Wooden computer tables

Everyone wants their workplace to be comfortable and organized. That is why many people pay great attention to the choice of a computer desk. Such furniture should be not only practical, but also multifunctional. And besides, any table should be stylish and ideally suited to a particular interior..

Wooden computer tables can be considered classics that never go out of style.


A computer table made of wood is a multifunctional structure made of an array of different types of trees. Such pieces of furniture are considered universal, since they are suitable for a variety of interiors. However, they combine best with the classic ones, since wood is always associated with a rich interior, reliability and beauty..

Wooden furniture is great for organizing workplaces, offices and offices. The greatest demand is for tables made of natural wood, since artificial models are considered not so durable and reliable. However, artificial options are no less in demand due to the favorable price..

Advantages and disadvantages

If you have already decided to purchase a computer desk made of wood, then you are not mistaken, because furniture made of this material has many advantages:

  • Furniture products made of wood are very durable and of high quality, since the array has an exclusively natural composition without any unnecessary additives;
  • Furniture of this type is considered safe and environmentally friendly not only for those who use it, but also for the environment;

  • If you properly handle such furniture and regularly take care of it, then it will serve for many years. It is not for nothing that some wooden desks, which are more than 100 years old, are still adorned in museums and are inherited;
  • It is also a huge advantage that wooden tables always look fashionable, stylish and beautiful. They do not become boring and do not unnecessarily burden the interior of the room..
  • Today, a variety of furniture stores and salons offer a lot of options for computer and wooden desks that fit equally well into the interior of a house, apartment or summer cottage. In addition, a huge assortment of shades and models pleases, among which even the most fastidious buyers will find what they have been looking for..

  • The disadvantages include the fact that wood does not like moisture and water, therefore, in rooms where these indicators are overestimated, it is best to place other furniture, because due to moisture, the wooden table will very quickly become unusable and mold will form on it. Despite the fact that wooden products are protected with a special coating, you should not risk it.
  • Tables made of natural wood are not a cheap pleasure, so if you decide to purchase a multifunctional table with an abundance of drawers and shelves for inventory, be prepared to spend money.

Big variety

Wood computer tables are always in great demand due to the abundant selection of a wide variety of models, including the following options from different types of wood:

  • Solid oak models. Such products are considered quite expensive, but the price of oak always justifies itself. The boards used to create tabletops and other parts of the table are always dense and durable, and in addition, they are not afraid of moisture, as they are impregnated with a special substance.

  • Solid beech tables can be a worthy replacement for expensive oak models. The colors of this material are often delicate, most often peach or beige. Many designers and decorators are very fond of beech, because over time it only changes. As they say, it ages beautifully with age.
  • Walnut furniture considered extremely bulky and heavy, a table for organizing a workplace made of such material will look very expensive and elite, since often the walnut is decorated with carvings.

  • Solid pine tables are considered universal, but they do not withstand heavy loads. They fit equally well into the working area of ​​a house, apartment or office. Thanks to special processing, pine is not afraid of moisture and decay. In addition, many experts believe that pine has a lot of useful properties, therefore it is considered extremely favorable to place such a table for working with a computer. This kind of tree is suitable even for those who suffer from allergies..
  • Ash. This tree is much harder than, for example, oak, so computer tables made of it will be several times more stable..

  • Solid birch. Such tables are considered very durable, sometimes birch furniture can even be compared to oak. However, when choosing such a table for the work area, be sure to pay attention to the tabletop coating, it should be of the highest quality so as not to deteriorate over time..
  • Maple tables are considered very unusual as they have a whimsical texture with a luxurious sheen. The downside of this tree is its strong susceptibility to decay, but the wood itself is dense, not afraid of various temperature regimes and moisture. The main thing is to properly care for such furniture, and then it will serve for many years..

  • Exotic options. Expensive options for luxury computer tables can be purchased from the most unusual tree species. They will be expensive, but they will serve the due date and will become a real highlight of the workplace. The most popular models of luxury tables are made from wenge and rosewood..
  • From laminated chipboard. Such models, of course, will cost several times cheaper than those made from natural solid wood, however, they can also serve the prescribed period..

  • Made of MDF. Computer tables made of this material are no less popular than all the previous ones. These tables come in all shapes and sizes, and prices don’t bite at all. Many experts note that this material has good operating characteristics..

Interior options

In order to choose the right table for the interior of your home, it is very important to know that any furniture must be in harmony with everything around. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that wood comes in light and dark shades. Light trees include ash, pear, pine, larch and some other tree species. To dark ones – red oak, plum, wenge. It is also important to note that today there are a lot of design techniques when the color of a tree can change dramatically or age artificially. Very often this is done with oak – bleached oak products are always appreciated by true connoisseurs of beauty.

For modern interiors, it is better to choose tables in the style of minimalism, in which there is nothing superfluous. A table top, graceful legs and a couple of drawers will easily help you organize your personal space in your office or study..

Subtle shades of wood, such as gray, beige, milky and their combinations, perfectly complement the Scandinavian-style work area.

Dark wood tables are perfect for the Art Nouveau style. Moreover, the table does not have to be the same color. Models look very unusual when the tabletop is darker, and the legs, for example, are white or metal.

For classic and English interiors, it is best to choose computer tables made of natural wood, dimensional options are permissible, which will emphasize all the luxury of room decoration.

For the loft style, you can pick up very unusual solid wood tables in combination with glass. Or you can pay attention to products of unusual shapes..

Art Deco computer tables are often also combined options, when the table top is made of solid wood and the legs are made of metal. Models stylized in antique style or with a very smooth surface of the table top are also welcome. As a rule, desks for organizing a workplace in this style are very roomy, so they can easily provide a comfort zone where everything is at hand..

For Provence and country styles, manufacturers produce many table models. Very often they are not monochromatic, but they may have a slight thread along the edge of the countertop or on the drawers..

In general, we can say that a computer desk made of wood is suitable for placement in any room, and no matter what shape it will be. When installing a computer desk for a child or teenager, it is best to give preference to light shades of wood, since darker ones are suitable for an adult’s personal account.

For studio apartments, where there is a combined living room, it is worth choosing a table that will ideally fit into the overall style of the room.

How to choose?

Today, you are unlikely to experience difficulties with choosing a table for a computer or laptop, since not only foreign, but also domestic firms produce a lot of furniture products, among which you can find comfortable products for organizing a workplace and placing equipment.

When choosing a table, it is best to give preference to trusted firms. You should also choose a table in person in the store, and not order it online. Only by seeing the furniture live, you can surely assess whether it suits you or not. It is important to clarify all the details and how and by whom the table was made, what load it can withstand and how to properly care for it.

How to care?

In order for any furniture product to serve its due date and even more, it must be properly looked after. Despite the fact that some breeds are still not afraid of moisture, it is better not to spill anything on the countertop once again and not to place such furniture in a damp room at all.

It is necessary to regularly take care of wood furniture using a special impregnation designed for a particular type. It is also best not to place the workplace right next to a window or next to a battery, as there is a risk that the material will burn out or deteriorate over time..

For information on how to make a computer desk with your own hands, see the next video..

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