What sizes are there for a “lorry” bed?

What sizes are there for a

Bed “lorry“- a purely domestic phenomenon and characteristic of small-sized Russian apartments. American and European manufacturers are more flexible in their choice of sizes, which range from single to double of different lengths and widths, in Russia, an intermediate option is common and certain standards are set for it. It is important to know these standards in order not to overpay for a wide “lorry” as for a full-size double bed of compact sizes.

Generally accepted standards

Above, we mentioned the production standards that all furniture manufacturers are guided by. This is the so-called GOST – a state or national standard that regulates the requirements for the quality of manufactured products..

The standard for a one-and-a-half bed includes dimensions from 120 to 160 centimeters wide to 190 centimeters long. When a product is checked for compliance with standards, it undergoes various tests, including accurate measurement. Permissible errors and clearances not provided for by the design should not exceed ± 1.0 mm. In addition to dimensions, other parameters are also checked:

  • Product stability;
  • Orthopedic bed base;
  • Strength of all elements of the frame: legs, sidewalls, storage containers for bedding in a static state and in case of a fall;
  • Impact resistance;

  • The durability of the materials used;
  • The degree of product deformation;
  • The quality of the fittings;
  • Resistance of the bed to heavy loads.

In this case, all the soft elements of the bed are checked for other parameters: softness, resilience, flexibility, elasticity, pliability, safety.

One-and-a-half children’s furniture undergoes an especially thorough examination. Its dimensions are more variable, and due to the characteristics of a rapidly growing organism, such beds can be equipped with a sliding transformation mechanism, which over time allows the bed to be increased to 190 cm in length..


One and a half beds differ according to several criteria:

  • By type of construction: collapsible, non-collapsible, sliding. Sliding mechanisms, in turn, have several varieties.
  • By the degree of uniqueness of the product: a model made by individual development, a designer product, an experimental sample, a serial model, a mass-produced product.
  • By appointment: for children, for teenagers, for adults.

By material:

  • Chipboard. Budgetary, not capricious to care for, relatively environmentally friendly material that has a presentable appearance. Chipboard beds are light in weight, strong enough and durable, resistant to damage, can withstand the weight of one or two people of standard size;
  • Plywood. It also belongs to the category of safe for health, cheap, but high-quality materials for the manufacture of furniture;
  • MDF. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the material, it is recommended for children’s beds, as it tends to crumble. Not suitable for adults and overweight people. It is recommended to keep MDF products away from heating appliances and humidity;

  • Solid pine. The most common material in the furniture industry. It is 100% natural, environmentally friendly, durable, easy to process, beautiful, resistant to damage, has a pleasant smell. Suitable for people of absolutely any weight and build, since the tree can withstand a very heavy load;
  • Solid birch. An economical option for a sound and healthy sleep. Birch is good for the bedrooms of children, adolescents and adults with allergies, as it is odorless and capable of disinfecting the air;

  • Solid oak. A bed that will be inherited, if not to great-grandchildren, then to grandchildren for sure. The oak is very strong, durable and durable. Oak furniture is reliable and beautiful, especially due to the fact that it changes color depending on the processing. Best of all, oak lends itself to brushing (artificial aging) and urinating;
  • Metal. Most often these are durable, but lightweight structures, since the metal tubes of the frame are hollow on the inside. Suitable for heavy people and adults. They are convenient to use, retain their beautiful appearance for a long time due to powder varnishing. It also makes it possible to make a bed frame of any desired color..
  • By overall parameters. They deserve special attention..

Dimension options

Despite the existing GOST, household needs are not limited to two or three sizes of one-and-a-half beds. For one room, they may be too small, for another too large, so furniture manufacturers expand the size ranges with different models..

The minimum and maximum indicators for the parameters length-width-height (LxWxH) depend on whether a sleeping place is intended for an adult or for a child.

The number of sleepers also plays an important role. For one person, a small bed in width may be enough, and two already need an impressive area.


