Wooden single beds

A comfortable bed is the key to healthy sleep, good mood and great well-being. A correctly chosen piece of furniture will provide comfort, last a long time and complement the design of the room. For a small room, a single bed made of wood would be ideal..

Dimensions (edit)

The indisputable advantage of a single bed is its compactness. Its length is the same as that of a double, and its width is much smaller. This bed is perfect for children and adults, for singles and unmarried, as well as for those people who just prefer to sleep alone..

Standard single bed size – 80×190 cm. There are also options 90×190 and 90×200.

The optimal bed length is easy to determine based on your own height. It is enough to add 30-40 centimeters to this value. This size is enough to make you comfortable..

The width of the bed should be chosen according to the size. So that your elbows do not hang down and you do not have to suffer from crampedness or fall, tossing and turning, you need to observe your habits in a dream.

Materials for making

The correct choice of furniture is very important for the ecology of the house and the health of its residents. If possible, excessive use of synthetic materials should be avoided, at least in the bedroom, where a person is known to spend a third of his life..

A wooden bed is not only environmentally friendly and reliable, it will also serve as a decoration for any interior. This material always looks stylish and can be easily processed, allowing you to give it different shapes, decorated with ornaments and carvings.

When choosing such a bed, special attention should be paid to wood.. The most common types are:

  • Pine. The most widespread and used material for a long time. A bed made of this wood will last a very long time due to the natural resinousness of the tree. In addition, the resin in pine will help keep mold and furniture away from insects and rodents..
  • Beech. The high cost of this wood is due to its incredible strength, durability and pleasant appearance..
  • Oak. The most durable material, a bed made of this tree will last for more than a dozen years. In addition to convenience, such furniture was especially appreciated at all times because of its impressive and massive appearance..
  • Alder. Quite soft material that is easy to work with. The alder bed will perfectly fit into any interior thanks to the pleasant shade of wood and will provide beauty and harmony in the bedroom.
  • Ash. Sturdy wood is perfect if durability is the main criterion for choosing a bed. Almost not inferior to oak in strength, ash is much more affordable, however, it is more prone to rotting due to the increased level of humidity..
  • Birch. The elastic structure will help avoid cracks and deformations. Light wood looks very beautiful in section, thanks to which you can create really luxurious furniture from birch. It is believed that this type of tree also has positive energy..


Solid wood is a material that is 100% natural wood. It will always be made from a single piece of wood, not sawdust or shavings.

Distinguish between solid and glued. Furniture made from natural solid wood is considered more environmentally friendly and beautiful, as a result of which it will cost more. Clean pieces of wood, free from knots, cavities and other defects, are of better quality and are valued higher. Glued solid is formed from small pieces left after sawing that are not suitable for making boards.

The value of such furniture will be much lower, but it is still better than made of glued shavings..

Summing up, there are several advantages of such beds:

  1. Appearance. Nothing emphasizes human well-being like chic wooden furniture..
  2. Security. In addition to the fact that such a bed will not cause any harm to health, those made of pine needles will have a beneficial effect on a person suffering from insomnia and give a pleasant scent of the forest..
  3. Durability and persistence. A bed made of wood will last much longer than a chipboard bed, will not be susceptible to loosening and scratches.

The definite disadvantage is high cost of wooden furniture, which not everyone can afford. Wooden beds are quite heavy and bulky, when decorating a room, you need to remember about their visual massiveness and the actual weight that poorly reinforced floors cannot withstand.

Although the tree is safe for health, it is prone to decay and is highly flammable..

Care rules

No matter how strong and durable the selected wood is, it is necessary to provide proper care for it. Solid wood is easily damaged by high humidity in the house. When cleaning, do not allow large amounts of liquids to get on it or use too damp rags..

Polished surfaces can only be wiped with dry sponges.

How to do it yourself?

Hand-made furniture is an excellent decoration for the home. Making a bed on your own is both difficult and simple at the same time. This is easy, because there is nothing outstanding in the manufacturing technology, even at home, with all the necessary materials, this task can be done in a day..

The difficulty lies in the fact that this piece of furniture is designed for daily use and must withstand any stress. In order not to spend more time on repairing the resulting creation than on creating it, the manufacturing process should be approached with full responsibility.

When choosing materials, it is worth remembering that it is absolutely not necessary to be limited to only one type, so, for example, the bed frame can be made of wood, and the back can be decorated with iron rods. There are many options, and you need to make a choice based on your budget and capabilities..

When making a bed with your own hands, you should take this chance and choose completely natural materials. They will not only last longer, but also ensure a sound and healthy sleep..

Wanting to save on materials and space, you need to take into account that not every person will be comfortable with a single bed, and it is better to spend more money than after suffering from cramped conditions.

Room design

In addition to the fact that the bed must fit into the interior, it must correspond to the taste preferences and character of the owner. When creating their ideal place to sleep and relax, people tend to choose pastel or dark colors, avoiding white. But the main attribute of a bedroom of this particular color will allow you to create a truly sophisticated and refined atmosphere..

White is very popular with modern or minimalist designers. At different times, the use of snow-white tones spoke of sophistication, aristocracy and peace. From a psychological point of view, this color gives a sense of calm and stability and is especially useful for people suffering from depression or apathy..

White single bed – a real godsend for any room, which will harmoniously fit into the design and “dilute” the chosen color scheme. Such an interior will perfectly complement the ceilings and walls of pale pink, blue or cream.

Undoubtedly, the bedroom is the most romantic and intimate place in the house, so an interior decorated in such colors with a single bed will help to achieve a feeling of coziness, comfort and privacy..

For more information on how to make a single bed with your own hands, see the next video..

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