Wardrobes in the nursery

Any parent, worried about the safety of their child, tries to think through every little thing when organizing a baby’s room. Furniture that is chosen for a children’s room can be a source of danger, therefore, its choice must be approached with maximum responsibility..

Main types

Modern manufacturers offer parents a wide range of wardrobes. Each model has both advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to carefully consider all the main types of wardrobes in the nursery in order to make the right choice:


When buying such furniture for a nursery, parents want to buy a practical thing. This is a truly versatile model, almost a children’s dressing room. Such a cabinet can be conveniently installed near a window or moved to a corner, it will also look great in the middle of any wall in the room. This model is equipped with sliding doors, which significantly saves space..

The stylistic concepts of your space will be completely satisfied with this piece of furniture. The filling of children’s wardrobes is slightly different from the “adult” models. Most often, there are sliding drawers at the bottom, in which you can lay out socks, tights or, for example, toys. Shelves are placed on top of the cabinet to store clothes..

The main design load is taken on by the door facades.

Sliding wardrobes for a nursery should not be too dark, it is better to choose models with photo printing. Fantastic heroes, favorite animals or beautiful nature will cheer up the kid.

Modern parents decorate cabinet doors with a special lamination film. Such tricks help the child develop faster, because on the film you can safely draw with paints or felt-tip pens. All art can be easily erased in one stroke.

Classic wardrobe models

Classic wardrobe models are cabinet furniture that is sold ready-made. Such models have a standard system and are designed to store children’s things. Most often, such a cabinet model is chosen if the dimensions of the children’s room are not very large.

As a rule, such a model is installed in the corner of the room that is farthest from the window.. Space is required to open doors, so it is not placed near the bed. Very often, such products are part of a headset, which also includes a chest of drawers and various shelves. Many manufacturers offer the ability to customize your headset to your liking and preference. You will be able to independently create the most convenient kit for your baby’s room.

When choosing a classic wardrobe with swing doors, it is imperative to take into account how old the child is, as well as his gender..

For a girl, it is best to choose options with a delicate design of facades. Pastel, discreet colors will do. For a boy, choose a more brutal design.

The classic portable cabinet has many advantages:

  • it can be effortlessly moved and moved around the room to the desired location;
  • in use, this model is very convenient for small children;
  • the front of the cabinet can be matched to the interior of the room.


The practical corner models have plenty of interior space for storing your child’s belongings. It will fit not only toys and favorite books, but also various trinkets, which are always full in the baby’s room..

Corner cabinets, unlike classic models, are much deeper and, accordingly, more spacious. This is one of the main advantages of such products. The corner cabinet also has a small drawback.. It can only be placed in a corner and is therefore not suitable for all children’s rooms.. If the size of the children’s room is insufficient, then the installation of such a cabinet will be impossible. Repositioning is only possible if there are still free corners in the room..

Choosing such a model, you need to take into account this circumstance..


This model is very similar to a wardrobe. There is only one difference – the storage system consists of niches. Built-in wardrobes most often occupy only one space allotted to them in the room, and a complete redevelopment of the room will be required for rearrangement..

Interior experts attribute it to the main advantages of built-in wardrobes. the ability to rationally fill empty niches in the room. They can also be positioned around the window. They look very organic, as they are like a continuation of the wall. It is impossible to rearrange such a model..

You can arrange the filling of the built-in wardrobe at your discretion. Modern manufacturers offer many options. Most often, parents try to add a bookshelf to niches. This is already considered a standard solution..

If you equip this model with special hydraulic lifts, then it can be transformed into a bed. Behind the doors, which are false, can comfortably accommodate a sleeping place for a baby, which will be hidden during the day. This solution will help free up additional space for games. If you have a small-sized children’s room, then this idea will literally become a lifesaver.

For toys

Such a piece of furniture can be placed only if the dimensions of the room allow. You can buy a chest of drawers that stands separately, or a special slide for your favorite toys. It is not always possible to hide all toys in an ordinary closet, since they tend to accumulate in large quantities, so this idea can be an excellent solution..

