White corner cabinets

When arranging any room, a wardrobe becomes its integral attribute. It is this furniture that allows you to comfortably fold clothes, as well as arrange other accessories. White options for such furniture do not lose their relevance. If your apartment has a fairly modest size, then you should think about corner options. Let’s consider their features and advantages in more detail..

Features of light furniture in the interior

The white corner wardrobe will surely fit into the interior of any room. Practical models help you to optimally manage confined spaces. You can effectively save space. The main features of such products include:

  • Arrangement of furniture in the corner of the room. This will save you extra space that can be used for other purposes..
  • Light furniture will perfectly fit into any interior. At the same time, many psychologists say that it is these shades that will help bring light and positive into your room. This is why modern designers often prefer white models. Such a wardrobe will help to charge you with positive energy..
  • Stylish option. Each cabinet is unique. Modern furniture manufacturing companies offer to evaluate the most interesting design options. You can choose a creative product or stay on a strict classic version.

  • A wide range of goods. The advantages include a variety of options for such furniture. You can choose a suitable option for your taste. Be sure to decide on the right dimensions so that the purchase does not bring disappointment..
  • Availability. You can buy such a wardrobe in any furniture store. The main thing is to know exactly what you want to purchase and what functionality the product should have..
  • Affordable cost. The positive aspects include the democratic price of the product. Remember that too cheap models may not be of high quality. Therefore, you should not spare money to purchase high-quality and practical furniture..
  • Versatility. Such models will perfectly fit into any room. You can put a white corner wardrobe in the hall, bedroom, hallway.
  • Roominess. Despite the size of the models, corner cabinets are quite roomy. You can put all the accessories you need there, thereby freeing up space in the room..

In addition to many advantages, one cannot fail to note the small disadvantages of the products:

  • There is only one option for the location of the cabinet – directly in the corner. Such a layout is not always possible. Significant rearrangement may be required to free up the corner area of ​​the room..
  • Roller door openers will take an additional five to ten centimeters, respectively, increasing the dimensions of the corner cabinet.
  • Active and careless operation of such furniture can lead to the fact that the product will quickly fail..
  • The corner model can be more expensive than standard rectangular versions.

Thus, you should carefully evaluate all the pros and cons and decide for yourself which model to choose..

Coating options

Modern white corner cabinets are available in different designs. White gloss will give the product solemnity, help visually add more light to the room. No less interesting and matte wardrobe. It will help give the room a calm atmosphere..

In any case, whichever coating option you choose, white will be the best option. It will allow you to organically select the rest of the interior details, but it is important not to overdo it..

It is better to combine colors in order to correctly and stylishly place all the accents. Then your room will look cozy and inviting. For example, you can install a white corner cabinet with a black or brown design in your study. In the baby’s room, you can combine lemon and beige shades.


Modern furniture stores offer a variety of white corner cabinets. Let’s consider the most common options.

With compartment doors

One of the most popular models is wardrobes with sliding doors. They will take up relatively little space, as they will neatly stand in the corner. The roller mechanism makes it easy and casual to use the cabinet. Even children will be able to open the models on their own. This configuration does not require any extra space to open the doors. In this case, the flaps themselves can be straight or concave. Everything will depend on the type of furniture.


Such a corner wardrobe has two swing doors. Usually, such models are not very popular due to their considerable dimensions. After all, to open such furniture, you will need additional space. And not all apartments have extra square meters.. You can also divide similar corner cabinets by design type:

  • L-shaped options. Such a product will be located along two walls. One part of the model is usually longer than the other. The edge of the cabinet is usually rounded. This is done in order to save space. Various shelves are placed here, which are mainly intended for decoration..

  • Diagonal. Such a product will resemble a triangle. The angle is 90 degrees. Such a model is installed if the door and window on the adjacent wall are located at an impressive distance. The free corner will be occupied by a white cabinet. Designers recommend choosing a model with mirrors. It will look stylish and attractive, and will also help expand the space..
  • Trapezoidal options. Similar products are similar to the previous version. They differ only in the presence of additional walls on the sides. The diagonal wardrobe will have three walls and a door mechanism. This model is often asymmetrical..

