What is a display cabinet in the house for?

A display cabinet is a versatile piece of furniture that will never lose its relevance. If earlier such furniture adorned exclusively the homes of very wealthy people, emphasizing their status, today absolutely everyone can afford such a cabinet. The display cabinet does not overload the interior, does not require much space, while effectively complementing the room. Even the most modest room will look elegant and beautiful when such a wardrobe appears in it..

Features and Benefits

Such interior items differ in their characteristic features:

  1. Versatility. Such designs will ideally fit into any interior style, be it Provence, classic or high-tech. The display cabinet will become a worthy decoration and functional addition to your living room, bedroom, dining room or study. By purchasing such furniture, you are making a profitable investment.
  2. Multifunctionality. With the help of a display cabinet, you can organize your space intelligently. The filling of the cabinet will be reliably protected from dust and awkward movements, which is especially important if you are going to store fragile dishes or collectibles of particular value there. At the same time, the display cabinet favorably demonstrates its content, since the structure is most often made of transparent glass..
  3. Aesthetics. The interior of your apartment will be instantly transformed as soon as you install such furniture. The contents of the glass shelves will attract the attention of guests and arouse their interest. Most often, manufacturers produce such designs from natural wood, decorating them with gilded handles, artificial stones, graceful and beautiful patterns. With such a piece of furniture, a luxurious living room will look even more sophisticated. In addition, many firms are engaged in the manufacture of cheaper options for cabinets, using, for example, plastic, MDF, and so on. Every buyer can easily find a suitable model.


Modern materials

Today in stores you will find many models of cabinets that have been created from different materials. Let’s consider the most popular options

Solid wood

The wooden cabinet showcase is a classic. It was from this natural material that such furniture was first made. Manufacturers often give preference to solid pine, oak, beech and others. Such a piece of furniture looks very attractive and expensive.. Perfectly fits into a room decorated in baroque, vintage, country style. However, wood looks good in any, even the most modern interior and never goes out of fashion. It should only be noted that such showcases are more expensive. However, if we consider that the solid wood cabinet will last more than one decade, its cost looks quite justified..

Moreover, by purchasing such a design, you are making a profitable purchase. Indeed, over time, the value of such a cabinet only increases..

Made of MDF and plastic

Structures made of such materials are much cheaper. However, this does not mean at all that they look worse externally or are more inconvenient during operation. Modern MDF panels are very similar to real wood. If you are purchasing a design from a first-class supplier, then you may not even be able to immediately distinguish such material from natural. At the same time, you will not strike a blow on the family budget with such a purchase. Plastic structures look very stylish, complemented by glass shelves or doors, or models that are created only from glass or transparent plastic. Such a wardrobe will not overload the interior and will successfully fit into the high-tech style or other fashionable design. In short, the variety of designs from a modern manufacturer always leaves room for experimentation..

To understand what material for the manufacture of a structure is right for you, you need to take into account several factors. The first is, of course, the size of your budget. As we have already said, display cabinets made of solid natural wood will cost quite a lot, unlike their counterparts made of plastic, MDF or chipboard. But in connection with the cost and appearance, each option has its own characteristics, both positive and negative..


It is also important to consider the style of your apartment. If you are looking to add a display cabinet to complement a lavish living room with gilded details, antique paintings and antiques, the plastic construction is unlikely to suit you. At the same time, in a modern interior, planned in a light style, cabinets made of real wood will look bulky and will attract too much attention..

In this case, it is better to give preference to plastic and glass display cases. They will not dry out and will not weigh down the space..

It is important to consider what exactly you want to store in the closet.. If the structure is made of fragile thin glass, it is not at all suitable for heavy goblets or massive dishes.. Therefore, in this case, wooden cabinets clearly benefit. At the same time, fragile and graceful figurines and decorative elements will simply get lost on the rough wooden shelves. Spaces made of glass and light plastic are ideal for them. Such materials will only favorably emphasize the grace and subtlety of these items..

Selection Tips

Before you go shopping, consider a few important tips that will help you choose a quality design that is ideal for your interior..

Pay attention to the glass

Since display cabinets most often have a large glazing area, its quality is an extremely important parameter. Moreover, very often the quality of the cabinet is determined precisely by the quality of the glass.. Professionals in this field recommend opting for tempered glass. This material is very durable. It will reliably store the contents of the cabinet for many years. The likelihood of someone accidentally hitting and breaking the material is negligible. However, even if such a situation occurs, no one will be injured by shrapnel and everything will be fine..

