Wooden beds

Modern furniture, in particular beds, are made from a variety of materials. They can be iron, made of chipboard or plywood, as well as from an array of various trees. It is wooden beds that are in high demand today..

Features of solid wood furniture

The term “wooden furniture” means furniture made from solid wood, and not plywood or other substitutes. These beds have a number of important features and benefits:

  • Beds are made of hardwood, which is why such furniture has a long life and an increased level of durability..
  • Since wood is a natural material and is of plant origin, beds made from it are completely environmentally friendly both for the environment and for humans..
  • Such beds help to normalize sleep, make it calmer and stronger, and all again thanks to the natural origin of the material..
  • Perfect aesthetic appearance. Even the simplest wooden bed without additional decor looks stylish and beautiful.
  • Such furniture fits perfectly into any interior design..
  • Manufacturability. Thanks to the use of modern equipment and technologies, finished solid wood beds can be of any shape and size, which makes them even more versatile in use..

A solid and high-quality wooden bed will favorably affect the entire energy of the house, and not just the bedrooms.

Material characteristics

The solid wood used is divided into two groups: hardwood and softwood. True, wood from the first group is considered stronger and more durable than from the second category. In practice, it is almost impossible for an ordinary person to distinguish such materials from each other. The most commonly used array of the following tree species:


It belongs to the category of soft wood species, while it also has a soothing, healing and antibacterial effect. This wood is resistant to rodents and insects, has a high level of strength and protection from moisture due to the high content of natural resins. Pine is one of the first trees to be used to make beds..


Oak furniture is a classic. Beds made of this material are distinguished by their massiveness and presentability. This wood belongs to the category of hard species and has an impressive weight. A big plus is that the oak bed is very strong, durable and, thanks to the unique composition of the wood itself, is reliably protected from decay and various insects.


Also, like the previous species, it is considered a hard tree species. It has almost the same characteristics as oak furniture, but slightly inferior to them. The appearance is quite presentable, the beech beds themselves are beautiful and durable. Possesses increased resistance to mechanical influences from the outside.


This wood is classified as softwood. Usually, such material is used to create some individual elements of the bed, and not the entire frame as a whole. The array is easily amenable to almost any technical manipulation.


This wood is classified as very expensive, as this variety is considered a redwood category. The indisputable advantages of this solid wood are moisture resistance, increased service life, strength, durability, resistance even to strong and sudden temperature changes. In addition, it is Hevea that is considered a tree that will not cause an allergic reaction, plus such wood absolutely does not absorb any aromas. True, the cost of such material is quite high..


Beds made from this material are considered strong, durable, stable and safe, and they also have a very presentable and stylish appearance. In terms of technical characteristics, the wood itself is very similar to beech or oak, although it is cheaper. The ancient druids believed that a sleeping place made from this wood mass was reliably protected, like the whole house, from evil spirits. Ash beds are affordable for almost everyone.


The solid wood is very durable and has an unusual, almost monochromatic whitish color. Such a bed is distinguished by some indescribable comfort and warmth. It looks unusual, but quite stylish, and its life with proper care is practically unlimited. Birch can be used to make whole beds, or only for some parts..

Other types of trees are also used, for example, dogwood, apple, acacia, boxwood, walnut, and so on..

To increase the service life, as well as to increase the strength of the product and its protection, the wood is additionally treated with a variety of resins and antiseptics. Their use does not reduce the quality of the solid wood, but it favorably distinguishes and improves its appearance..

Which is better – wooden or iron?

If you still have doubts about choosing between a wooden and a metal bed, then we advise you to read the following information:

  • Wooden bedroom the place is made of solid wood, which means that over time it will not deform and will not bend. The frame of metal sleeping places is pipes welded together, which sooner or later will still deform.
  • Wood bed has a cozy and harmonious appearance, and also fits perfectly into the interior of any room. Metal beds, even the most modern ones, will still not be able to give the bedroom so much warmth and comfort..
  • Wood is a natural material, he breathes, which means that he cannot cause harm to the body. The metal used to create this type of furniture is a man-made material and will corrode sooner or later..

Numerous reviews also indicate that wooden beds are more comfortable and pleasant to use, and their price is sometimes even lower than that of metal beds..

