Walls in the nursery

Personal space is important for every person, regardless of age and type of temperament. It is even more important for a child, because it is a guarantee of his normal development and socialization. Therefore, it is simply wonderful if a young family has the opportunity to allocate a separate room for the baby and equip a nursery in it. Functional walls for a children’s room will help with this..


The space in the children’s room should be safe, functional, practical, and, of course, interesting and convenient for the child. Considering that the footage of average apartments is very limited, all of the above tasks can be solved by high-quality furniture..

Very popular for small apartments are walls combined with cots. In this case, the bed can be located both above and below, this in any case saves a sufficient amount of space. But it is believed that loft bed still the most economical in terms of organizing the space of the room. And some parents categorically dislike the design of the wall, in which the bed is at the bottom, and massive shelves are located on top. The kid may find it uncomfortable too..

If the child is still small, as part of a child’s wall very relevant chest of drawers, which is convenient for storing diapers, diapers, napkins, sheets, baby clothes and rattles. Such a chest of drawers can also be equipped with a folding changing table on top, which is also very convenient.

But the model is no less popular walls with a table, when a variety of cabinets, racks and shelves are located on both sides of it. This allows you to keep the nursery clean and tidy, because there is a place for every thing..

The table becomes necessary not only at school age. When the baby grows and develops, he begins to be interested in books, pencils and paints, he just needs to allocate a special place for classes.

This approach disciplines the baby and saves the mother from additional cleaning, because you can supply the workplace with washable materials and surfaces and not be afraid that the child will drop something or spill paint.

The closet should be roomy, but not as large as an adult, preferably with drawers in its lower part, so that toys can be stored there and the child can take them out and fold them himself.

By design, the wall can be made in blue, blue, gray, green, brown for a boy or in white, light pink, lemon, mint, peach for a girl.

For a boy and for a girl

In addition to color schemes, a baby wall for a boy differs from a wall for a girl in its operational properties. For example, a furniture composition for a boy may include a section with a horizontal bar or wall bars. And this is an excellent option for solving children’s space, because it is very useful to play sports, but here everything will be at hand at any time, and training to sports exercises will take place in the form of a game.

For a boy, the wall can provide a series of fastenings for a rope or for a small punching bag.

It is currently very fashionable placement in the children’s room of the climbing wall. Just take care of the reliability of the fastenings of its components, about the safety rope, mats on the floor in front of the climbing wall, as well as a helmet for the child if the climbing wall reaches the ceiling in height. However, this is rare and is mostly made to order. As a rule, a climbing wall is a small additional panel that is attached to the side panel of the wall and is designed for toddlers from 2 to 5 years old..

For a girl, a swing or a small hanging chair can be provided in the furniture composition. She may also like a small dressing table and a mirror in a beautiful frame, as well as a wardrobe already equipped with mirrored doors. If the girl is painting or handicraft, it is a good idea to provide a work area that will meet these needs and keep the room from clutter. For a girl, a good wardrobe is very relevant, in which all her outfits will fit.

Even if your daughter is still very young, think about this moment in advance, sooner or later, storage space will be needed anyway..

If for a boy you can provide furniture in the style hi-tech, loft, minimalism or modern, then girls are always more to taste Provence, Mediterranean style or shabby chic, because in such an interior you can feel like a real princess from a fairy tale.

The stylistics of a child’s room is a purely individual question, choose what is more suitable in style for your home and looks more harmonious with the whole environment..

For a teenage child, a place for a computer and a rack for storing notebooks, textbooks and art books are relevant. A wall for a teenager may no longer include a bed, but consist directly of cabinets, shelving, and a work area. In this case, the bed is bought separately or replaced with a chair-bed in order to save space. In general, a teenager can already independently determine his preferences, therefore it is better to approach the choice of furniture based on his taste and hobbies, making reasonable adjustments and looking for compromises so that the nursery environment is not disliked in a couple of months and is functional and comfortable.

What to look for when choosing?

The choice of walls is huge today. In order to correctly choose the model that is right for you and your child, you need to pay attention to some points. First, when going to the store to choose furniture for the nursery, arm yourself with a technical plan of your apartment indicating the dimensions of the walls, or make the necessary measurements yourself. Also measure the height of the ceilings and, if there is already some furniture in the nursery, then carefully take measurements from it. This will avoid the unnecessary fuss of returning or replacing furniture..

Decide which wall you need – for small children, parents most often purchase a wall with a crib at the bottom, and for older children – a wall with an attic bed, which is liked by almost all children, or a wall with a table, which is especially relevant for schoolchildren.

Think about which wall the furniture will be located along and whether it will be convenient for you and your baby, whether there will be enough space for the passage, you or your child will not touch the furniture and experience constant discomfort. If the layout of the apartment does not allow to arrange pieces of furniture along one wall or other furniture is already present in the room, manufacturers offer functional and compact corner walls that significantly save space..

Perhaps you need a wall for two children at once – now this is also not a problem. There are walls with bunk beds on top of each other or perpendicular to each other – one on top, the other on the bottom, walls with beds along the wall one behind the other, as well as a bed divided by a partition into two parts or a bed with a pull-out second bed.

Also, do not forget about choosing a quality mattress for your baby’s crib, because this is very important for a young, developing body. It is better if the mattress is orthopedic.

Decide on storage space for clothes, toys, or books. Think about whether you would like to place a TV in the children’s room. Now more and more parents refuse to purchase it for a child altogether, believing that everything you need can be viewed on the Internet and under their control..

However, if you nevertheless decide that a TV is necessary, then think over its location – you may need to measure the distance between shelves or shelves, or vice versa, take into account the size of the TV when choosing furniture, if it has already been purchased.

Now there are a sufficient number of programs for 3D modeling of space. They are modern and fairly easy to use, free and with their help you can not only design a future room for your child, but then look from different angles how the furniture will look and how much free space will be left for games. Or you can ask a consultant directly in the store to help you make a room project.

And, perhaps, the main thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing a wall in a children’s room is your baby’s opinion. If he is already at that age to let you know what colors and designs he likes, what he likes heroes of fairy tales or cartoons, listen to him, and then you will surely make the right choice..

You can see even more varieties of walls for the nursery in the next video..

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