Wooden table legs

The table is an integral part of the design of a kitchen, dining room or living room, regardless of the size of the apartment, whether it is a small studio apartment or a spacious house. Today there are a huge variety of options for tables from a wide variety of materials: metal, plastic, glass, etc..

However, the classic option, which remains invariably popular, regardless of fashion trends, is a table made of wood. Such a table creates a cozy, family-like, warm atmosphere in the house. It is pleasant to have a meal behind him, or just to spend time talking. Our article is devoted to such an element of wooden furniture as table legs..

The right choice of material

In any furniture store, you can choose the option you need, because the current assortment is so wide that it is easy to get lost. It is also possible to order a wooden table according to special measurements in a furniture workshop. The legs in the tables fulfill an important supporting function and are a decorative decoration of the entire structure. The most beautiful legs are obtained when using only natural wood in the manufacture. Such material makes it possible to create carved legs, unique in their design..

Any model made of wood will not be cheap, however, it will last in the house for more than one year. In such cases, many people prefer to make this piece of furniture with their own hands, using the skills of a carpenter and a set of tools for processing wood..

The success of the work depends not only on the master, but also on the materials used, and the complexity of the chosen model.

Considering that the legs must withstand the considerable weight of the countertop and not only it, you should give preference to solid wood such as oak, walnut, mahogany and others. The price of the product will depend primarily on the types of wood used, since many varieties have a considerable cost.

You also need to pay attention to this when choosing:

  • The most common and durable is oak. It is also the most popular, as it is not so expensive and no less of a quality. Differs in a long service life, resistance to mold and sudden temperature changes. However, in order to make something from this type of wood, special cutters are required, because due to the high density, not every tool will be able to process it..

  • Ash has similar characteristics, but it looks lighter. The advantages of this type of wood include its elasticity, high strength, and the absence of cracks during drying. You should know that the legs of it must be wiped with antiseptics, as it is prone to the appearance of worms.
  • Walnut is considered one of the most expensive types of wood, however, its high price is justified by a high degree of strength and moisture resistance, and ease of processing. At the same time, it has a graceful appearance and beautiful structure..

  • Another type of array that is easy to handle is beech. It has an interesting structure, is easy to stain and rarely cracks. But with high humidity, it is prone to the appearance of a fungus, which spoils its internal structure..
  • Legs made of mahogany and wenge are used to create elite products. These varieties were brought from Central America, which is why their cost is so high. They also have an unusual texture pattern and, when properly processed, give the product an unrivaled look. Legs made of such a tree not only look rich, but also by their characteristics are one of the highest quality. They are easy to process, polish, resistant to temperature fluctuations, and insects and other parasites do not start in them..

Manufacturing specifics

For those who want to buy a table with wooden legs, you should pay attention to the parameters that directly affect the cost of the finished product. These parameters include: the style of the legs, the originality of the forms, the parameters, as well as the types of wood used.

At the same time, you can choose a model made according to a special order, or bought in a specialized salon. Accordingly, a model made according to individual measurements will have a cost order of magnitude higher than that made at the factory..

Wooden table legs can be processed in several ways: by milling, turning or carving:

  • Workpieces processed on a lathe are considered to be the cheapest, since a small amount of time and effort is spent on their manufacture. The legs are formed during the rotation of the bar fixed to the machine. In this way of processing the array, wooden legs can be given a variety of geometric shapes. So, they can acquire the shape of a ball, cylinder, while maintaining harmony in combination with the rest of the product. Legs with a conical shape look very interesting and unusual. These interior elements will have a low price, while looking very beautiful and graceful..
  • The most interesting forms are betrayed by the craftsmen to wooden legs, processing them using the milling method. Such products are made from pre-prepared blanks. Using all the variety of knives and discs of a milling machine, carpenter workers decorate the legs in every possible way, decorating them with various ornaments and patterns.

  • Modern furniture manufacturers use computerized machines in their factories, which, according to a given program, can produce models of the most varied complexity. This significantly improved the productivity of such enterprises and reduced labor costs for the manufacture of products..
  • The most expensive, but at the same time the most unusual are the legs made by woodcarving. Initially, this type of wood processing was a very laborious and complex manual work, but modern technologies have greatly facilitated this process. Special multi-axis machines create true works of art. However, manual processing of furniture legs is valued much more, because it requires high skill and professionalism of the carver.

Pros and cons of carved elements

Carved models will perfectly fit into various styles: classic, gothic, rococo, ethno-style, etc..

The advantages of wood carved interior elements include:

  • use of environmentally friendly materials;
  • long-term operation of furniture with proper care;
  • preservation of traditions;
  • originality and grace in design;
  • creating a warm atmosphere in the room with the help of such furniture;
  • the ability to restore damaged legs, as well as return to their original appearance.

With a large number of positive traits, there are also several negative points:

  • you need a special ability to correctly combine products made by this method in the interior;
  • the effect of temperature changes on the quality of wood;
  • high cost;
  • specific cleaning features.

From all of the above arguments, it follows that with the correct selection of a wooden product and its further care, such an acquisition will definitely not disappoint buyers..

Beautiful options

In addition to different methods of processing wooden legs, there are also several types of them, differing in appearance and style. For example, a convertible is a light and graceful leg shape, thinning towards the bottom. It goes well with the design of a rococo room. The legs made in the Empire style look original, where the part at the base is the head of some animal, and the lower one is made in the form of its paw.

English classics include the Victorian style, which is characterized by smooth lines and curved symmetrical transitions. Floral patterns are used in carved models. A table with such elements is ideal for a classic style of room decoration..

In a room made in a modern design, tables with legs that have strict forms of geometric shapes – a ball, a cone, a cube, etc. production is not as laborious as all of the above types of legs. There are also products that combine several types of wood processing, they are perfect for rooms in the Art Nouveau or Baroque style..

Wooden elements of the furniture set in the form of legs help to give a peculiar flavor to the appearance of the table, making it more interesting. Today the assortment in furniture showrooms is so wide that it confuses buyers who are not looking for specific pieces of furniture. But this makes it possible to choose the ideal option not only for a certain style, but also taking into account the specific needs of the consumer. The Internet makes it possible to find the desired option in advance by looking at the official websites of factories or the websites of furniture stores and choosing the desired model.

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