What is a console table for?

What is a console table for?

The console is an original piece of furniture that combines refined charm and functionality. What the console table is for and how to harmoniously fit it into the interior, this article will tell.


The console appeared in France. In the era of Louis XIV, it was considered one of the signs of luxury and wealth. Narrow tables of exquisite design adorned the palace halls. Gilding, artistic carvings and other décor turned tables into works of art. Later, the fashion for this interior detail appeared in other countries..

Today the console does not lose popularity. The appearance of this item has changed, its functionality has increased. Although today the console is able to transform any room, giving it a special charm.

Modern console tables are also small items, usually placed against a wall. However, today they can have different shapes, the number of legs (from 1 to 4) and can be made of different materials..

The design of the products is so diverse that it allows you to find the right model for any interior. And the options for using the tables open up great opportunities for the rational organization of space..

Console advantages:

  • Aesthetics. The console makes the setting lighter and more expressive. It can harmoniously complement the interior or become a highlight that attracts attention. Many manufacturers produce consoles complete with a mirror in the same style. This enhances the aesthetic effect, allowing the table to be used as an independent decoration of the room. If you supplement it with a pair of lamps, an interesting clock or a luxurious vase, you can create a real corner of sophistication and beauty..

  • Compactness. Few apartments have a lot of free space. However, the diminutive size of the console allows it to easily fit into even small spaces. Such a table can be placed both in a narrow corridor and in a small living room..
  • Practicality. The console table can be used as a stand for various souvenirs, photo frames, flowers and other beautiful things. Models with drawers or additional shelves can replace a small chest of drawers or bedside tables.

A console located at the front door keeps keys and gloves close at hand. On it, when you return home, you can put newspapers or put bags to free your hands..

  • A console with a mirror can function as a dressing table. And the free-standing option can be used as a side table during tea drinking.
  • Mobility. Models that do not require fixing to the wall can move freely around the house. So, one table can be used in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the hallway as needed..
  • Variety of designs. It doesn’t matter what style you prefer. A wide range of console tables allows you to find the ideal option for elegant classics, original modern and ultra-modern hi-tech.


Console tables are of several types.


The console sliding up to the wall looks like an ordinary table, divided in half. Such models have two legs, so for stability they are securely screwed to the wall. Fasteners, as a rule, are invisible and do not spoil the appearance of products.


This type of wall console resembles an ordinary shelf in its structure. The only difference is in the appearance of the products. Many of them look like an original countertop, and some even come with a leg. The support can reach the floor or hang in the air. In any case, similar models are also fixed on the wall..

A folding console is a special kind of furniture. This option is appropriate in small rooms (in the hallway, on the loggia, in a small kitchen). The structure is tightly pressed against the wall. She is almost invisible and does not interfere with the freedom of movement next to her..

If necessary, you can tilt the tabletop forward and have a small table bolted to the wall. Such models usually have a laconic design, as they perform an exclusively practical function..

Standing apart

Such models can stand anywhere without the need for additional support in the form of a wall. They have 4 or 3 (in corner models) legs and represent ordinary miniature tables.

This console can be carried anywhere. Models with drawers are especially convenient.

Such a piece of furniture can accommodate a lot of useful little things, at the same time being an interior decoration.


Another interesting option is transforming tables. When folded, such a model is a narrow console. When unfolded, it can turn into a dining table or desk.

The table top can consist of 2 or more parts. Transformation methods are varied. Hidden parts can be reclined, extended or reappeared by rotating the table top.

The increased plane allows you to use such a table during the arrival of guests or in any other circumstances. Then the table is reassembled, taking a compact form and freeing up free space..


The outlines of the console tables are different. Usually these are narrow products of an elongated (rectangular) or oval shape, although there are other options. Tables with a semicircular or trapezoidal tabletop look interesting. Corner models are triangular in shape. Such products are installed in a place at the junction of the walls, which is especially convenient in square-shaped rooms..

Dimensions (edit)

The dimensions of the console tables depend on the specific model and manufacturer. There are only approximate frameworks that are guided by the release of such products..

The smallest tables have a height of 70 cm.The height of the largest models is about 120 cm.The length of the elongated products varies from 50 to 80 cm, the width is from 35 to 50 cm.The tabletops of corner options can be from 40 to 60 cm.

Materials (edit)

Classic design console tables are often made from solid wood. Products from pine, oak, ash and other species belong to the Lux class. They look noble and solid, emphasizing the elegance of the environment. Usually manufacturers do not paint such products., preserving the natural beauty of the shades and texture of wood.

Cheaper, but no less interesting options are made of chipboard or MDF. They can also have a woody texture, although there are many methods for processing such materials. The result is original colored models with matte or glossy surfaces..

Full metal consoles are not common. Usually these are models in the style modern and high-tech. For the manufacture of such products, chrome-plated metal is used. Products in the Provence style can also be completely metal, although more often they are supplied only with forged “openwork” legs. Made of metal and brutal loft-style models

However, the most often used is a combination of this material with others. Metal is successfully combined with wood, glass, natural and artificial stone.

Console made entirely of glass is quite common in minimalistic interiors. Such products look especially light and airy, they look great in an environment of any color scheme..


The snow-white option is one of the most popular. In a dark interior, such an object will become a spectacular accent, give the atmosphere a lightness. In a brightly decorated room, a white console will be an element that can balance the color scheme. Among pastel colors, a white table will look especially delicate and weightless..