Child psychologists believe that all toys must be collected in one place and within the child’s reach. Children’s slides are open, and the kid will always be able to choose a toy according to his preferences at the moment.

Pencil case and loft bed

These interior items will be able to make life much easier for the parents of the baby. A pencil case is perfect for storing all sorts of little things and favorite toys.

If the child does not have a separate room, then a loft bed should be purchased.. To install it, you only need one corner, and it contains several items:

  • sleeping place;
  • cupboard;
  • dresser;
  • stairs.

Main functions

The functionality of cabinets in a children’s room is a very important parameter. Roomy models hide a lot of things and items that the baby needs. The internal “filling” of furniture, first of all, depends on how old the child is. Toddlers need more space for their toys. For older children, interests change, which must be taken into account when choosing furniture.

Children of all ages need a fair amount of clothing and underwear. To store these things, you will need shelves, drawers, rods. At the bottom, baskets for shoes, containers for toys.

You need to provide shelves for books, school supplies, an audio system or video consoles, hangers for sports uniforms.

In this case, all parts must be installed at a height accessible to the child. This is especially important for young children. They must use the closet on their own: get the necessary things out of it without the help of adults and put them back. The main purpose of the cabinet in the children’s room:

  • ensuring order in the room;
  • storage of a wardrobe;
  • storage of toys.

Materials (edit)

The material from which the furniture is made plays a huge role. The child’s body is easily poisoned by chemicals and harmful fumes. Furniture, on the other hand, can be a source of harmful substances, because wooden panels can be made using harmful resins – the same formaldehyde. Plastic parts also often emit a whole bunch of harmful substances, including chlorine and phosgene..

In order not to purchase such a headset unhealthy, do not hesitate to demand certificates when buying..

But even if there are safety certificates, it is still better not to put children’s furniture near a battery or, for example, in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight, since a minimum amount of harmful substances is still used in most industries. At the same time, it should be remembered that the safest furniture for health is made of natural wood..

But not all parents can afford wardrobes made of this material in the nursery.. Chipboard, chipboard, MDF are designed to replace solid wood. Certified particle boards, their laminated samples and medium density fibreboards (this is MDF) do their job well..

Features of choice

The greatest danger for a child from furniture is hidden in cabinets. Firstly, the cabinet has a huge mass and if it is unstable, tragedy can happen. There were a lot of similar cases in history, although sometimes, when the cabinet fell, the child miraculously remained alive, falling into the space between the shelves. So the cabinet should have a wide base, and it will be even better if it is securely bolted to the floor or wall..

The child may crawl into the closet and not be able to get out of there. If the door is sealed, then you can suffocate. All these nuances should be considered when choosing a wardrobe for a nursery. It’s better not to spare money and install, for example, a built-in wardrobe and shelving. In such a product, the doors open easily, and the risk of tipping over is completely absent..

Often glass and mirrors are installed on cabinets, which break easily when children play.

Naturally, the child can be injured by shrapnel. It is best if there are no glass and mirror elements in the children’s room at all. Today cabinet fronts are offered in a huge assortment. It is easy to make children’s furniture bright, beautiful and at the same time have a low likelihood of injury or injury.

For a children’s room, a wardrobe is an ideal option, because it will allow you to always maintain order, while making a minimum of effort. It is known that sliding-door wardrobes differ from ordinary wardrobes in their practicality, spaciousness and safety, which is especially important for a children’s room. A sliding wardrobe will help you save space, because sliding doors do not take up extra space, and you can also place pillows, blankets, outerwear, shoes and toys here. Since in most of our apartments the children’s room is small, such models will be a real salvation, allowing you to free up as much space as possible for children’s entertainment..

When choosing a wardrobe for a child, one must take into account not only the dimensions and materials from which it is made, but also the quality of the fittings. The wardrobe, like any other furniture for a children’s room, should be as safe as possible to use. This applies, first of all, to the environmental friendliness of the materials used in the manufacture of furniture..

