Wardrobes in the living room

Choosing furniture for your living room is not an easy task. The whole family gathers in this room, guests are welcomed there, and it can also serve as a library or study at the same time, if the apartment is small. Therefore, living room wardrobes also combine many functions: they have a place for clothes, a compartment for holiday sets and an open bookshelf – it all depends on what the owners need..


Usually, furniture in each room has a specific purpose, for example, in the bedroom you can find a wardrobe, but it is unlikely that there will be a sideboard with dishes. Everything is different from the living room because of its specifics. Most people cannot boast of huge mansions or apartments, so one room combines several functions. Since the living room is the largest room in the apartment, it is this room that can simultaneously be a dining room, a second bedroom, a place for children’s games, an office. This also affects the choice of furniture..

A wardrobe in the hall is also chosen multifunctional, so that a variety of objects can be folded into it..

It is for this reason that wall cabinets are so popular, because they have a compartment for clothes, where you can put hangers with suits, closed shelves, drawers, open shelves and glazed compartments. However, the wall models were replaced by more modern ones – modular, corner, wardrobes. This variety allows you to make the interior design more interesting without sacrificing functionality..

If there are no difficulties with storing things and the hall is used only as a place to relax, then you can get by with a minimum set of furniture. A few simple small cabinets, open shelves – similar solutions are often used in the design of modern apartments.

As a rule, such a set is typical for minimalism, as well as for loft, high-tech and other similar styles, where there should be little furniture.


All modern cabinet models can be divided into cabinet and built-in ones. The first option is completely visible, while the second is hidden in a niche, and only the facade can be seen from the side. Both those and others can be quite large, designed for things of different types, with drawers and separate compartments.

Cabinet furniture is not only classic wardrobes. This category also includes popular modular kits that look stylish and modern, including original systems that are placed around the door..

Despite all the diversity, such items have a number of common features:

  • visually, they can look quite large, especially if the room does not differ in a large area, therefore, for a miniature living room, you need to carefully select furniture;
  • most models, especially if they are classics, can be called standard, so if you want to make the hall more original, then you should consider modular sets or order furniture individually;
  • cabinet cabinets can be pendant or floor-standing.
  • If you wish, you can choose furniture in different styles – from classic or historical trends to ultra-modern options. Also, models are often roomy, so if you need to equip a dressing room and find a place to store things, this option is suitable.

Built-in wardrobes are a real lifesaver for small apartments. Most often, they are produced with the expectation of just such premises. Products are built into a niche and do not take up much space, while inside you can find different compartments – for storing clothes, other things, cutlery, dishes, books and much more. Usually, such models are equipped with sliding doors, which also helps free up space..

To prevent the wardrobe from looking boring, you can choose an option with an original facade painting, inserts from various materials or a large mirror.


Depending on the style in which the hall is decorated and what function the room performs, the corresponding cabinet models are also selected:

  • classical – the usual variant with hinged doors. Inside there may be shelves or compartments for clothes. Such cabinets are usually quite large and massive;
  • closet features sliding doors, which is convenient and saves space. Doors can be mirrored or with a beautiful decor;

  • bar essential for those who appreciate high-quality alcohol. The inner part is designed in such a way that it is convenient to store bottles with different drinks, as well as sets of glasses and wine glasses;
  • pencil case it has a narrow rectangular shape. This is an option for small rooms;

  • buffet usually acts as a kitchen cabinet, it stores dishes, cutlery, tablecloths, and festive sets are displayed in the upper part with glass doors. If the living room also acts as a dining room, then a buffet with glass will be quite appropriate there. Often such a cabinet is combined with a bar, has a special compartment for alcohol;
  • sideboard – this is a kind of sideboard, but such models are usually smaller due to the absence of a niche in the middle, therefore, it can also be considered as options for small living rooms.

  • Separately, we can highlight “Invisible”. The peculiarity of these models is that they are completely invisible at first sight. Cabinets are hidden in niches, they are installed in such a way that it is impossible to guess what is hidden behind a door or a hidden panel. Often this option is visually perceived as part of the wall. This way of arranging premises came from Japan, where they value free space and instead of the usual cabinet furniture they use hidden niches and all kinds of boxes mounted directly into the walls, floor or ceiling..

Models of any type can be found easily in stores. Some of them are quite famous and popular, for example, wardrobes “Sonnet” or “Bordeaux”, which are distinguished by a laconic, but quite stylish look. Among the options with glazing, a model can be distinguished Freestyle fr 18 m – a display cabinet can be used as a sideboard for dishes and will perfectly fit into a modern interior.


A variety of materials are used for the production of cabinets, so it is easy to find furniture not only for every taste, but also with a suitable cost. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages..

Cabinets from array. They are appreciated for their luxurious appearance, a similar item in itself can be considered a decoration of the living room. Natural wood has a long service life, and a special coating protects it from moisture and pests. However, this material is one of the most expensive, not everyone will be able to afford such an acquisition..

In addition, the products are quite heavy and massive, so they are definitely not suitable for small rooms..

Particleboard or MDF – an affordable replacement for natural wood mass. These materials are made from wood shavings, obtained by pressing boards, so they weigh much less than solid wood. At the same time, the cabinet on top can be finished in various ways, so its appearance will be quite decent.

This is an inexpensive option, and there are many different models available from manufacturers, allowing you to match the wardrobe to any living room..

Plastic products are also notable for their low price. They are lightweight, are not afraid of moisture and fungi, they are quite durable. However, not every style of interior can fit a plastic cabinet, this should be taken into account when choosing.

