Wardrobe sachet

A wardrobe sachet is a special bag filled with herbs and other fillers that have special properties. Such a miracle bag will add a delicate and pleasant aroma to clothes and other things, and will also preserve the freshness of the linen. When using special herbs, it can protect fur and other products from flying pests such as moths. These products are suitable for a wide variety of cabinets. You will learn about these and many other advantages of sachets, as well as how to choose them, by reading this article..

Fragrant pouches

Fragrant sachets are considered very popular items that many housewives choose to create a pleasant scent in their wardrobe. All things will have a very pleasant smell. Many manufacturers produce a variety of home sachets, for every taste and color. Often, beautiful bags are made in the hand-made style. They are decorated with small bows and ribbons, so that they are also pleasant to look at, and they do not darken the atmosphere..

You can easily purchase such a fragrant product for your home and closet in many stores, but you can also make it yourself. Sometimes you just need to purchase a small bag and fill it with the necessary contents..

Nice filler

A sachet can be a great, safe alternative to regular scented deodorant. You can buy fragrant bags with a variety of fillers, which means that you can even find options that will not cause inconvenience to allergy sufferers..

Today, sachets are produced for a wide variety of places in the house..

For cabinets, it is best to purchase pouches with the following herbal and floral fillings:

  • with rose, jasmine, violet, gardenia;
  • with lavender;
  • with mint;
  • with lemon;
  • with ylang-ylang or rosemary.

If you want to feel the fresh scent of the forest when you open the cabinet, then pay attention to the juniper scented bags or options with cedar. They not only have a wonderful aroma, but also relieve stress well..

The sachet is very often filled not only with herbs and flowers, but also with citrus peels – for example, lemon or orange.

Many experts recommend using lily, jasmine, daffodil and bird cherry sachets as little as possible, as they may well cause headaches..


To forget about insects in the closet forever and keep things safe, it is better to purchase a sachet with a mixture of lavender, lemon and rosemary. This combination smells very nice and effectively repels annoying moths..

You can use a scent pouch of rose petals or other flowers as a regular cabinet fragrance..

The lavender lemon balm sachet can be positioned where you store your bedding. These herbs are renowned for their soothing and relaxing properties. This means that it will be very pleasant for you to sleep on such fragrant bedding..

Pure citrus fillers will easily energize you for the whole day. If you regularly hang such sachets next to your clothes, a great mood will definitely not pass you by..

Other options

Many people prefer to choose not only various useful herbs and flower petals as fillers for sachets, but also other options:

  • Fragrant soap. Its smells can be very different. You can simply put the soap on the shelf in the closet and enjoy the delicate scent..
  • Aroma candles less often, but still sometimes placed in closets. This does not mean that they are lit there. They just smell great and that’s enough..
  • Dried fruits. Sometimes dry orange and lemon slices are put in fabric bags, so the citrus mood is created right in the closet. Often, the peel and slices are complemented with cinnamon sticks. Such a fragrant composition can be called Christmas.

Spices are believed to be an excellent air freshener. Cinnamon not only provides a wonderful aroma, but it turns out to be very beneficial..

For sachets, vanilla, thyme, basil, and sometimes coffee beans are very often used. Some aromas are considered peculiar, so you can’t say for sure that absolutely everyone will like them..

Essential oils

Very often, dry herbs are additionally impregnated with aromatic oils – to obtain an even stronger aroma in the closet, and sometimes to repel insects. At first, the aroma of such bags may seem harsh, but after a while it will return to normal..

Many housewives independently drip various oils on ready-made and purchased sachets – to taste. If the sachet is in natural fabric, then the material itself can be impregnated with oil, but if it is synthetic, then it is better to drip onto the inner filler.

Many experts recommend not only hanging the aromas in the closet, but also placing them in drawers where the laundry is stored. The sachet is also placed in the storage areas for shoes..

If your closet is multifunctional, it stores everything at once, then it makes sense not to purchase many different sachets, but to choose just one flavor. So a kind of harmony will develop in the closet, things will smell the same and delight all household members with their aroma.

You will learn more about scented wardrobe sachets in the next video..

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