White coffee tables

Modern living rooms, it seems, cannot be imagined without comfortable furniture, a TV, and also such useful little things as a coffee table. It is such furniture, despite the fact that it has a small size, is quite comfortable and functional..


Features and Benefits

A white coffee table will always find its place in the hall or other rooms of your home. He will appeal to you and all your loved ones.. Its main features and benefits:

  • Functionality. Such models are not only able to decorate the interior. They are irreplaceable helpers. You can put magazines here, put a cup of fragrant tea.

  • Stylish models. Today on the furniture market you can see a variety of stylish and fashionable variations of white coffee tables. They will pleasantly surprise even the most picky buyers. If you are a lover of the classics, then you can purchase models where strict and clear lines prevail. For those who appreciate the originality and creativity, you can order designer models with an abundance of ornate patterns and jewelry.

  • Wide range of. A similar product is presented in a wide variety of models. Modern manufacturers offer rectangular, round, oval models, simple and decorated. You can choose the option that will look good in the interior of your premises..
  • The convenience of use, as well as compactness and mobility. Thanks to these parameters, you can at any time rearrange the table to the place you need with simple movements. You can also take a coffee table and put it, for example, on the balcony, creating a special atmosphere there..

  • Color versatility. White products always attract the attention of buyers. Such models are in great demand. Moreover, the material of the models can be very different. These can be tables made of wood, metal, with glass inserts. A beautiful small white table will visually help expand the space of even a small room, add light.

  • Availability. Modern white tables can be purchased at any furniture store. In this case, be sure to take into account the interior and dimensions of your room. Consider in advance where to place the product.

  • Affordable price. It should be noted that the price of modern models varies depending on the manufacturer, the materials used, and also the performance. So you can choose the model that suits your financial parameters. However, remember that too cheap options can be substandard. It is worth paying close attention to this, so as not to run into a similar product..

  • Great mood. Any correctly selected white coffee table will become a stylish option and a highlight of the room. When your gaze falls on such a fashionable product, your mood will improve, which means that things will go better..


Modern manufacturers produce various types of these products. Consider its main types.


These patterns are fairly common. They fit perfectly into any room. Wood is a natural ecological raw material preferred by most buyers. It will allow your furniture to last for a long time. Such a table will be reliable, durable and practical. At the same time, there is also the other side of the coin. Such products are not cheap. You will have to spend a lot to buy a quality model.

The peculiarities of such options include the fact that they may not adhere to the generally accepted height of 40-50 centimeters. As a rule, the higher the height of the coffee table, the less area the countertop should have, and vice versa. Wood allows you to combine different materials and shapes of products. White coating can be made of enamel, paint or plastic.


Interesting models of such tables are also made of glass. Thanks to the transparent glass top, you can see the legs of the product. Usually, their designers make them different in texture and design, made of wood, metal, plastic. At the same time, high-quality options will have durable and scratch-resistant glass. Such models are unpretentious to care for. It will be enough just to wipe the products with a damp cloth. When buying such a model, it is worth asking what kind of load it can withstand.

It is worth remembering that hot cups should not be placed on such a table without special insulating supports. Also, high humidity can adversely affect the surface of the table..


It should be remembered that the metal to be processed is rather complicated and expensive. Also, the weight of such a coffee table will be rather big. Therefore, it will be difficult to move it around the room. The main advantage of such products is reliability and durability. Such models are protected from damage.

Exclusive models

There are also options for coffee tables in white, which will be made of bamboo, willow, rattan, vines. They will help bring ethnic flavor to your home. At the same time, such products will look organic and attractive, they will help to decorate the home..

There may also be a combination of several materials. For example, the table top can be made of solid wood, and the frame can be made of rattan..


Choosing the perfect model for your room, you should not forget about the style of your home. By clearly observing harmony, you can achieve a positive result. Consider common stylistic trends.


Models in a classic style, it seems, will never lose their relevance. This white coffee table will fit well into any interior. The basis of style is wealth and luxury, as well as clarity of forms.. Such a product will look advantageous in the center of the hall, will become its highlight. In this case, the surface can be matte or glossy. In any case, even the most fastidious users will appreciate the functionality and practicality of such a coffee table..


This style will perfectly fit into the interior of those apartments where comfort and tranquility reign. The basis includes natural materials, light or pastel color palette, floral ornaments, vintage decor. Such products are distinguished by grace, sophistication and lightness..

Such a table will be a real gift for connoisseurs of comfort and beauty..


These tables can be made of bamboo or wood. The style involves the use of natural materials. Moreover, the less the tree has undergone processing, the better.


This style helps to embody the most interesting models. It can be an openwork creative coffee table or ornate options made of wood. The most important rule is to follow laconic forms. A round coffee table will fit well into the style of such a room. You can also make custom options. Of course, they will require a lot of finance, but the models will also be exclusive..

How to choose?

Before going to the store, you should immediately decide which table you need. Be sure to determine the desired parameters, the place of its installation, as well as the functionality. Usually, such coffee tables are successfully placed in bedrooms, living rooms, in the nursery. You can put the product in any room, the main thing is to correctly combine it with a single style.

If you liked a model in a furniture store, you should first of all inspect it yourself.. The table should not have any deformations, cracks, paint irregularities. The strong unpleasant smell that the product exudes should also alert. If you have not found such defects, then you can buy this model.

Pay attention to the quality of the material. It is worth purchasing products only from trusted companies that have been on the market for several years. So you will save yourself from negative emotions. Too low cost should also alert you. Quality models will not be very cheap. Choose tables based on the style of the room and personal preference. Then your room will look harmonious, and you will receive only aesthetic pleasure..


How to make a white coffee table from pallets with your own hands, see the next video.

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