The white gloss is able to reflect light, visually expanding the space. Typically such models include to modern style. Matte snow-white surfaces are no less beautiful. Such tables are appropriate both in classical directions and in provence.

The opposite option is a black console table. In a glossy design, such furniture is especially effective. However, such products look good only against a light background. Otherwise, the table may simply “get lost” in the setting. Black models are usually performed in art deco, minimalism or hi-tech styles.

Natural woody shades are appropriate for rooms of any style. They are elegant and harmoniously combined with any color. Among the light colors, the most popular is the bleached oak shade. The most fashionable of the dark shades is wenge.

The brightly colored console is a bold decision. Red, green, yellow and other tables in juicy colors bring dynamics into the interior and become an original highlight. Such options look more harmonious in combination with neutral shades. Although, if desired, such a table can be entered into a bright room..


Classic console table models are particularly elegant. The design of the products is different. These are models of restrained laconic execution, and tables in the “palace” style, striking in luxury and richness of decoration. A common distinguishing feature is the sophistication and “expensive” appearance of the products..

Shades of classic tables include the entire range – from light beige to dark brown. Although some products are painted in contrasting colors – white or black.

Carved elements, gilding or silver plating can be used as decoration..

Consider the use of tables in different stylistic directions:

  • Coffee tables shabby chic and provence simple and romantic at the same time. Natural materials, pastel colors are relevant here. Usually these are wooden products painted in white or light gray. Sometimes pale blue, beige, delicate pistachio shades are used. Often such tables are given the effect of time-worn furniture. Antique models are especially effective. They give the interior a special character and mood..

  • Products in style Art Deco differ in originality and unique chic. Materials, like design, are varied. Natural beauty of wood, sparkling metal, luxurious gloss – designers use everything. The color palette is also extensive. This is a strict black and white gamut, and neutral shades, and bright colors..

  • Modern also welcomes originality, although, unlike art deco, there is no outrageousness in such products. The appearance of such tables is more laconic and functional. It is dominated by woody shades (usually dark), contrasting combinations, metal details are used. Some products are made in bright colors.

  • High tech it is distinguished by the severity of forms and the emphasized use of modern trends. Many products have a very futuristic look. Such models are made of glass, plastic, chrome-plated metal. A combination of several materials is often used. The color scheme is usually restrained (white, gray, black).

  • Main feature minimalism – conciseness. Console tables in this style do not have unnecessary details and decor. Models are made from one material. Do not mix in one product and different colors.

  • Loft – a rude style, reminiscent of the setting of industrial premises. These tables are usually made of wood or metal. At the same time, they look like slightly untidy, poorly dyed or completely unprocessed products..

  • Fusion – one more style “for an amateur”. A riot of colors and design expression are close to creative and dynamic people. Consoles in this style can have any unpredictable shape..


In addition to the stylistic focus, it is important to pay attention to the design features of the console table. The possibilities of using the subject and its practicality depend on this..

If you plan to use the console as a dressing table, pay attention to the models with oval or round mirror. A set of two products, made in the same style, will decorate any room, creating a cozy corner of beauty.

If you are going to store important little things in the console table, choose models with built-in drawers and shelves. This option is able to replace a small bedside table..

If your décor is discreet enough, a sleek design console is for you. It will harmoniously complement the interior without standing out from the general background. If you want to make the table an interesting accent, you can choose a model with an original shape or bright colors..

Remember that glass and mirrored products look sleeker and lighter. These models are ideal for small spaces decorated in a modern style..

If your home is designed in classic traditions or in Provence and shabby chic styles, but you want the console to look as refined as possible, choose options with thin graceful legs..


French brand Etg-home offers consoles in Provence style. These are practical models with drawers and internal shelves in pastel colors..

Italian models are particularly sophisticated. For example, a company Brevio salotti produces graceful consoles in a classic style with curved legs, decorated with carved elements. A distinctive feature of the brand’s products is the predominance of light shades and visual “airiness” of each element.

Spain also prefers sophistication. Furniture factory Dupen releases consoles that can become a real home decoration. These are carved models, covered with golden and silver lacquer, and modern glass options, and spectacular glossy tables made of light polyurethane..

Dutch company Eichholtz produces a wide range of console tables for every taste. Here you can also find original models in stainless steel and glass, and luxurious glossy options in the art deco style, and laconic wooden consoles in retro and modern style. The main principles of the brand are the use of natural, environmentally friendly materials and impeccable workmanship..

As for Russian manufacturers, one can single out the company “Visan”, offering small but cute MDF models in the style of an elegant classic.

Where to put?

In the living room, such an item can play the role of a stand for souvenirs, frames with photographs, vases of flowers and other beautiful things..

In the bedroom, the console can replace the dressing table. In combination with a mirror in a chic frame, it will create an ideal area for applying makeup. The 4-legged console can be used as a bedside table or as a mini breakfast table.

In the kitchen, a console table can become a kind of bar counter or a small sideboard..

In the hallway, as in the room, such a table can serve as a decorative function. And in a small corridor, this item can become a very practical element for storing keys, gloves and newspapers..

You can hang a mirror over the table, which will allow you to assess your appearance before going out. A shelf for hats would also be a good solution..

Beautiful interiors

An elegant silver console with a mirror in the same frame will decorate a room in a classic style, making it more romantic and sophisticated..

The original version in the Art Nouveau style will become a highlight of the interior, attracting enthusiastic glances of guests.

The minimalistic black console table is ideal for a bright, spacious room. Clear geometry of shapes and spectacular contrast are all you need to create a stylish environment.

Video review of the console table, see below.

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