Sleeping place for little ones without a “growth” reserve is 60 cm wide, 140 in length, 30-40 in height. If the bed does not have a side, then the lower the height, the safer it is for those who like to turn around in a dream.

Teenage beds are 80 cm wide, 160 cm long and ± 40 cm high. Sleeping place for older teenagers and tall children in width, height and length is 90x180x50cm.

For adults

The width and length of the most modest, “student” version is 120×180 centimeters. This space is quite enough for a comfortable sleep of one person, whose build does not exceed the standard.

For tall people, options with increased length are provided: 120 x 190 centimeters and 120 x 200. The maximum length for a lorry is more than two meters. As a rule, this is an option 120 x 210. For those who like more free space in a dream, models 130 x 180, 130 x 190 and 130 x 200 centimeters are intended..

On a bed for a mother with a child or a married couple who does not differ in a rich constitution, the standard provides for dimensions of 140 cm in width with a variable length from 180 to 210 cm.There are options for a smaller width – 130 x 200, and a larger one – 150 x 200 cm.

The height of the furniture varies. It depends on the design of the bedroom, on the specific model of the bed, on the presence of a sliding mechanism, drawers for linen or other design features. The minimum height is 30cm, the maximum is ± 50.

An important role is played by the country in which the furniture was produced.. The standards of domestic beds do not coincide with the standards of European manufacturers, despite the same metric system, and even more so they differ from American standards, which are specified in a different system of measures. Strictly speaking, American and European manufacturers do not have the concept of “one and a half bed”, but you can find its analogues in terms of parameters.

Features of European manufacturers:

  • typical bed size in width from 90 to 140 cm;
  • width from 100 cm is considered large;
  • beds from 140 cm and wider are double models;
  • the length of the berth is very variable, you can find an option for a comfortable sleep of a person with a very large height.

Features of American manufacturers:

  • an analogue of a one-and-a-half bed has a width of 99 cm and a standard marking “Twin”;
  • models wider than 135 cm are double;
  • in the original, the parameters of American furniture are indicated in feet and inches.

Non-standard models

Sometimes the features of the bedroom area or its design require a special approach to the choice of furniture. It can be non-standard in size: a narrow and elongated bed with sides of 100 by 200 cm, a bed with a “royal” sleeping place that exceeds all standard sizes, and in shape: pencil case, square, oval and even round.

If the store does not have a bed suitable for a particular bedroom, it can always be ordered according to individual sizes.. The design and dimensions will be perfect down to the millimeter. However, it should be borne in mind that when purchasing a non-standard bed, you will have to face the difficulty of choosing bed linen in the future. It is possible that it will also have to be sewn to order..

What should be the length and width of the mattress?

The length and width of the bed are not equal to the area of ​​the bed. It is always a few centimeters smaller, and the exact indicators of its size are the area of ​​the mattress.

Determining what it should be is quite simple. Most often, the recommended parameters are indicated in the product passport. But if this is not the case, then you need to independently measure the length and width of the frame on the inside. You also need to measure the height, taking into account that the mattress should be 10-15 cm higher than the sides of the bed.

But the sleeping place is not only about the size of the mattress. When choosing, it is very important to pay attention to the materials from which it is made, the guaranteed service life and the presence of an anatomical or orthopedic base..


These are products with filling in several layers, which follows the contours of the body. The filling can be natural (from coconut coir or natural latex), artificial (from holofiber, memorix or synthetic latex), and mixed.

Any kind is durable, reliable, does not harm health, suitable for people with back pain and overweight.

Depending on the material, the mattress will be more or less firm.

With dependent spring block

It is a one-piece structure on the frame, consisting of a large number of springs in five turns. It distributes body weight correctly, but it is not orthopedic.


They are necessary for the prevention of problems with the spine and back muscles and with existing diseases. Thanks to the design features, these mattresses provide the correct support for the spine and allow the muscles to relax..

They consist of springs, each of which is in a separate section and does not depend on the others, which allows you to sit comfortably on the bed..

