What should be a desk top for a desk?

One of the most important functional components of many modern interiors is a desk. This furniture not only complements the design advantageously, but is also used for work and study. An important functional element of any writing model is the tabletop. Modern manufacturers present to the attention of buyers several types of such products, the features of which are worth familiarizing yourself with..


The desk top is significantly different from those used for kitchen furniture. This applies not only to the material and appearance, but also to the design features of the models. Almost all desks have a standard rectangular shape..

Thanks to this, the furniture is comfortable and practical. You can easily place the computer on the desk or put all the necessary supplies for training on it.

Safe and high quality materials are used for the manufacture of models. Most desktops have excellent mechanical resistance.


As noted above, modern manufacturers produce many types of desks with different types of tabletops:

  • One of the most popular options are withdrawable models. They differ in functionality, do not take up much space in the room, making them ideal for small spaces.
  • Designs will also help save space in the room. with pull-out table top. The product is used as an additional work surface. Comfortable and functional models are in high demand among buyers.
  • One of the most versatile options are tables with swivel tabletop on castors. These models are compact, if desired, they can be moved from room to room.

  • Tables are no less popular among modern buyers. with folding surface. The structure can be easily fixed to the wall. Often these models are found in modern interiors of small apartments..
  • Ideal for arranging a children’s room tables with inclined surface. The peculiarity of these models lies in the fact that they can be easily used as a desk when teaching, doing homework. It should be noted that such tables with an adjustable surface are also suitable for an adult..

An interesting solution such as the use of a tabletop-window sill will help to save space in the room. Thanks to this, the interior looks more interesting and stylish. In addition, the table top helps to clearly define the functional area..

Materials (edit)

Many types of materials are used to create writing tops. One of the most popular options is MDF. For the manufacture of products, wood fibers are used, which are interconnected with the help of special adhesives.

The advantages of MDF writing tables include:

  • safety during use;
  • a wide range of models to choose from;
  • MDF countertops are often used to equip window sills.

Written models with glass are especially popular among buyers. The advantage of these options is that they look harmoniously in different interior styles. The glass surface has excellent wear resistance due to high-quality processing during the creation process.

One of the original and unique solutions is the use of a leather tabletop. Basically, this material is used to decorate expensive items. Tables with leather surface will fit perfectly into a classic-style study.

Pay attention to the fact that on expensive countertops (for example, made of solid wood), scratches or other defects often appear during prolonged use. A protective pad will help prevent such problems. It not only protects furniture, but also perfectly complements the workplace..

Dimensions (edit)

When choosing a tabletop for a table, special attention should be paid to its dimensions. Products are presented in different sizes. Experts say that a wide surface is required for long-term work or training. The large table top holds both a computer and additional writing utensils, which is quite convenient.

As for the length, the best options include indicators of 900 mm. Manufacturers offer other models for both large and small spaces. In this case, the choice depends on your preference. Long table top is ideal for arranging a window sill.

Thickness is another important criterion. The optimal indicator is considered to be 3.8 cm.A too thick tabletop (up to 10 cm) is used if large items are used to equip the room.

Color solutions

As for the choice of color, it all depends on the style features of the interior. Versatile options include white countertops. This is due to the fact that they fit perfectly into different styles of interiors..

Countertops that imitate natural wood are no less popular among buyers..

When choosing a color, special attention should be paid to the interior.. The color of the countertop should be favorably combined with other components of the decor, especially with regard to furniture..

If you’re choosing a writing surface for a kid’s room, look for vibrant colors. The interior can be favorably supplemented with a yellow or light green countertop..

Popular firms

Particular attention must be paid to the manufacturer brand. One of the leaders of the modern market is the company Egger. The company produces models in different colors. In addition, the countertops differ in size, which makes it possible to choose the most optimal option..

Writing surfaces from the company deserve special attention. Krono. The company produces corner models that are ideal for small rooms..

How to update?

If you do not want to resort to drastic solutions such as replacing an old table with a new one, you can update the tabletop. All that needs to be done is to select a new model. After purchasing the countertop, you need to dismantle the old surface. Basically, fasteners are used to fasten products, but glue can also be used.

All parts need to be removed, and then start installing a new surface. The process itself is not difficult, but it is necessary to choose the size of the countertop. Otherwise, the product cannot be installed..

Well, the masters from the following video will answer the question which is more profitable: buy a table or make it yourself?

Beautiful examples in the interior

There are many options for how to decorate your work area in an interesting and stylish way with a desk top. One of the original ideas is use of the surface along the window. In this case, the working area will not take up much space..

This idea can be successfully implemented in modern directions: loft, minimalism, modern.

In both small and spacious rooms, you can use a design with a swivel table top. This is an ideal choice if you spend a lot of time at the computer or studying. One part of the table can be used for technology, the other as a writing surface.

Glass countertops fit perfectly into a high-tech room. Products are distinguished by their beauty and stylish design.

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