White walls in the living room

Every owner wants his house to be light, cozy and beautiful. White walls in the living room are an excellent choice that allows you to create a harmonious and stylish interior.


White furniture is very popular. Modern designers often use such an environment in their projects, and it is not by chance. White is a beautiful color with positive energy. It is associated with lightness, purity and freshness..

Living room furnished with snow-white furniture, creates an atmosphere of serenity, conducive to rest and relaxation. White accents can visually make the room brighter and more spacious. In addition, furniture made in this color always looks great..

The wall is a versatile piece of furniture that combines decorative and practical functions. It allows you to organize the order of storage of things and creates a harmonious composition, becoming the main element of the living room..

White walls fit perfectly into any interior.

Neutral color opens up great opportunities for color combinations, and the variety of design options allows you to choose a headset of any style..

Also, modern manufacturers offer walls of various sizes and configurations.. The sections and their location can be any, as well as the shape of the headset.. Traditionally straight, angular and rounded, laconic and strict and with rich decor – the range of furniture companies has everything.

Designers surprise with curly handles, 3D panels, lighting, openwork carving, gilding and other elements. Some walls look like real works of art or art objects.


It is believed that white furniture is impractical. Actually this is not true. The numerous advantages of snow-white walls make many look at them from the other side:

  • Style. White is a classic. It is always in fashion, so in a few years your wall will still look relevant and stylish. Snow-white furniture is beautiful, refined and elegant. Even a discreet and laconic interior is transformed with the appearance of such a headset..
  • Psychological effect. White color soothes, “cleans” from negative emotions received during the day, creates a feeling of freshness and purity.
  • Cosiness. Despite the coldness of the color, white furniture contributes to the creation of a cozy atmosphere. Even a large wall in this design will seem weightless and airy. The visual lightness of furniture makes the room free, adjusts to a relaxed mood.
  • Light reflection. White facades visually make the room brighter. And the gloss is able to truly reflect and diffuse the sun’s rays. A living room with a white wall will always have a lot of light, even if its windows face the north side..

  • The illusion of expanding space. Another advantage of white is the effect of visual expansion of the space. If you add a couple of the same items to the snow-white wall, you can visually make any room more spacious. And if the surface of the headset is glossy, the effect will increase significantly. After all, such facades act like mirrors, creating the illusion of additional space..
  • Versatility. White goes well with many shades. It is easy to pick up other furniture and accessories to such a wall. And even if you decide to change the color of the walls, you do not have to change the headset, because it will look great with any wallpaper..
  • Practicality. As strange as it may sound, dust on non-white surfaces (unlike dark ones) is almost invisible.
  • Variety of options. Depending on personal preference, you can purchase a classic or ultra-modern wall. In any design, a white headset will look great. You can also choose the appropriate size and configuration. A large suite will decorate a spacious hall, and a mini-wall can be put in the bedroom.

As for the shortcomings, there are few of them:

  • The need for gentle care. Although the dust on the white wall is almost invisible, mechanical damage on the light surface is quite noticeable. You should be especially careful with glossy facades. Scuffs and scratches easily appear on them..
  • Incompatibility with too light walls. If your room is decorated in very light colors, white furniture against this background can simply get lost. And the combination of white walls with such furniture is simply unacceptable, otherwise the living room will resemble a hospital ward.


White shades can be used in a wide variety of room decoration styles..


Furniture in a modern style is distinguished by strict lines, original design and functionality..

Such models are often decorated with elegant prints and backlighting. Metal, glossy surfaces, mirrors are often used. White color is effectively emphasized by tinted glass, contrasting black elements. Headsets with rhinestones are created for beautiful ladies. Such options look especially luxurious..

Many modern walls are made as modular systems. Usually these are models in the style of minimalism..


Classics never go out of style. And the walls in the classic style are very popular due to their sophistication and elegance. Classic models are varied. You can create a royal ambiance in a room with luxurious baroque furniture. Or you can get a laconic set in the spirit of neoclassicism.

Such furniture can be decorated with carvings, gilding, sophisticated patterns.. Often there are curly legs, wavy facades, mirror surfaces. Most of the classic headsets are made of solid wood, which makes them a very expensive pleasure..


This style combines simplicity and sophistication. Provence is characterized by visual lightness, the use of natural wood or its imitation.

Such a wall creates an atmosphere of French romance and home comfort in the room..


It will not be difficult to choose furniture for the living room, since white walls are presented on the market in a variety of variations..


Such a furniture set is a system of sections with a TV compartment, arranged in a straight line. Headsets of this type can be both symmetrical and avant-garde..


This type allows you to make the most of the space at the junction of two walls. It is ideal for small rooms with irregular layouts. Such a wall will save space, while creating an original and stylish environment. And if you place a tall mirror cabinet in the corner, this will visually increase the space of the room..


Headsets consisting of interchangeable modules are very popular. Such a wall can be assembled in any order you like, changing the elements as needed.. Typically, such headsets are made in the style of minimalism, modern or high-tech..


This type of furniture has different section heights. Walls of this type usually have many open shelves, allowing you to place vases, souvenirs, toys and even potted flowers on them. Most often, these models are small in size. Some options consist of only one narrow cabinet, TV stand and shelves.

Such a mini-wall will fit perfectly into a small room, perfect for a bedroom or a nursery.

Combination with other colors

To emphasize the beauty of the white wall, it is advisable to provide it with a contrasting background. Such furniture will look especially impressive in a room with dark walls..

One of the most stylish solutions would be a combination of white and gray. Such a fashionable and laconic duet will be appropriate in a modern interior..

Bright colors in living room decoration are also acceptable.. Purple, blue or turquoise contrast equally effectively with the snow-white furniture. Sometimes black is chosen for the wall with the headset. This is a pretty bold decision, although black and white is a classic.

Softer colors are usually used in classic interiors..

These are all shades of brown, burgundy. Provence style furniture looks nice against the background of wallpaper with a floral print.

For those who do not like sharp contrasts, a good solution would be room decoration in beige and golden colors. This combination looks very gentle, creates an atmosphere of harmony and home comfort..

If desired, a white set can also be placed in a room with a very light design. But in this case, it is better to buy a black and white or a model that combines white and wenge color. Such a wall will not merge with the general environment..

How to choose?

First of all, you need to decide on the style. The appearance of the furniture should match the decor of the room and the general mood. The size and shape should be chosen based on the dimensions of the room. For a spacious living room, you can choose a large direct-type set. For a small room, a corner option or a mini-wall is suitable..

Be sure to think over the package in advance. For practical purposes, a wall with a wardrobe, a closed cabinet and a large number of drawers is suitable. For decorative – an elegant model with open shelves and glass.

For an overview of the white wall in the living room interior, see the following video.

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