White tables

White tables

Stylish white tables harmoniously fit into the interior of almost any style, regardless of the size of the room. They look organic and elegant both in the kitchen and in the living room and even in the bedroom. But it is important to correctly choose a model suitable for a certain style and place it in the right place..


A beautiful white table will help you create an atmosphere of cleanliness and comfort in your home if you choose this necessary piece of furniture competently and responsibly. Let’s take a look at the most important benefits of white countertops:

  • The versatility of white is hard to underestimate; it can be combined with almost any other color. The white tabletop looks harmoniously in any format of a given design – from classics to ultra-fashionable high-tech and shabby chic styles;
  • Pure white color goes well with the dark facades of the main furniture, this will allow you not to tie the color of the countertop to the main color of the furniture in the interior, the main thing is to observe the basic style and choose the texture;
  • White countertops are made from a wide variety of materials such as wood, vine, stone, glass or metal, as well as plastic, chipboard, or a combination of these elements. Such a varied selection will help you choose any model that suits your preferences and the chosen style;
  • On a white countertop, unlike a dark one, dust settling is not so noticeable and, as a rule, light types of countertops, which are made of wood or plastic, do not require too much maintenance. More scrupulous about the care of a model made of glass or natural stone.


White tables can vary in shape, size and materials of manufacture. Next, we will consider all these parameters in more detail.. The shape of the countertops can be:

  • Round. Such a model will certainly become the central subject in the interior, it requires free space for itself and is more suitable for spacious rooms;
  • Rectangular or square. This model is very convenient for small kitchens and rooms, since the rectangular shape can be easily placed near the wall, and a small square table can be completely pushed into the corner. For those who have a small family and a small footage of an apartment, this option is most convenient;
  • Oval. Models with oval worktops have a number of advantages. They look very original, just like round tables, they do not have sharp corners. At the same time, they have a larger usable area, which is very important for a large family or for people who like it when a large number of people gather in their house..

The size of the table is also very important when shaping the space of the room. If you have a fairly spacious living room or kitchen, then you can safely purchase a large round table. As a rule, the sizes of models vary from 75 to 170 cm in diameter. It all depends on how many people you are going to place at the table at the same time..

For large and friendly families, it is recommended to purchase the largest tabletop size so as not to be crowded during a meal, especially on holiday feasts, when it is necessary to fit a large number of various dishes and cutlery at the table at once. The most common version of a rectangular dining table – 80 by 160 cm – can easily accommodate six people at such a table. If you need a roomy dining table for 10-12 people, you will have to purchase a longer sample 110 x 320 cm.

Well, if the area of ​​the room does not allow accommodating such a giant or the room of your dining room is too elongated, then it is better to find or order a narrower table.

The materials from which light countertops are made are also very diverse. This will allow you to easily find furniture that suits your interior. The most common material in the production of white countertops is natural wood. For the manufacture of tables, ash, oak, beech or rattan are used. Wood has increased strength and good resistance to temperature extremes, but when purchasing tables made of natural wood, you must remember that wood easily absorbs spilled liquid, so stains from coffee, wine or fruit juices can spoil the appearance of the countertop.

Another disadvantage of tables made of solid natural wood is their justified high cost. But do not despair, as there are many options to buy cheaper furniture made from derivatives of natural raw materials, which will look no worse in the interior. For example, a white chipboard tabletop, decorated in gloss, looks very respectable and does not require such a careful attitude as natural wood..

For example, a white chipboard tabletop, decorated in gloss, looks very respectable and does not require such a careful attitude as natural wood..

Another popular material for white countertops is tempered glass. It is very practical and looks very harmonious in the interior. The rattan wicker tables with matte white tempered glass top are especially good. Such models can even be used outdoors on a terrace or in a gazebo. White marble countertops look very gorgeous, but choosing such a table, you must consider all the pros and cons of such an expensive and impressive purchase:

  • Firstly, the style of your living room or dining room should strictly correspond to such an impressive piece of furniture..
  • Secondly, remember that natural stone is very heavy and you are unlikely to be able to easily move such an object during cleaning..
  • And thirdly, marble, like natural wood, is difficult to clean from stains and dirt. Therefore, you should not buy such an expensive piece of furniture in a house where there are small children. An alternative to white marble can be an artificial stone countertop.

Various styles

The choice of a white table directly depends on the design of the room for which it is intended. A simple round or rectangular table with a white natural wood top is the perfect solution for a classic or Provence living room or dining room. However, a classic white table can easily fit into almost any other interior, everything will depend on the techniques that you use to decorate the room. It should be remembered that light furniture requires bright saturated accents, so as not to merge with the light walls in the room.

