White bunk bed

If there are two children in a family, then usually sleeping places take up a lot of space. A white bunk bed helps solve this problem. This furniture saves space and is very convenient to use. As a rule, such furniture is placed in children’s rooms. It saves space in the room, which makes many mothers and babies very happy. If there is not enough space in the room, companies that make built-in furniture to order will come to the rescue..


Bunk furniture designs can be very different:

  • bus;
  • lock;
  • boat;
  • a palace for princesses;
  • two-level car parking.

Good beds are made from quality materials. Cheap and low-quality furniture will not work. It is better to refuse such a product, because it can negatively affect the health of children..

Furniture selection

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s certificate, where the child’s height and weight are indicated. The assembled furniture should not stagger, the frame should be strong, because children are very energetic and can arrange a real crash test of a new purchase.

Of course, it is very important that the resting place is safe.. Furniture should not have sharp corners. Children are very mobile and can accidentally hit them and get injured. You need to be more careful with the ladder (you need to check the presence of sides, the slope of the ladder should be acceptable).

Ladders are vertical and inclined. Which option to choose is already a matter of taste. If the ladder is vertical, then you need to remind the children to go down correctly facing it..

You need to buy something that will delight children every day. Sleep on the bed for children, so they should like it.


You also need to consider the design of the room. The designs and designs of bunk beds are very diverse:

  • Classic model Are parallel beds. Width and length may vary. The bunk bed will look great in any children’s room.
  • Wooden furniture. It is made from oak, and the natural rings are left, they serve as a natural pattern. This is a very good design option..

  • The white bunk bed also looks great.. This color is combined with many other tones, and comfort will always reign in the room. The bed will not attract attention, it will complement the interior of the room.

  • Parents often choose a bed, the lower berth of which has a pull-out compartment. Even if there is a lot of space in the room, then an extra closet for bedding will not hurt. So the child will be accustomed to order from an early age. Beds with a chest of drawers are also convenient, the bed is purchased immediately with a cabinet.

  • Sleeping place without legs acquired in the event that a very small child will sleep on it. Then he doesn’t fall anywhere. When the child grows up, this product will not be very comfortable for him..
  • White hanging bunk furniture also has its advantages. It will be convenient to wipe the floors under it, but such a bed requires high-quality fastening to the wall. The upper tier is also attached to the ceiling.

  • White bunk beds can be fitted with curtains. Then each child will have a personal space. A pink bed can be purchased for girls, but it will look too childish. Here the situation can be saved by a white bed, painted with pink flowers..

  • For girls, it is best to purchase a bed with many shelves and pull-out compartments.. If furniture is bought for two girls, there should be more pull-out compartments, each girl’s belongings should be stored separately.

  • Less commonly, white transforming beds are used for children of different sexes.. The bottom is a sofa, and the top is the second tier of the bed. As a rule, there are no shelves here. For children of different sexes, it is better to choose furniture in light colors – for example, white.
  • Folding bunk furniture Is also a good option. During the day there will be no second floor, and in the evening the living room quickly turns into a bedroom.

A white bunk bed can be placed not only for a child’s room. It so happens that such furniture is placed for guests. You can hide it behind the compartment door. This is a great space saver in living rooms..

White is a universal color, suitable for any age. A white bed will fit perfectly into a black and white or white and gray room interior. Such an interior is austere – and at the same time, great for children’s rooms. The white bed is ideal for a nursery where the emphasis is on finishing one or two surfaces.

For information on how to choose the right bunk bed, see the next video.

The Golden Kids company offers a wide range of furniture, a large selection of two-story beds. Various models of white furniture are presented. This company has won the hearts of many buyers..

To choose the most suitable option, compare several products, evaluate their characteristics. This will help you find exactly what you need..

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