Wooden rocking chair

The most unique piece of furniture invented by mankind can rightfully be called a rocking chair. Having become the owners of such a luxurious piece of furniture, you can get not only the original decoration of the room, but also the opportunity to relax comfortably, while improving your body and soul. Returning home from work, hardly anyone will refuse at least a few minutes of free time to swing in a chair with a cup of aromatic coffee or delicious tea.

A rocking chair made of wood will instantly attract the attention of others, decorate a living room or a veranda of a country house.


A rocking chair made of solid wood is a universal product of the joinery industry. It can be installed inside the home and outside it, in an original way to complement any interior with it – modern or a little outdated. They produce rocking chairs from a variety of wood species: ash, pine, beech, oak, etc. Made with all production technologies, the rocking chair can withstand a load of over 100 kg, and it is itself lightweight, but durable and can serve its owner for more than a decade.

Wooden armchairs are ideal for a classic interior, but you cannot say that this is an accessory that has long gone out of fashion.. The modern furniture industry offers many interesting models of wooden rocking chairs that perfectly complement a variety of design styles:

  • The swinging chairs release with fabric upholstery different colors and patterns, with seat made of high-quality polyurethane foam.
  • There are models with orthopedic seat and filling made of latex polyurethane foam and flexible environmentally friendly foam. Such products literally envelop the seated person, taking the shape of his body. They take stress off the spine and create gentle, soothing vibrations.
  • Rocking chair, stained / varnished or special paint. The wood base is a rather warm raw material, it is pleasant to sit on it in any weather, even in frost.

Buying a rocking chair is a good purchase in every sense. In addition to the aesthetic function, they have a health-improving function. Doctors are confident that this type of furniture has a beneficial effect on human health.. Supporting facts:

  • During the monotonous rocking in the chair by the person sitting in it increased brain activity.
  • Gentle wiggle helps restore inner balance, they soothe, relieve tension and stress.
  • Returns muscle tone lower limbs and back.
  • Bounces back the cardiovascular system.
  • Spending time in a rocking chair can help solve impairment problems musculoskeletal system.

There are practically no negative aspects of wooden furniture. There are two factors that can overshadow buyers – a low-quality fake. In this case, the product may have a weak design, which means that it will not last long. Well, if the chair is really of high quality, then its price can be overwhelming for people with limited financial capabilities..


Rocking chairs are of the following types:

  • From the vine – a classic of the species. An openwork hand-woven product, enchanting with the aroma of natural wood, will create a unique atmosphere of comfort in the house. In such models, people of the older generation like to while away time. The only drawback is poor moisture tolerance.
  • From the lithe liana. The ideal solution for installation in a modern suburban interior. This material cannot be fixed with screws or nails, only adhesive contact and hand knitting are suitable. For this reason, a liana rocking chair is inferior to a vine product, however, rattan is stronger, which means it holds its shape better. It can be used outside the walls of the house – on the veranda or balcony.
  • A rocking chair with a soft back and seat is a suitable option for those, who spends a lot of time in a sitting position. Leather, leatherette, dermantine, velor can be used as upholstery. Some designs include a footrest.
  • Designer hybrids. The combination of soft upholstery and a solid base made of wood and metal will refresh the design of the house, allow you to relax and unwind as much as possible after a hard day’s work.


Selection Tips

Choosing a rocking chair, you need to pay attention not only to the appearance, it is important that the product is comfortable. The chair should move without hesitation, the structure should be elastic and reliable, and have medium rigidity. Also, one should not forget about balance, the structure should not deviate to the sides and should not turn over, especially if a person sits calmly, without moving.

There is only one way to check the comfort and quality of the rocking chair – to swing on it just before buying.

The chair should be moderately soft, but not too hard. The structure of the product is elastic, due to this, easy rocking is provided. Elastic seats are considered the golden mean between soft and hard..

A high-quality massage rocking chair keeps balance while moving. Armrests should not interfere with comfortable seating. Before buying, you need to check all the joints of the wooden product..

How to care?

Armchairs made of wood that are not intended for use in the garden should not be taken out of an enclosed space. Such models are susceptible to direct sunlight and moisture, since they do not have a protective layer. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates this feature. It will not be superfluous to polish wooden chairs with massage. The use of special sprays will only make the tree stronger, in addition, its appearance will improve..

The most important thing that the buyer should know before buying a rocking chair is that it can only be used for its intended purpose, that is, to sit and enjoy the comfort.

How to do it yourself?

Hand-made furniture is valued much more than a purchased option. She not only pleases the eye, but also gives a double pleasure – she is not ashamed to show to others, which means there is a reason to be proud of yourself, and it is much more pleasant to rest in such products. In addition, homemade furniture is cheaper than a factory product and is one of a kind..

Wooden swing chairs look much more impressive than plywood ones, but they are much more expensive. Since natural wood is not a cheap pleasure, you can take an edged board or recycled wooden pallets as a basis for an armchair (external flaws can be easily removed).

Required tools and materials:

  • Euro pallets;
  • bar 50×100 mm with a length of 60 cm (at least 3.7 running meters);
  • 4 screws with a thread of 90 mm;
  • bolts with a diameter of 12 mm – 6 pieces;
  • 6 bolts 50 mm long;
  • joiner’s glue;
  • cardboard tubes (wall thickness 5 mm);
  • jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • sandpaper.

Step-by-step manufacturing at home:

  1. Dismantling the pallet. All metal parts (nails, bolts, nuts) must be removed. No unnecessary items should remain in the board.
  2. Saw off corners and edges with damage and sand with sandpaper.
  3. Six bars make 2 side frames.
  4. Of 4 bars you need make L-shaped sidewalls future seat. Important! All joints of this model of the rocker are made in the tongue;
  5. The runner blocks should be rounded off with a saw, and clean up all irregularities and minor defects with sandpaper. For better stability, the front of the runner should be shorter and the rear longer. This type of structure will swing well and will never tip over..
  6. On the top of the runners, you need to make grooves for the vertical side racks, first, you need to grease everything with glue. The fixed structure must be left overnight..
  7. To strengthen the future chair you need drill a small hole in the center of each joint and insert the bolts into them. If the rocking chair is used by a non-obese person, it is not necessary to carry out the above manipulations..
  8. In the L-shaped sidewalls of the seating area, it is necessary drill holes for future backrest and seat.
  9. Tubes need to be coated with glue and insert into holes.
  10. Details rocking chairs can be collected.
  11. At the final stage, you need clean the product from the glue that has come out and sand the wood so that there is no burr left anywhere.
  12. The finished product can be varnish or paint that matches the interior of the room in a color.

For how to make a rocking chair with your own hands, see the next video..

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