There are several types of mattresses with independent spring units:

  • TFK block for 256 springs per square meter;
  • Block multipack – 500 mini-springs per 1 square meter;
  • Micro-package – 100 pieces per 1 sq / m;

  • “Duet” block – mini diameter springs in large diameter springs;
  • Block with zones of stiffness for individual parts of the body. May contain up to 7 zones (head, shoulders, and others);
  • “Hourglass” – a special shape of the springs tapering towards the center, provides an ideal body position for healthy sleep.

It will be useful to pay attention to the density of the mattress cover and the presence of a replaceable cover for the product..

Suitable bedding

When a solid bed of the right size is chosen and equipped with the right mattress, it’s time to take care of the bedding. First of all, these are pillows and blankets, and secondly, beautiful bedding.

Bedding sets usually include a sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases. When it comes to a one-and-a-half bed, you should choose sets in which the width of the sheet and blanket is 10-15 centimeters wider than the width of the bed. The length can be equal to the length of the bed.

Pillowcase parameters are of three types, depending on the shape and thickness of the pillow: 60×60 and 70×70 for square, 50×70 for rectangular.

It is important to take into account that the blanket inside the duvet cover and the pillows in the pillowcase should fit freely, without bubbles, but at the same time the tighter they fit together, the less the risk of waking up under a twisted blanket and a pillow that is knocked out of the pillowcase.

In addition to size, there are other characteristics by which the components of the bedding set differ:

  • Sheets can be standard or elastic. The second option is much more convenient, because it does not have to be tucked under the side of the bed every time and during sleep it will not crumple and slide, but the first is more common and costs less.
  • Pillowcases have several options for fixing on the pillow: pocket-wrap, buttons, zipper. Products with a zipper are considered optimal in terms of convenience. Non-fastening pillowcases tend to slip, and hard buttons can cause discomfort during sleep. Lightning is almost invisible..
  • Duvet covers of the modern generation have a slit in the side or at the top. However, it can be equipped with a zipper or simply function as a pocket. Products with a cut-out in the middle are no longer as popular as they used to be, but they can also be found on sale..

And the last characteristic of bed linen is color. Her choice is determined by taste preferences, but nevertheless, you should focus on calm, eye-pleasing colors that are appropriate in the bedroom.

Popular varieties

The traditional look of a rectangular solid bed, perhaps, will never get rid of itself. But there are already quite a few alternatives to them, ranging from a bed with drawers to a loft bed..

The following models deserve special attention:

  • With compartments for storing linen. Such beds differ in average or slightly high height; a spacious box for bedding is placed in the bottom. Sometimes it is divided into compartments for isolated storage of different items, but more often it is integral. It can be accessed by raising the bed or through a pull-out mechanism in the bed frame.
  • With transformation mechanisms. The currently relevant design requires an emphasis on free space in the room, therefore, various techniques are used to visually increase the area, including the use of transforming furniture. Among one and a half beds, models with a sliding mechanism (increasing in length), folding, folding, with a lifting mechanism, modular are common.

  • With an unusual design. A shuttle bed for a bedroom in a nautical style, a car bed for a child, a round nest bed and other options for a non-standard interior are becoming more and more popular..
  • Bunk. Option for children’s rooms and small apartments. In this case, a bunk bed does not necessarily imply two berths. The lower part of the bed can be equipped for a working area, and the upper part for a sleeping place.

How to choose?

The choice of the right bed that will last a long time is carried out according to several parameters:

  • The height and weight of the sleeper. The length of the bed and the type of mattress depend on the complexion of a person. With a standard build, it is better to choose an orthopedic mattress with a block of independent springs, and overweight people are recommended bases made of natural materials without the use of springs.
  • Number of sleeping. This indicator affects the required bed width. For one person, 90-100 centimeters are enough, but for two, the minimum width should be 130cm. Otherwise, the bed may be cramped and uncomfortable..