  • Five-walled. These options are among the most spacious. They can help you store clothes, shoes, bedding, accessories, and more. This model is ideal for a large room. There, a white wardrobe will attract the glances of others, will become the highlight of the room..

If you have a small room, an L-shaped wardrobe would be the best option. With the help of white, the model will look even more elegant and interesting. Thanks to the spacious interior, you can put a lot of things inside. For the bedroom, you can choose a model with a mirror. So you can visually expand the space of the room and get ready for work with comfort, easily assessing yourself from the outside. There is also a special book version where you will keep your favorite books..

Popular colors

White can be attributed to one of the most popular colors, which does not lose its relevance from year to year. However, it is not necessary to buy pure white corner cabinets. A variety of shades of white are available. So, cream versions of this furniture will look good. The shades of beige will help to bring more light and visual space to the room. Feel free to experiment with room design.

Materials (edit)

Before purchasing a cabinet, it is worth evaluating what raw materials it consists of. After all, the service life of the goods will depend on this. And every customer wants the product to last as long as possible.. Several materials can be noted that are used in the production of such furniture:

  • Wood. This option is the most expensive, but at the same time high quality and practical. Environmentally friendly material always attracts people’s attention. However, here it is worth remembering that the array will increase the weight and dimensions of the furniture. If wooden products have not been properly processed, they can deform due to temperature changes or increased humidity..

  • MDF. This raw material is the most readily available. At the same time, the quality will also be good. Strength, reliability and durability are the basis of products made from this material. Models can have an original embodiment or repeat the texture of a tree. Such a cabinet differs in safety..

  • Chipboard. This material is one of the cheapest. This is why it can release harmful substances. Therefore, if you have the money, it is better to purchase better and safer models..

How to choose?

Before you go shopping at a furniture store, you should decide what size cabinet you need. Also, think over the design of the product in advance. This will save you time. When choosing, do not rush. Examine the product carefully. Check all mechanisms. They must work smoothly..

It is worth noting that a similar wardrobe can be found in any room. For example, a radius wardrobe will perfectly fit into the bedroom. However, it will not take up much space. You can put it in the corner next to the bed, not far from the window. This will give your wardrobe natural light..

Be sure to consider the style of the room. The furniture should completely echo the unified concept. This is the only way everything will look harmonious. Observe the basic rules of color. If the room is made in dark colors, then you should pick up a white or light cabinet. By correctly placing accents, you can transform your room for the better. You can use bright vinyl stickers to decorate contrasting facades. If you are not sure that you can create a creative wardrobe on your own, then it is better to use the services of experienced specialists. They will help you recreate the desired object in a short period of time..

Also, when choosing a cabinet, pay attention not only to its appearance, but also to its internal filling. You should decide which shelves and drawers you want to see there and in what quantity.

Beautiful examples

White corner cabinets will look beautiful and solemn in any room. This is the most striking advantage of the product. A similar model can fit well in the hallway. A compact triangular cabinet will help you store clothes, shoes, and other accessories there. Thanks to the light tone, you can visually make the space even wider and brighter. If you like original things, you can make a wardrobe for the hall to order and decorate it with a bright print. Everything will depend on your imagination, capabilities and creativity. Ordinary models of the classic style will also look good..


Numerous reviews indicate that white corner wardrobes fit perfectly into any room. You will be able to organically form the external space, while all your things will be ordered. Comfort and ease of use are an additional advantage of such furniture..

When it comes to price, many people talk about product availability. However, some believe that the cost can be overpriced. I would like to note that high quality models will not cost too cheap. This should be taken into account when choosing furniture. You should check the quality of the goods directly in the store.

Buy products in those furniture salons that have proven themselves from the best side.

For an overview of a white corner cabinet with lighting, see the following video.

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