What is a bed valance for?

What is a bed valance for?

To create a romantic and at the same time cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, a variety of textile elements are used: pillows, blankets and bedspreads. Also, the valance for the bed, so undeservedly forgotten and unused in our country, is back in fashion..

But, as you know, fashion is back, and with it, rare things and decorative elements are included in the fashion trend..

A bit of history

A valance is a frill used to decorate the bed and it frames the bottom edge of the bed. In some countries it is also called a “skirt”. This decorative element has been known since ancient times; our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used it to decorate a sleeping place..

In those days, oversight was applied from a practical point of view. Unlike modern models, the beds of our grandmothers were distinguished by a decent height and could reach a height of up to half a meter. Such high furniture was not used by accident, but to sleep as high as possible from the floor, where the air was slightly warmer..

The resulting free space under the bed of the hostess was usefully used by placing various boxes, chests and caskets there. To hide all these accessories from prying eyes, they put on a valance, which served as a kind of screen..

In addition to everything, he also acted as a talisman, protecting the married couple from evil spirits. Craftswomen decorated such a “skirt” with a special ornament or patterns that drove away evil spirits.

Modern use

Those times have long sunk into oblivion, now this detail is used as an element of decor, adding charm and romantic mood to the sleeping place. It is especially relevant for bedrooms that are made in Country, Provence or in a classic style. Although a strict valance can harmoniously fit in with modern designs, for example, minimalism, hi-tech or modern.

Very often, a “skirt” made of airy material, such as chiffon or tulle, is used to decorate a girl’s bedroom, adding charm and tenderness to the room..

If there are pockets on such an element, then it can carry not only a decorative function, but also perform a useful role, for example, there may be a book there that you usually read before going to bed.

Mommies use valances with pockets in the children’s room to store diapers, napkins and other little things..


There are three types of bed valances, they differ in their style and design:

  1. Strict – made of smooth fabric, it is distinguished by opposite folds, which are located at the corners and sometimes in the middle of each side. This option is relevant both for a classic-style bedroom and for a room where modern design prevails..
  2. Draped – this look has a lot of folds, which are created due to the fact that the fabric is slightly gathered. This model looks very feminine, therefore it is very often used to decorate the bedroom of a young girl. It is also relevant for Country style..
  3. Pleated – unlike the previous version, where the folds are gathered, in this model they are laid and smoothed out. A similar decor element is performed as a one-sided or counter-large pleated pleat. This option will look great in a room dominated by classic or vintage.

Design options

There are two options for the design of these decorative elements:

  1. Looks like a single blanket, laid on top of bedding or laid on the base of the bed under the mattress.
  2. It is a “skirt” with an elastic band, rope, tape or Velcro. It is put on the mattress or on the bed frame itself after making the bed.

The first design option is used if the side panels of the frame are not very high, and the base of such furniture is located almost at the same height with the top line of the frame. A canvas with a valance is spread on the base, and a mattress is placed on top.

If the side panels of the frame have a large height and the mattress is partially or entirely in the frame, a “skirt” is used. One-piece bedspread can be used for a variety of bedding options.

How to choose the right one?

There are a few things you need to pay attention to to make the valance perfect for your bed:

  • Size plays an important role when choosing a “skirt”. If it is large, then it will not be correctly positioned in the sleeping place, and, conversely, if it is very small, then you will not be able to put it on. In order to purchase this decor element of the appropriate size, you need to measure the actual size of your bed, it may differ slightly from the specification due to the mattress or springs. Pay attention to the height of the bed, given the size of the mattress.
  • Descent is the length from the top of the bed base to the floor. The standard size for finished clearances is 38 centimeters, but they can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you have a similar length of 40 centimeters, then the “skirt” will not be able to reach the floor completely. If your length is 35 centimeters, then this decor element will partially lie on the floor, violating the aesthetic appearance.

  • Color scheme – bright colors are able to accentuate the sleeping place. If you buy a “skirt” of a light shade, for example, white, pink, cream tones, then you can make even the most massive furniture more airy and weightless.
  • Pattern and print – “skirt” on the bed is a great option for an intricate drawing or pattern to be located there. It can be a variety of prints, geometric shapes or ornaments. The valance can serve as a complement to textiles that are used to decorate the bedroom or play in contrast.
  • Texture affects the service life of a given decor element.. If it is made of dense matter, then it will look like new for a long period of time. You only have to take it off from time to time to wash it..

The most popular fabrics used to decorate the “skirt”:

  • chenille;
  • velvet;
  • faux suede.

You can decorate even the simplest valance yourself, using lace, applique elements, ribbons, inserts from other fabrics, so you will make the “skirt” unique and extraordinary, adding zest and originality to it. Do not forget to iron this interior detail well, then the folds will hang down beautifully..

The valance for the bed will allow you to create a complete image of the bedroom, adding coziness and harmony to it..

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