Popular models

To maximize customer demand, wood bed manufacturers today produce them in several different models:

  • Standard. They have the usual rectangular shape, are characterized by the presence of sharp corners, and are available in various sizes. Sometimes you can find products with soft corners on sale..
  • Carved models have a very beautiful appearance. The drawings on these beds can be very diverse. Usually, such products are ideal for bedrooms in a wide variety of styles, most often they are chosen by fans of the Loft, as well as refined Classics..
  • There are models with a headboard, and there is without it. In this case, the product can be with a soft back or hard, with just a wooden or sheathed on top with any material.
  • Original models with three backs, they are distinguished by an unusual appearance and sophistication. Sometimes they can be found in the assortment of children’s furniture of this type..
  • Wooden canopy beds are popular both in the line of furniture for adults and in the series of children’s beds. They create a special comfort and atmosphere of reliability and security, as well as sophistication..

  • Curved wooden beds – this is the latest fashion. They fit perfectly into the interior of the most modern apartments, and are also distinguished by an unusual shape and increased convenience..
  • Beds with drawers different sizes have been popular for a long time, because they are not only stylish and comfortable, but also very practical, as they create additional storage space.
  • Roll-out model such furniture will become indispensable for small bedrooms, because when folded it takes up little space.
  • Convertible beds, which can turn into a wardrobe or a table are also in great demand among the owners of small bedrooms. Such furniture is very stylish, modern, high quality and comfortable..
  • Loft bed or a bunk bed made of wood is another fairly popular type of such furniture. Takes up a minimum of space, creates a wonderful and comfortable sleeping place and at the same time looks very attractive.

Such a variety of different models of wooden beds easily allows each person to choose the most optimal furniture option just for him, regardless of the design of the bedroom, its area and the number of people who will sleep on it..

Dimensions (edit)

Like other types of beds, wood is sold in various sizes.. The entire size range can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • Single. The easiest option. The sizes of such models range from 80 x 200 cm to 100 x 200 cm.In some cases, there are models with a shorter length, but it is precisely the length of 2 meters that makes it possible to use such a bed for both an adult and a teenager or child..
  • One and a half sleeping models usually designed to sleep one adult or two children. Also, such furniture is ideal for those who need a lot of free space to sleep. The most popular is the one and a half bed with dimensions of 150 x 200 cm. This is the largest size in this category. There are also sizes such as 120 x 200 cm, 130 x 200 cm and 140 x 200 cm.
  • Double models have the largest size and impressive dimensions. The minimum size of such a bed is 160 x 200 cm, and the maximum is 200 x 205 cm.There are also intermediate options with a step of length and width of five centimeters.
  • Cribs made of wood have various sizes. The most popular are models with dimensions of 800 x 1100 mm, 900 x 1500 mm and 900 x 1900 mm. Such models can be stationary, that is, they do not change their length, and growing, the length of which increases as the baby grows..

It is also worth noting the fact that some manufacturers of wooden beds can also produce such furniture for individual orders of non-standard sizes. In any case, there should be no problems with choosing the perfect bed..

Color solutions

Wooden furniture also attracts attention by the fact that it has a natural natural color. This means that if mahogany is used, the finished furniture will be brown with a reddish tint. If the furniture is white, then most likely birch was used to create it. But modern technologies do not stand still and today furniture manufacturers can change the original color of the solid wood.. Most often, wooden beds are presented in furniture showrooms in such colors as:

  • White or light gray.
  • Brown. In this case, usually solid beds have a rather dark chocolate color, although sometimes you can find models in a light brown shade..
  • Dark, almost black.

Please note that real wood beds cannot have an unnatural or too bright acidic shade. This indicates the use of inappropriate materials.

Actual styles

Earlier, it has been repeatedly said that a wooden bed fits perfectly into the interior design of any bedroom.. This is indeed the case, but there are certain styles for which, it would seem, this furniture was specially created:

  • Classic wooden bed with sharp corners just made for a bedroom in a rustic style. Here, a slightly roughened sleeping place will look the most harmonious..
  • A classic-style bedroom is also ideal for installing such a bed, as well as its models with thread, curved shape or rounded corners.
  • Antique bed will fit in both classic bedroom, and into the room in rustic style.