  • Materials (edit). The desire to save money often dictates the decision to purchase a bed made of inexpensive materials, but a real investment in furniture is a solid wood product. Such a bed will reliably serve for many years, will not lose its presentable appearance, will not begin to crumble or dry out. In addition, wood is 100% natural material, suitable for children and allergy sufferers..
  • Sleeping area dimensions. They are always smaller than the parameters of the bed, and this is important to consider when buying. A sleeping place is considered optimal, which is 15 centimeters more than a person’s height. When choosing a bed for a couple, you should focus on the growth of the one who is taller.

To determine the width, there is a little trick: you need to lie on your back and put your hands under your head. On an ideal bed, elbows will not sag or touch the edges.

  • Bedroom design. The bed is a central element in the bedroom, so it should correspond to the style direction of the room and at the same time set the mood for the interior.
  • Manufacturer. Products from good furniture factories cost good money, but it is better to entrust such an important matter as quality sleep to a manufacturer that has established itself in the market and has been tested in more than one bedroom..

Manufacturers rating

High-quality and beautiful furniture can be found both in the assortment of foreign brands and from domestic manufacturers and the CIS countries..

Among Russian firms, firms have earned positive reviews Rival, Moon, Anderssen, Shatura, Avangard. Separately, it is worth noting the brand’s products “Allegro-Classic”, which manufactures upholstered furniture for the world famous concern Ikea.

Belarus is famous for the products of factories “Pinskdrev” and “Lagoon”.

Italian firms are popular among foreign manufacturers Flou, Morelato, Ivano Redaelli, Gervasoni, Ceccotti, Ipe Cavalli Visionnaire, Flexform, Cantori, creations of the American concern under the brand Ralph Lauren, french factory Grange.



The price range for one and a half beds is very wide. The most economical model with a minimum of decorative elements and available materials (MDF, chipboard, metal) will cost 5500 rubles. The average price for a bed of a Russian manufacturer is 15,000 rubles. Also, the budget option can be purchased in the stores of the Swedish concern Ikea, which has five branches that produce furniture in Russia. A stylish and cozy one and a half bed from this store will cost an average of 12,000 rubles. Most models have built-in storage.

A bed from an array of Italian, French or American production will cost an average of 90,000 rubles.

Separately, it is worth considering the cost of a mattress, which is not included in the kit. The minimum cost varies from 10,000 to 23,000 rubles, the maximum is determined by the design features and the manufacturer.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The bed occupies a key place in the interior of the bedroom. Its appearance is dictated by the style direction in the design of the room.. Today, three areas are relevant:

  • Historical style. It brings together elegant, luxurious, sophisticated interiors, tending to showcase taste and wealth. This style does not tolerate exponentially cheap things. When choosing a bed, you should give preference to natural solid wood. Brushed wood would be a good solution. This will give the effect of antiquity, as if the bed was inherited from a rich grandmother. In terms of form, weighty, solid models are preferred. Curly backs made of solid wood, carvings and various decorations with gilding are acceptable.

  • Ethnic style. Its distinctive feature is the reflection of the national motives of a particular country. To embody the unique character of the subtle East or the harsh Scandinavia, you can use the right bed. In Egyptian style, it can resemble a pharaoh’s bed with an even berth and curved low backs in the color of gold. In the Indian style, laconic light models inherent in the ascetic lifestyle of Indians are appropriate. Russian style requires solid, sturdy oak furniture and an abundance of textiles.

A one and a half bed in it may well play the role of a single bed even with impressive dimensions.

  • Modern style. It is focused on freedom, mobility and space saving, so a half-double bed is just ideal for decorating a bedroom. It meets all the requirements, while being compact and roomy at the same time. And the models with drawers and transformation mechanisms simply have no price in a fashionable interior. Another indisputable advantage of modern one-and-a-half beds is the variability of the material. Neither Loft, nor Fusion, nor Techno do not require a massive wood structure made of wet oak indoors.

One and a half bed can be made of absolutely any material, be it metal pipes or lacquered cargo pallets. She is allowed any height and any shape: rectangle, square, oval, circle, curly lines. Choosing a modern trend, you should pay attention to the models in the style Contemporary, Loft, Grunge, Minimalism.

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