Today, natural wood is almost never used for the manufacture of wardrobes, because it is too expensive and impractical. Particleboard is most often used. The shavings are glued together with special formaldehydes. It is very important that there are few of them and that chemical vapors do not escape from the furniture during use..

The closet for the children’s room must be closed (with the exception of the side sections where you can put books, toys, etc.).

Avoid buying a three-door wardrobe with glass or mirrored doors, as an active child could suddenly break them and injure themselves. But closed light cabinets with bright photo printing are a real find that will make the room much more fun and comfortable..

Pay attention to the corners. The cabinet should not have sharp, but rounded corners so that the child is not injured. The surface of the furniture should also be smooth, without protrusions. Handles require special attention. It is desirable that they be simple and rounded, without small details. Their location should correspond to the height of the child..

It is better to choose pastel colors, not too bright, but listen to the wishes of the child. If he is old enough to make a choice, let it be an opportunity for him to take care of the comfort of his room on his own..

Accommodation rules

There are several options for placing the closet in the child’s room. Here are the main ones:

  1. Opposite the baby’s bed. This placement will be very convenient if you purchase 4-door wardrobes. In the morning, the child will not have to spend a lot of effort to get his things..
  2. By the door. Quite often, when planning a room, there is free space near the doors. Both three-door and single-door wardrobes, as well as modular furniture will perfectly fit here..
  3. In the corner of the room.

If your closet is divided into special sections, then by all means you need to provide free access to all compartments. This is very important for three-door models. For safety, you can put special restraints.

How to decorate?

The colorfulness of the wardrobes in the nursery is acquired due to the large assortment of materials for the enclosures offered by the factories.. This includes both a vibrant and more practical color palette, represented mainly by:

  • blue;
  • cream;
  • pink;
  • in green.

The spectacular look of the wardrobe in the nursery is achieved with the help of beautiful facades.

On the sliding doors, you can place a bright photo print with the image of your child’s favorite fairy-tale characters. Boys will prefer photo posters on the door, depicting popular cars, airplanes, sea transport, military equipment. Teenage girls will be interested in photos of movie characters, leaders of musical groups, top models.

It is not difficult to paint the facades with varnish of any color. Mirror surfaces can also be selected. Sliding doors with fusing, pseudo-stained glass turn out to be beautiful. Colored models with the image of a giraffe, a dolphin, a bear, an owl or a national painting will look beautiful.

Interesting interior design ideas

An interior item such as a wardrobe should be present in all children’s rooms. It is extremely important that they are not only comfortable but also safe. It is necessary to pay close attention to the material of manufacture as well as the design.

Product made in white. This wardrobe is universal, and therefore suitable for both girls and boys..

The model in red will become interesting. This is a rather bright and bold color, so such a cabinet should remain the only bright spot in the room..

The patterned model is very popular with parents and kids. Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of similar cabinets..

Furniture with photo printing has appeared quite recently, but it already has many admirers. You can choose both ready-made options and create a photo print according to your own design and wishes..

For children of different sexes, it is better to choose similar models. They may vary in color, but not in design..

You need to choose a transformer if you do not have enough free space in the room. Such models will be an excellent choice and will significantly save space in the room. You can choose a model in the form of a house.

For boy

Boys are future men who, even in childhood, are very demanding and picky about details. All kids like it when they choose a model with a print, for example, cars or robots. Fittings stylistic for cars will also be a good option. Before you buy a wardrobe for the nursery, you should ask your child about his desires. It will be better if he decides for himself which model to choose..

For girl

All girls in childhood are little fashionistas who spin around the mirror for a long time. That is why it is preferable for them to install a model with a large mirror when it comes to a wardrobe. If your choice fell on single-door swing models, then place a mirror inside the sash. For a little princess, choose white, beige or pink. The use of multiple colors will become more original..

For an overview of the wardrobe for the children’s room, see the following video.

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