Wooden tables for a bath: features

The bathhouse is the perfect combination of business and pleasure. Here they rest in body and soul, strengthen their health, relax, get rid of negative thoughts and emotions, and also spend time in the company of loved ones. For a good rest in the bath, you need durable and stylish furniture that will give comfort and decorate the room. The interior decoration of the room is very important, so the choice of a table is far from the last place..

As a rule, furniture made from natural materials is chosen for baths, saunas and other similar premises. Further in the article, we will talk about wooden tables for a bath, talk about the features of such products and their variety..

general characteristics

In a Russian bath you cannot do without a table. It is the centerpiece for communication. It is installed in the dressing room and completes the composition with chairs, stools or benches made of the same material..

To maintain an attractive appearance and functionality under the influence of steam, high temperatures, moisture and constant stress, the table must be of high quality, reliable and durable.

The following requirements are put forward for the raw materials used in the manufacture of furniture for the bath:

  • Resistant to high moisture levels and temperatures.
  • Naturalness and environmental friendliness.
  • Strength and high density.
  • Attractiveness of the material.
  • Ease of processing.

All these properties are possessed by wooden tables made from the most popular and widespread natural material. During the manufacturing process of the product, it is carefully processed using special equipment and means that protect the tree from external influences.

Tree species

Various varieties are used in the manufacture of wooden tables for couples. Each option has individual characteristics that should be considered when choosing furniture.. Consider the most popular types of wood:

  • Linden. This variety is easy to process and retains its attractive appearance for a long time. Linden has a characteristic pale pink hue, as well as a charming aroma that “turns on” when heated. The breed has a beneficial effect on the lungs. Place a linden table in the bath, and it will help in the prevention of respiratory diseases.

  • Larch. It features a reddish tint that adorns the product throughout its entire service life. The tree contains many health benefits. From the point of view of practicality and durability, larch tables are not inferior to oak products. Despite a number of advantages, the breed cannot boast of high thermal insulation properties..

  • Pine. Solid pine products will serve for a long time due to the resinous structure. In the conditions of a bath, products from the above grade feel great. The wood is easy to handle. Pine color is uniform. Pine demonstrates increased resistance to decay. Disadvantages of tables made of wood of this type – the release of resins at elevated temperatures.

  • Alder. The tables from it practically do not heat up. Due to this characteristic, the products are perfect for baths and saunas. A special enchanting scent and a red tint attracts the attention of buyers. Over time, the aroma becomes brighter and more sophisticated. Another advantage, due to which alder furniture is a smart purchase for steam rooms, is the absence of resins. Changes in temperature and humidity are also not terrible for the tree..

  • Abachi. This exotic wood is also used to make tables for couples. This variety boasts high strength and long service life. Due to these characteristics, the Abachi were called the African brother of the oak. The wood is unusually light. The absence of resins and resistance to heat made this variety in demand in the manufacture of bathroom furniture..

It should be noted that the price of abachi products is higher than the cost of standard models made from domestic wood varieties..

  • Aspen and poplar. These breeds are very similar in properties. The wood of the above types is resistant to moisture, easy to process and has a soft natural color. Poplar and aspen tables keep their shape remarkably and do not crack. Experts highlight only one drawback – a short service life..

Variety of models

The modern market of furniture for baths and saunas offers customers a wide range of products. Both single models and furniture sets are on sale: table + chairs, benches or stools. In addition to the materials used to make the tables, the models differ in the shape of the table top and legs. When choosing a table option, you need to pay attention to the above components. Next, consider the options for legs for various models of tables for couples:

  • The letter “X”. This is a very convenient and practical option, ideal for folding products or models in compact sizes. X-shaped legs provide secure support for folding tables both folded and unfolded.

  • 4 legs. This option is the most common. Four legs with a link bar – a robust and durable design. This type is suitable for various models, both folding and standard.

  • One leg. This type is more commonly used with round countertops. As a rule, tables are compact and designed for a maximum of three people..

Shapes of tabletops for baths:

  • Rectangle. Standard version suitable for various sizes.
  • Oval. Refined shape. Matches wonderfully with a four-legged base.
  • Circle. Worktop for small tables.

For how to make a table with benches with your own hands, see the next video.

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