White bookcases

White bookcases

Technological progress affects every aspect of human life and nothing is left without his attention. Everything is gradually changing, including people’s preferences. Things and objects that were once very popular are alien to many contemporaries. For example, e-books are gradually replacing paper counterparts, but bookcases as furniture have not outlived their usefulness today. Oddly enough, they are in almost every home, even those owners who do not have a huge collection of books..

White bookcases are a good place not only for storing a library, but also an original way to decorate an interior, complement it with a beautiful and functional item.


Bookcases are divided into several groups.. There are models:

• with open shelves;

• completely closed.

The first ones are represented by racks, various shelves, as well as variations without doors. Closed models include wardrobes and wardrobes with doors. The main material for the manufacture of this type of furniture is natural wood..

However, modern manufacturers also use chipboard, MDF, glass, metal, plastic and acrylic, which fit perfectly into modern interiors..

Open book designs in white are often complemented by closed cabinets with hinged or sliding doors. In some models, closed cells are combined with open shelves, creating original items of storage systems.

Where to put?

The usual place for installing bookshelves is halls and study rooms. These rooms are the most suitable for the installation of such furniture, but often modern homeowners put shelving in other, at first glance, completely unsuitable places for this purpose..


The white bookcase in the bedroom is the highlight of the break room. Many people like to read before bedtime, so beautiful furniture for storing literature in this place is quite appropriate..


The room of the smallest households also needs a convenient structure for storing various children’s accessories. Bookshelves in this corner of an apartment / house should be, first of all, safe, reliable, and only then beautiful and spacious. It is best not to use models with glass doors. But children will undoubtedly like white designs decorated with images of their favorite cartoon characters and fairy-tale characters..

Corridor / hallway

A bookcase installed in the hallway will save the already missing square meters in a small living space.


White bookcases in the interior fulfill not only their direct purpose, in addition, they are an original decoration of any room, be it the bedroom of the owners of the house, the nursery or the hall.

All models, without exception, have one thing in common – a bookshelf. If the collection of books is quite large, then it is better to buy a bookcase made of natural wood. In this case, the owners of the furniture attribute will not have to worry about its reliability and fixings. Also, such a system has a beautiful appearance, especially if the doors are made with glass..

The case version of the bookcase has become a popular solution in recent years. However, sometimes style, fashion trends or a banal need force consumers to buy modular options..

A narrow built-in bookcase fits perfectly where it was not possible to install a cabinet one. A built-in bookcase will fit perfectly into a niche of a modest apartment. Its glass doors keep dust out of the books. Books on the shelves of such cabinets can be placed in one or more rows. Thus, the owners have a great opportunity to easily find and get their favorite volume at any moment..

What styles does it suit?

No one doubts the relevance of a milky bookcase in many design styles. However, you need to understand how exactly such furniture can be entered into a specific direction of decor. The most interesting options for decorating rooms with white bookcases, designers include:

Antique style. The main difference is the uncomplicated forms of furniture. Smooth lines and transitions, no sharp corners, exquisite decor – all this should be in an antique style white bookcase. To achieve a sophisticated study or living room, you need to select models with elegant aesthetics. Gloss, varnish does not accept this style;

Classic. A recognizable feature of the style is wooden furniture, complemented by fittings of the chosen stylistic direction and laconic decor. The wardrobe should have graceful lines, luxurious decor, and be distinguished by solid dimensions. It should be like wall decoration, which is most often done in noble shades. The end result is a laconic interior, not overloaded with decor;

Loft. Unusual and discreet style is ideally complemented by white wardrobes. But for interiors of this direction, you do not need to choose large models with legs. It is worth paying attention to buyers of a wall cabinet of compact dimensions or a model on supports. Space and freedom of movement are the features that distinguish loft-style rooms from other areas, it is they who determine the choice of bookcases;

• Minimalism. The style itself indicates that he prefers the minimum in everything. It is better to choose mortise handles on the facades of furniture for books. As for the appearance of the cabinet, glossy facades can be chosen for a small room. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that thanks to such a covering, the narrow space visually expands..

For gothic, oriental style, country, kitsch, you should not buy white bookcases, such furniture is incompatible with similar interiors, at best, it will look unharmonious, at worst – very defiant and vulgar.

Nuances of choice

When choosing furniture for books, special attention should be paid to the quality of the product, which can be guaranteed by renowned manufacturers. The attached documents and certificates must match the selected model. You need to make sure that the cabinet is safe, namely, pay attention to the strength and wear resistance of the fittings and fasteners.

Small defects in the form of chips, scratches, cracks, uneven coating with protective mixtures indicate a violation in technological processes in the manufacture of furniture, which can affect the service life.

An important factor when choosing a cabinet is the need to determine the amount of load on a given structure, this is the main criterion when choosing a product material. Natural wood and metal are the most stable, they will last a long period of time and retain all the positive qualities and basic operational parameters. Plastic cabinets are practical for their lightness, ease of maintenance, durability, value for money. The advantage of MDF and chipboard cabinets is an affordable price, although the materials are short-lived, they are afraid of moisture and cannot stand heavy loads.

Care rules

For many people, white furniture is impractical and requires more care. This judgment is erroneous, since with proper care, it is light surfaces that retain their original beauty for a longer time. In the modern world, there are a large number of effective tools that guarantee decent care for different types of cabinets. With regular dust removal with a soft cloth, as well as the use of anti-static solutions, the furniture will look beautifully well-groomed..

Glass elements are very well cleaned with glass cleaner, leaving no streaks.

The following video will introduce you to the wide variety of bookcases.

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