Wardrobes in the nursery for a girl

All parents strive to create a comfortable, beautiful and cozy nursery for their child. Every detail of the interior is especially important here, because the safety and comfort of the child is in the first place. It is especially difficult for a girl to choose a wardrobe. Surely the young lady already has a lot of outfits and various toys. Below we will consider the criteria for choosing a wardrobe in a children’s room for a girl, their possible color and options for location in the interior.

What you need to consider when choosing?

Before deciding on a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the main criteria for choosing a children’s wardrobe. Below are the most important ones:

  • Sustainability. In a children’s room, a wardrobe can not only be a place for storing things, but also a place for games. Therefore, pay attention to how securely it is attached to the wall or ceiling, because the baby can easily begin to climb the shelves or climb inside. The corners of the cabinet should also be rounded;
  • The convenience of use. Child-accessible shelves should be comfortable to use. A prerequisite is the presence of a special system to prevent the box from falling out. The child must open or push the drawers himself without using force;
  • Large fittings. Pens and other elements should not be small, but should be firmly held in the baby’s hand. Do not skimp on this point, because frequent use of pens will quickly lead to poor-quality material in an unsightly look;
  • Easy care. Be prepared for the fact that most likely you will very often have to wipe the marks of children’s palms from the surface of the cabinet. That is why the surface must be smooth and easy to clean. It is better not to choose intricate patterns, otherwise the wardrobe will always look untidy;
  • Suitable design. The wardrobe should be liked not only by the parents, but also by the child himself. Before deciding on a purchase, you should ask his opinion. Of course, the wardrobe should fit into the overall interior and complement it;
  • Spaciousness. Clothes, toys, care products … All this takes up a sufficient amount of space. The bottom or middle shelves should hold the entire amount of daily clothes, a separate compartment of the closet should serve as a place for basic toys, and the top shelves should be reserved for seasonal clothes..
  • Material. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is considered the best. It combines an affordable price and environmental friendliness. Cabinets made of chipboard (particle board) may draw your attention, but this material is not the safest, as it can emit formaldehyde over time. If you purchase such a cabinet from a well-known and reliable company, then be sure to ask for a certificate for permission to use this chipboard at home.

A solid wood wardrobe is also considered a good option, but its significant disadvantage is the high price..

Deciding on the design

The wardrobe should be a single whole with the overall interior of the room. Consider the size of the room and the colors that are already in the interior. Below are the main guidelines to help you make your choice:

  • Choice of colors. The most popular colors are white and pink. This is due to the fact that these colors will suit any nursery for a girl, they are universal options. But the colors of other pastel colors look no worse. For example, light yellow or light brown, pistachio or purple. Focus on the colors that are already in the room;
  • As for the design, then you can choose a wardrobe with a picture or a sticker. Cabinets with cartoon characters are very popular. For a girl, it can be Disney princesses or fairies. But such a cabinet may not last long, because the tastes of children change very quickly. Make a choice in favor of a sticker, it can be easily removed from the surface;
  • If the children’s room is small, then it is definitely worth giving up dark or too bright colors, because they will simply “eat up” the space;
  • For two teenage girls choose a wardrobe with a clear delineation of space. A combination of white and pink or a mirrored wardrobe will be successful;
  • If the room is intended not only for a girl, but also for a boy, it would be appropriate to choose a wardrobe with a neutral design. Let it be divided into two conditional parts inside, so that each child has a personal storage area;

Choosing a design

Below are the main models of wardrobes that are most often chosen for a girl’s children’s room. When choosing, do not forget to focus on the space of the room..

Freestanding wardrobe

Such a product looks not only beautiful, but also has mobility and affordability. Most often, a freestanding cabinet is made to order. Indeed, in this case, you can both embody all your design ideas and choose the dimensions for storing things. You can choose an unusual shape, for example, a wardrobe in the form of a lock. Such furniture will not leave indifferent any girl. A significant disadvantage of this option is its cumbersomeness..

In order for a large piece of furniture not to look ridiculous in a small children’s room, it is worth choosing light colors. To save space and for safety, cabinet manufacturers are increasingly abandoning fittings, preferring openings in doors and drawers..

It is possible that a free-standing wardrobe can only be a wardrobe. With enough space in the room, make a wardrobe for the girl only for storing dresses, and take the lower drawers for accessories.

Built-in wardrobe

Ideal for saving space in the room. A significant plus of such furniture is its large capacity and the ability to fit almost all things, from toys to outerwear. If there are niches in the children’s room or some corners that are not suitable for using other interior items, then the built-in wardrobe will ideally fit into such places..

If the wardrobe is built into a niche, then it can look like a separate wardrobe or pantry. Increasingly, parents prefer to cover such a storage place with curtains. It is not only comfortable but also very stylish. Choose light colors such as pale pink or pale yellow. However, if the child is very small, then choose doors for safety..

Another option for closing such a cabinet is the doors with the accordion principle. Again, this is ideal for conserving space in the room. Another significant plus is the ability to circulate air inside thanks to the rack and pinion inserts. For a girl, the best color for such doors will be white..

Built-in lighting will be very convenient in such a cabinet. When opening, the light will immediately turn on, which will facilitate the search for any thing at any time of the day.

A built-in wardrobe can be placed not only in a niche, but also around the head of the bed. This placement option looks very original. If the girl’s bed is in the middle of the room, then let it be surrounded by two built-in wardrobes from floor to ceiling on both sides, connected from above by one shelf or mezzanine. Thus, in a square room, all the space opposite the bed will be freed..

You can also place a built-in wardrobe near the front door. Thus, the storage space will frame the entrance to the room. But keep in mind that the shelves should be shallow..

The built-in mirrored wardrobe is the perfect option for a teenage girl. Situated from ceiling to floor, it will accommodate all things and will last a long time, since the design is universal.

Very convenient three-door built-in wardrobe. It will be very convenient for the girl if the part in the middle is mirrored. The other two can be of the same color or different. Pay attention to the presence of small boxes. It is very important for a girl to place various accessories, handbags and other little things. The top shelf should be high for storing bulky items.

To maintain the overall style of furniture, it is worth considering the option of a chest of drawers.. If the room has enough space, then place a chest of drawers next to the child’s bed or on the opposite side of the room. A dresser can be the perfect place to store your most essential everyday items. Let the upper drawer be occupied by underwear and home clothes, and the lower drawer by your favorite toys. The design should match with other furnishings in the room so that it doesn’t seem too colorful..

Interior options

Increasingly, the girl’s parents are trying to create something original in the room, pushing into the background for everyone the familiar decor in pink. Below are the most unusual color combinations:

  • Gray, lilac, light yellow. This room looks very cozy and calm. Choose a light yellow furniture surface combined with lilac. Light gray curtains or a sofa will perfectly emphasize the interior. Give preference to calm and not flashy shades;

  • Turquoise, white, green. This combination will be appropriate for a girl of primary school age. Turquoise color perfectly stimulates creativity, and a wardrobe with an antiquity effect will add nobility and originality to the room. Choose a light blue or white chest of drawers, turquoise or yellow bedside tables;

  • Bright fuchsia, black, snow white. For a teenage girl, choose a beautiful glossy fuchsia cabinet surface. The combination of black and white will dilute the brightness, and the room will look very stylish and modern;

  • Light wood, orange, light blue. Let the cabinet be made of light wood with small orange accents. Choose a light blue sofa or curtains. The room will be appropriate for a girl of primary school age or middle school.

For design ideas for a children’s room for girls, see the following video..

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