The issue of security is very important, you should not neglect it. This is especially true when there are small children in the house..

The thickness of the material is also important. In order for the shelves to be guaranteed to withstand the mass of everything that you plan to put on them, the glass thickness must be at least five millimeters. Otherwise, they can break at any time. In addition, the strength of the fixing of the shelves will be an important criterion.. Be sure to check that the fasteners with the lock are securely mounted, there are no cracks and cracks anywhere. After all, even the highest quality and strongest glass shelves can fall if they are not properly secured..

To date, there are display cabinets on sale that are glazed in whole or only partially. If you choose a display case entirely made of glass, you are making a win-win. Due to its transparency, it practically does not take up space in the interior, while demonstrating all its contents favorably. By the way, housewives shouldn’t worry that such a structure is difficult to care for..

It is enough to regularly wipe the surface with a soft cloth to remove dust. And the design will delight you with its pristine beauty and grace for very, very many years..

Shape and size

Since the display cabinet fulfills not only an aesthetic, but also a functional role, its height should not be higher than the average human height. Otherwise, it will be just uncomfortable for you to get something out of there. As a rule, the approximate height of most structures is between 150 and 180 centimeters. In this case, the width of the showcase will be approximately 60 centimeters. However, there are also narrower or wider options..

Structures are angular, hinged, wall-mounted, modular and even on castors. The choice of this or that modification depends on, how big your apartment is and what exactly you are going to store in the closet:

  • If you want to save space in the room and strive to ensure that not a single centimeter of space is wasted, we recommend purchasing corner display cabinet. They are ideal for hallways, kitchens, living rooms. However, such an acquisition can be ideally placed in any room. So you will be able to use the so-called “dead zones” of space. This is a great choice for owners of small apartments..

  • Also, for small rooms, a wall-mounted display cabinet is useful.. This design looks quite elegant, beautiful and unusual, so it will add originality to your interior. Such a wardrobe is ideal for modern homes. Tip: choose structures that have the same color scheme as the walls. For example, white is suitable for light walls – a universal shade of panels. Then the cabinet will not stand out much, while the emphasis will remain on its contents. And the whole room as a whole will look more harmonious and neat.

  • Wardrobes on wheels produced in any design, whether it be wooden structures or glass showcases. This option will be indispensable for lovers of permutations. You can easily move the structure to another place, thereby freeing up the necessary space. It is very convenient and practical. Therefore, when choosing a cabinet, be sure to take a closer look at similar models..

Think about lighting

Since the display cabinet is not only for organizing objects, but also for displaying them, it is important to take care of sufficient amount of light in the room.. If your closet is by the window, it has enough light.. However, constant exposure to direct sunlight on a glass display case is highly undesirable. Manufacturers always cover glass with special protective substances. However, it will still be better when the light is not direct, but slightly diffused..

Also, an ideal option for any type of construction would be the installation of additional lighting.. Not too powerful halogen and LED bulbs are ideal. Such lighting will not harm the beauty and brightness of items on the shelves. You should also consider the correct location of the lighting equipment. In the case when your cabinet with glass shelves requires storage of dishes, it is better to place the lighting at the bottom. So the cutlery will look as impressive as possible. When there are objects in the closet on which there are any inscriptions, it is best to highlight them from above. And for those situations when you need to emphasize the volume and originality of the shapes of objects, install the lamps on the sides.

Internal filling

Display cabinets are versatile, but traditionally it is customary to store the things that you want to show in them. It can be old family services or cups, medals and other awards for sports or other achievements.. Also showcases are ideal for placing and displaying collectibles.. Be it stamps, cars, books, coins, figurines and more.

Memorabilia and gifts dear to the heart will also find space on the shelves of such a cabinet..

By the way, if you purchase a combined structure, which consists of transparent and closed shelves, you are doubly lucky. You can successfully arrange all the most beautiful under the glass. And closed shelves can be used for more practical purposes. So, wardrobes with drawers for clothes on the bottom and glass doors on top will be the perfect solution for a bedroom or any other room. After all, the display cabinet is so versatile that it is suitable for any premises, interiors and objects..

Interior options

To make it easier for you to imagine how you can arrange a display cabinet in your own apartment, we present you with several illustrative examples. With the help of these photos, you will be able to understand as best as possible what such a design is and imagine exactly how it will look in your apartment. Combine this with all of the above information, and you can easily purchase exactly the closet that is perfect for your interior..

For how to make a do-it-yourself display cabinet, see the next video.

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