For those who prefer modern styles in design, such as modern or trendy loft, you can find unexpected solutions, for example, a round table with a mirror all over the top. Such an element of furniture can transform a room beyond recognition and certainly will not go unnoticed, becoming the main accent in any interior. For delicate styles such as romanticism or shabby chic, you can purchase an original white table with a silver patina..

If your favorite style is high-tech, then a snow-white table of the correct rectangular shape can be an excellent solution for a room decorated in black and white..

In different rooms

When choosing light furniture for the kitchen, living room or bedroom, it is necessary, first of all, to rely on the overall design of the room. Despite the fact that the white table fits well into almost any room, it is still necessary to adhere to the basic rules of the chosen style. The white table visually brings freshness and cleanliness to the atmosphere of the room, so it will look perfect in the kitchen, dining room or bathroom. It can also become the main focus in the living room or bedroom, bringing into the room touching notes of tenderness and coolness.

In a spacious kitchen or dining room, a solid model made of light wood with a glossy finish will look great. And for a small kitchen or studio, an elegant table on chrome legs with a round top made of white tempered glass is suitable..

If you are purchasing a white table for the living room, then it is better if the design of the room is made in bright or dark colors. This will create a contrast in the decor and accentuate the beautiful piece of furniture. Of course, you can place a white table in a bright room, this will give the interior elegance and sophistication, but you should not get carried away and pick up only white objects in the environment, since such a room may look too sterile and lifeless.

It is still better to dilute the atmosphere with bright textiles, upholstery on chairs, curtains and other household accessories..

How to choose?

Before choosing a table, decide for what purpose you are going to use it. Modern furniture manufacturers offer a huge number of a wide variety of models, so that even the most demanding buyer can find what he needs.. Basically, table designs are divided into three main types:

  • Solid top. This option should be considered for those whose kitchen or living room area allows you to place sufficiently voluminous pieces of furniture, if at the same time they will not clutter up the aisles and create inconvenience to the inhabitants of the house;
  • With a folding table top. A good option for a small family in which it is common to meet guests and arrange festive feasts. Folding models have different sliding mechanisms and, as a rule, they depend on the shape of the table. The area by which the tabletop will be increased will also differ in different models. A young family can choose for themselves a neat table for two, which, if necessary, can be expanded for four persons;
  • Transformers. Modern and very relevant models of assembled tables represent a small pedestal that transforms into a full-fledged table when unfolded. As a rule, the designs of these models with the help of special mechanisms allow you to adjust not only the width, but also the height of the table. This model is perfect for small spaces and modern studio apartments..

Having decided on the type of table, you also need to choose a model that is suitable in texture and material for your interior design. Whether it is a lacquered or matte piece, it all depends on your preferences and style requirements. So, a matte white countertop on one leg made of natural wood will decorate the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence and other rustic motifs, and the lacquered rectangular model will just perfectly fit into the interior in the Art Nouveau style..

Well, the original table with a zigzag shelving will undoubtedly fit into the extraordinary design of the ultra-trendy loft style with patina and by combining it with a furniture set, which also has patinated facades, you can easily recreate a traditional classic or English style. T

Interior options

Recently, interior designers are increasingly choosing a table with a snow-white tabletop as the main accent in the room. But as mentioned earlier, the table does not have to completely blend in with the wall design and the rest of the furniture in the room. Such an object will look great in a room with a dark floor, while the rest of the furniture can have both dark and light shades. The easiest way to diversify a kitchen in which a table with a white countertop is installed is by choosing contrasting furniture, textiles or bright decor elements.

As an option for a spacious and not even very large kitchen – the choice of a glossy snow-white rectangular table for four people. Remember that the glossy surface of the countertop will visually enlarge the room and create the illusion of free space even in a small room. White color will go well with furniture made of natural wood in cold shades. By placing an elegant white table with patina in the interior of the kitchen or dining room and combining it with a furniture set, which also has patinated facades, you can easily recreate a traditional classic or English style. Also, a table with a patina of silver or black shades will look great in a Provence style room. To harmonize the interior in high-tech or neoclassical styles, the glossy white tabletop can be combined with lacquered black chairs.

In modern design, white tables are becoming more and more popular; their presence in the interior speaks of the refined taste of the owner of the house..

Such a thing is perceived as a symbol of wealth and knowledge of modern fashion trends in the design of residential premises..

You can learn how to choose the right dining table from the video below..

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