Glass makes it possible to get a completely transparent cabinet in which you can put a beautiful service or various souvenirs. It looks unusual and creates a special atmosphere in the interior. The downside is that such a product must be carefully looked after, the glass walls must be wiped, because any stain or dust on them immediately spoils the whole impression. In addition, this material is more fragile than other options..

The use of natural stone is a rather rare option, but such cabinets can also be found. These are original models that have a corresponding value, but they look impressive. Also, instead of natural stone, artificial can be used as a substitute.

Dimensions (edit)

The large number of models available in stores allows you to pick up furniture of any size. There is a certain rule in this regard – you should not use bulky cabinets in small-sized apartments, visually they hide an already small space. If free space is limited, then you can choose narrow cabinets-cases or small low models in combination with hanging ones. It is better to refuse sets of bulky cabinet furniture. The problem of storing things can be solved using sliding wardrobes – they take up less space, but at the same time they are quite roomy.

If there are no problems with the area, then you can choose cabinets of any size, up to walls 4 meters long or more, if such sets are suitable for the chosen design. However, too zealous and fill the whole room with furniture is also not worth it – unnecessary piling up of objects is useless..

The following indicators are considered to be the standard parameters for cabinets:

  • width 900-2400 mm;
  • height 2500 mm;
  • depth 600 mm.

However, these are rather relative dimensions, manufacturers are guided not only by them and produce many other models, so do not worry – the search for a suitable cabinet will not drag on.

Colors and decor

Since the facade of the furniture is most often in sight, it is usually it that is decorated..

For this, original design methods are used, giving the cabinets an interesting look:

  • the fashion for antiques does not disappear, but such furniture is expensive and requires special handling, therefore, they often resort to artificial aging, creating the impression that cabinets have been seen for more than a dozen years;
  • facades are decorated with all kinds of moldings, linings and other elements, which are usually made of plastic;
  • glass doors can have an original design, a pattern applied by sandblasting, the design in the form of stained glass also looks beautiful;

  • classic models made of solid wood are often decorated with wood carvings;
  • the facade can also be decorated with a picture with photo printing – this modern method allows you to get a wardrobe with a picture of any type – from modest patterns to a full-fledged large image;
  • original handles and other accessories can act as a decor, which creates a kind of accent.

The colors of the cabinets can be very different. Shades for various types of wood are quite popular, for example, mahogany or wenge colors. Coloring can be monochromatic or with a combination of several tones. Nothing limits the choice of color, the main thing is that the cabinet looks appropriate in the interior.

Which one to put?

When choosing a cabinet, a lot depends on the characteristics of the room – what size it is, how the interior is decorated. Therefore, it is difficult to find some universal advice, because everyone has different tastes.. However, there are a number of points to keep in mind when buying furniture:

  • you need to decide exactly where the cabinet will be located, make all the necessary measurements in order to understand what size to count on;
  • if the place is non-standard, for example, near a window or near a door, this must be taken into account when choosing a model;
  • before buying, you must carefully check all elements and mechanisms – handles, hinges, hinges and other details;
  • it is worth paying attention to modular kits – their components can be placed in different ways, which not only makes the appearance more interesting, but also allows you to decorate a room with non-standard parameters.

It is important that the wardrobe is combined with the chosen design style, this applies not only to the decor, but also to the materials. The tree is better combined with the classic direction, historical styles. Plastic will look appropriate if the design meets modern fashion. Glass is a versatile option that can be found both in the traditional design and in one of the new styles.

Interesting news

An original option for lovers of modern design. Clear, strict lines, a combination of dark and light shades, no unnecessary decor – this set meets all the requirements of minimalism. At the same time, the large base cabinet is spacious enough, so there will be no problems with the placement of things, given that there is also a TV stand with drawers and hanging cabinets. A good solution is a corner cabinet, which makes it possible to use space rationally.

The classic style is always popular. The wall in the hall with an elegant design includes closed and glazed wardrobes, a TV stand, a hanging part. This adds up to ample room for various things. White furniture is one of the most popular trends now..

Backlit cabinets look very unusual. Such an element of decor not only attracts attention, but also highlights the objects placed behind the glass. Glassware looks original in combination with bluish reflections from LED lamps. The wall itself is made in a modern style and can be successfully combined with minimalism or high-tech direction.

Elite furniture deserves special attention. It is made from natural solid wood and most often in a classic style. The original element of this wall is the built-in fireplace. Despite the fact that it is electronic, it allows you to recreate the atmosphere of an old mansion.

Display cabinets with glazing are one of the attributes of the classic style. At the same time, the furniture looks quite modern, so much so that even the TV is successfully combined with it. The beautiful ivory facades look very sophisticated. Graceful curves and the use of glass make the kit not too bulky visually, but at the same time it is quite roomy.

A sliding wardrobe is a popular solution. This stylish model makes a striking impression thanks to the use of mirrors as decoration for the facades. The pattern on the mirror surface looks original and non-standard, which gives the furniture an unusual look. The advantage of this decor is that the mirrors visually enlarge the room, making it brighter and more spacious..

Modern models often have sliding doors – this option saves space and looks stylish, fitting into fashionable design trends. The glossy surface creates a kind of chic, while it is combined with the wood finish, which looks unusual. There is enough space behind the cabinet doors to put everything you need there..

A completely open wall with bookshelves looks beautiful. It is made in a classic style, so a clear modern element – a TV – is hidden behind openwork doors. This stylish wardrobe itself looks like a kind of decoration and is an accent in the interior..

For even more models of cabinets in the living room, see the next video..

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