  • Light furniture, having a certain lightness in its appearance and weightlessness will be an ideal addition to the bedroom Provence.
  • A carved four-poster bed with various decorative elements is exactly what will fit Loft and Bohemia.
  • A variety of designer beds, made to order or in limited quantities, will suit both Minimalism, so and Hi-tech.

Manufacturers overview

Wooden furniture is manufactured in different countries of the world. Moreover, each manufacturer often makes beds from only one type of wood. For example, Malaysia is a leader in the production of beds and other furniture from hevea and other varieties of mahogany. Such a manufacturer as MCI. He is engaged in the manufacture of not only beds, but also other furniture for the whole house..

From Scandinavia deliver a variety of furniture, mostly made of pine. The most popular manufacturers are Erik Jorgensen and Norell. Belarusian beds from brands like “Slonimmebel” and “DrevMebel” are in high demand all over the world. They are distinguished by a variety of styles and colors, a wide range and impeccable quality..

Furniture factory from Vologda “Ilan” it is also considered one of the most famous. The beds of this production are considered to be very stylish, durable and of high quality. By the way, all of the above manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture and production of not only wooden beds, but also other pieces of furniture. Thus, the buyer has the opportunity to purchase all the necessary high-quality furniture from one manufacturer..


The total price for solid wood beds is made up of their shape, size, specific type of wood and manufacturer. On average, the simplest models are sold at a cost ranging from 16 to 20 thousand rubles. Wooden beds of the middle class will cost from 20 to 54 thousand rubles, and elite products, depending on the wood used, can cost from 60 to 200 thousand rubles. The most significant price range is noticeable when choosing beds made of wood of foreign production, therefore, before buying them, it makes sense to monitor the cost of the selected model from various dealers in order to choose the most affordable.

How to do it yourself?

However, it is not at all necessary to run around the shops in search of a suitable bed model, because it is quite possible to make it yourself. The simplest home-made bed sometimes turns out to be much prettier in appearance and more convenient to use than its factory prototype. Handwork will allow you to create a bed that fully meets all the requirements and needs. First of all, it is necessary to determine the size of the future bed, its shape and material from which it will be made. Now you need to create a detailed drawing with an accurate and detailed description of the dimensions of all the details of the future bed. After that, you need to go to the store and purchase all the necessary materials:

  • drill;
  • screwing;
  • plane;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • roulette;
  • jigsaw;
  • sandpaper;
  • hacksaw;
  • pencil;
  • joiner’s glue;
  • timber 2 m in the amount of 5 pieces;
  • boards of 3 pieces, 250 cm long and 30 cm wide, and 3-4 cm thick.

It is necessary to start from the location of the back and front backs. From the top point of the board, it is necessary to measure 11 cm – it is at this distance that the support bars will be attached. They must be attached to the backs with self-tapping screws from the inside of the future bed. For the side parts, it is necessary to step back 7 cm from above and screw the sidewalls to the support beams. Additional reinforcing bars are screwed to such support bars from their edge at a distance of 2 cm from the edge of the board. The fasteners must be strong and stable, otherwise the bed will be wobbly.

A headboard of any shape is screwed to the front wall, if necessary. It should be reinforced with three strong slats on self-tapping screws, then all parts of the frame are connected with screws. Further, slats are laid on the bottom every 3 cm, which are then screwed on with screws. To increase stability, the legs are screwed on from the inside on all four sides. From pallets made from leftover boards, you can make boxes for linen.

Such a simple bed can be absolutely any size. For beginners, it is better to use pine and make just such a single bed for the first time..

How to paint?

Beds made with their own hands are usually not painted, they are simply covered with stain or varnish. If you need to change the color, you can purchase a specialized wood paint from the store. It can be enamel or acrylic. Some types of paint require a mandatory additional varnish, and this information should be clarified in advance. It is best to choose shades that are as close as possible to the natural color of wood in order to preserve the cozy and natural appearance of such a product..


Almost all reviews of wooden beds are positive. Buyers note a wide range of such furniture, its natural origin and special comfort as the main advantages. For many, it is also important that such a bed is durable, beautiful and versatile. They are lightweight and easy to maintain, and their appearance does not change with proper use. At the same time, positive reviews apply to all types of wooden beds – both the simplest and most inexpensive, and sophisticated elite models..

For an overview of a wooden bed, its properties and characteristics, see the following video.

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