Walls Ikea

Walls Ikea

Ikea furniture is in very high demand due to its wide range and high quality. However, Ikea walls are particularly popular for a variety of reasons..

Features and Benefits

A distinctive feature of the walls in the living room from this brand is their modularity. That is, if necessary, the owner of such furniture can always modify it or change its location..

The second feature is that such walls can be purchased either separately or in combination with other types of furniture for the living room. It is possible to purchase a wall and a coffee table, or all at once. For this, today the brand produces several series of modular furniture..

An important feature is that by purchasing such a wall, you can visually improve the proportions of the room with the help of special elements built into the wall itself. You can use furniture with glass cabinets or shelves, they will help lengthen the area of ​​the hall.

Just like other pieces of furniture from the Ikea brand, room walls have the following advantages:

  • beautiful and stylish appearance;
  • durability;
  • structural reliability;
  • multifunctionality;
  • wide range of;
  • affordable cost.

It is not surprising that such features of this furniture made Ikea walls the most in demand today..


Now the walls of this brand are produced in the following collections:

  • “Besto”. As a rule, such sets consist not only of a wall, but also of a wardrobe, armchairs, a TV shelf and shelving. The main colors are white, light coffee and brown. The walls themselves from this collection can look like closed cabinets, some of them can be decorated in the form of shelves, and some models of this collection have a built-in TV shelf. This option is ideal for a small room. The features of such a wall are clear edges and the almost complete absence of bright decorative parts..

  • Callax. The walls from this collection are characterized by a unique appearance. They consist of fully open shelves, more like a bookcase. The size of such furniture can be adjusted if necessary. The walls themselves are quite light and look harmonious in any interior..

  • In the collection “Billy” the walls are presented more improved than in the previous version. At the request of the customer, part of the shelves can be made of special glass. These walls have open storage systems and fit perfectly into a room of any size. At the same time, you can store all the most necessary things in them, since the shelves in such racks are quite roomy..

  • Shelving and storage systems from the Hemnes series have a massive and solid appearance, as well as a rather compact size, but at the same time a large capacity. Such furnishings are made from solid pine.

  • Walls from the “Invar” series differ from other collections in their appearance. Such items are made from untreated wood massifs, which gives them some incompleteness and solidity. These racks are characterized by bulk, large capacity and heavy weight..

It is worth noting that each of the above series is represented by several models of such a piece of furniture. Moreover, each of them differs from each other not only in its color, but also in some functionality. Therefore, each customer will be able to purchase such a wall not only in the hall, but also in the hallway, as well as in other rooms..

How to choose?

Going to buy, you need to decide in advance on what exactly the future furniture will be used for. If the wall is needed for storing books, trophies and accessories, then it is better to give preference to open models in the form of multi-tiered shelving. In the event that you plan to use this type of furniture for storing clothes or other large items, it is better to give preference to models with doors.

Pay attention to the presence of secret compartments when purchasing. Their presence will allow you to remove everything valuable and unnecessary from prying eyes, as well as from small children.

When purchasing a wall in a room, be sure to take into account its size and the general style of the interior in order not to visually spoil the proportions of the room, as well as its overall appearance..

For rooms with a small area, it is better to purchase open walls, called mini-walls, and also choose models that have special shelves for installing a TV and other equipment. This will allow you not to clutter up the room with unnecessary pieces of furniture. Open storage systems allow you to visually expand the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe room.

Be sure to inspect each box for capacity and strength before purchasing. The same rule applies to the shelves. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the load of the wall itself, so in the future you will not have to face the fact that the furniture has broken due to improper storage of things in it.

Striking examples in the interior

Ikea walls, like other pieces of furniture from this brand, fit perfectly into a room with any interior style and with any area. These examples illustrate this statement once again:

  1. Compact but roomy wall from the “Besto” collection fits perfectly into the interior and allows you to save space by installing a special TV stand. The white color of this furniture visually raises the ceiling and expands the room itself. The combination of white and black colors, as well as perfectly smooth graphic lines make this piece of furniture as laconic and sophisticated as possible..
  2. Another variant of a storage system from a well-known brand, this time from the Ivar series. As you can see, such a wall allows you to replace several other pieces of furniture at once, for example, a separate work table, book shelves, closed cabinets for storing things. A beautiful light green color only emphasizes brown notes in the interior even more, while they go well with them. Such a multifunctional shelving unit will fit in almost any room..

Even these simple examples of the use of this type of home furniture in the interior clearly show their style, versatility and beauty..


Ikea walls receive only positive reviews from buyers. Many people note their wide color palette and rich model range as the main advantages. These two characteristics make it possible for absolutely every person, regardless of the area of ​​the room into which this item is purchased, to choose the most suitable option..

Some buyers also emphasize the modularity of such walls separately. This makes it possible to use them both together, placing them in one line, and separately, almost completely furnishing the room..

But the most important thing is that all buyers, without exception, highly appreciate the quality and durability of such storage systems..

They are really made of quality materials and modern technologies. Therefore, subject to the manufacturer’s advice on their operation, their service life is practically unlimited..

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