable sleep, be healthy and beautiful. More information about Virtuoz mattresses can be obtained by watching the video below.

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