Winter-summer mattresses

Winter-summer mattresses

Depending on the season, the human body functions differently. Therefore, it would be ideal to use different mattresses in summer and winter. However, the purchase and storage of 2 of these products is costly. Manufacturers came to the rescue, creating mattresses “winter-summer”.

What it is?

Seasonal mattresses have recently become widespread, especially in cold regions. The “winter-summer” effect is achieved by different surface textures. On one side is natural cotton, which is hygroscopic, ventilated and dense fabric, pleasant to the touch. On the other side – sheep’s wool, allowing you to keep warm, absorb and evaporate moisture. These coverings provide softness and comfort to use..

Mattresses have two work surfaces with different levels of firmness, made of a different material. This allows it to be used in warm and cold seasons. The choice of assortment is great, they can be spring and springless, for children and adults, consist of several fillers.

How to determine the side?

The soft winter side of the mattress is made of latex, which can be perforated. The advantages of the material include elasticity, durability, orthopedic ability, the ability to absorb and remove moisture. In terms of the price category, this is an expensive material, therefore, in budget options, it is sometimes replaced with polyurethane foam. The analog is coarser to the touch.

The tough summer side is made from coconut coir. This is the result of the processing of coconut fibers by pressing and gluing them. The result is a natural and safe filler that is even used in children’s mattresses..

To find out which side to use, manufacturers place appropriate labels on the ends of the product. For example, on the winter side there may be a blue picture with a snowflake, and on the opposite – a pink one with the sun..

Care and maintenance

Within 24 hours after purchase, the mattress must be ventilated or vacuumed. In the case of transportation in a vacuum package, it can be used only on the second day after opening.. The product must be constantly turned over – at least twice a year in accordance with the season.

It is better to clean during the warm season.. Dust in the mattress can increase its weight by up to 10%. You need to remove it with a powerful vacuum cleaner by dry cleaning. A mattress filled with coconut coir is allowed to be knocked out with a cracker. Removable cover can be washed in a delicate wash mode or by hand, non-removable – with soapy water.

Precautionary measures:

  • It is forbidden to jump, walk on the surface of the mattress;
  • Store it upright or fold it in half;
  • Exceed the permissible load;
  • Operate on a bare floor;
  • Locate in close proximity to heating systems;
  • Adjust to the size of the bed;
  • Use non-specialized cleaning agents.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any product, winter-summer mattresses have advantages and disadvantages based on user feedback..

The pluses include:

  • Comfortable use at any time of the year;
  • Buying one product instead of two, which saves the family budget .;
  • Long service life achieved due to its alternating overturning;
  • Double-sided use surface;
  • No static voltage.

The disadvantages include the inability to use it for allergy sufferers because of the lambswool cover.

Manufacturers at a glance

The Italian company Magniflex produces orthopedic rigid mattresses. On the one hand, they have a cotton covering, on the other, merino wool. The assortment also includes children’s sizes with protection against mildew and ticks.

Primavera produces moderately soft mattresses “Sonno” and medium hardness “Merino”. Their base is made of modern filler Puralatex, with orthopedic properties.

The “Silhouette” model is distinguished in the Matramax assortment, which is presented in a case with a durable fastener. It is filled with polyurethane foam, and at its base are independent springs.

Despite the huge range of models, it is not so easy to make the right choice. Many factors should be taken into account, such as size, filler, load, firmness, price, and do not forget that the mattress should be comfortable and provide the spine with an optimal position with the least load..

You will learn more about the mattresses “winter-summer” in the following video.

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