Cabinet with a mirror in the interior of the hallway

Cabinet with a mirror in the interior of the hallway

In most apartments, the parameters of the hallway leave much to be desired, so it is so important to place functional furniture on this territory..

The design of a cabinet with a mirror is a set of drawers or shelves of various modifications and a mirror attached to the cabinet itself. This mounting option allows you to easily change the location of the product, not to spoil the walls by drilling holes for fasteners.


A curbstone with a mirror in the interior of the hallway is able to solve several issues of space organization at once:

  • it is compact;
  • can contain all the necessary elements – hangers, hooks, boxes for small things, shelves for shoes;
  • equipped with a mirror k – a necessary attribute of any hallway.

The most important thing to look for when choosing a cabinet with a mirror is the stability of the structure and the strength of the material. As a rule, the mirror that comes with the cabinet has rather large dimensions, which means that the cabinet of the cabinet must hold it without additional fasteners to the wall. If there is a shelf for hats on top of the mirror, pay attention to the built-in lighting. If not, then the shelf will shade the mirror..

A narrow high cabinet, or a low wide one – the choice should depend on the parameters of the hallway and the availability of free space in it. If it is too small, then you can consider options for compact corner pedestals. Such models are produced by Baltic furniture companies or firms from other CIS countries. A small cabinet will easily take up a corner and free up the hallway space.

Manufacturing materials

A cabinet with a mirror is a rather heavy and impressive design, even though it may be quite small in size. The mirror is the main reason for gravity, and it is precisely its presence that requires the special strength of the entire object..

When choosing this type of furniture, it is worth paying special attention to the materials of manufacture of the product, because it is on them that the durability and stability of the product depends, and therefore safety..

The most common material for pedestals in the hallway are MDF or chipboard boards. This is a fairly durable material, in appearance it can be difficult to distinguish it from a wooden bar. Also, such boards can be upholstered with thin plastic or film for various types of wood..

Wooden furniture is considered elite and has a rather high price. The natural material itself is durable, environmentally friendly, and has increased strength. Wooden furniture is able to emphasize the refined taste of the owner, especially if the interior of the house is made in styles such as classic or art deco.

Metal, as a rule, is present in all modern models as accessories: fasteners, hinges, mechanisms, as well as decorative elements. For example, on classic-style wooden products, these can be gilded metal decorations. But there are models that consist entirely of alloys. They look thin and delicate, while they have sufficient strength.. Such models fit well into the Gothic, Baroque or Art Nouveau style.. In a slightly different way, but also very good metal looks in high-tech or loft style.

Glass in the manufacture of pedestals in the hallway is used only as separate elements, since this material does not support the weight of the mirror. But in different styles, glass can be used as an element of cabinet decor. For example, a combination of steel or forged rods can be combined with glass or mirrored surfaces..

Plastic is a profitable democratic option for working mechanisms. However, as a material, it is short-lived, but affordable and easily replaceable. One-piece plastic models are quite rare and are more suitable for bathrooms. In the hallway, such models look too rustic and poor..

Subtleties of placement

A curbstone with a mirror in the interior of the hallway is not only a decoration of the space, but also a necessary functional piece of furniture. Therefore, it depends on its correct location how much it can fulfill its purpose..

In the hallway of a small apartment, the curbstone should not interfere with movement, and in a spacious hall it should not get lost and stand far from the entrance or source of lighting.

Lighting and proximity to the exit are perhaps the most basic rules for placing a cabinet with a mirror. We put the finishing touches on clothes already on the threshold of the apartment, so it is more convenient to look in the mirror just before crossing the threshold. This is facilitated by the fact that the closer the structure is to the front door, the shorter the distance in the street shoes will have to be covered in the hallway in order to fix the hairdo or scarf after putting on the shoes..

Another important function of this type of furniture is to store all kinds of items that we take with us every day. For keys, glasses, gloves, special boxes can be allocated. When every thing has its own place, this allows you to keep order and not forget important little things when leaving the house.. The drawer unit can also be completed with a panel with hangers for everyday clothes. As a rule, it is made in a general style with a cabinet and a mirror, has several hooks-hangers on which you can hang a jacket or raincoat in order to later put them in a common wardrobe for outerwear. Also, such panels can be equipped with umbrella holders..

The light incident on the mirror should also be taken into account. The curbstone must be positioned so that the main light source does not blind the mirror surface. If the room is dark enough, then the illumination from above or from the side of the mirror, in the manner of dressing rooms, will be very useful..

It is advisable that there is space in front of the mirror for the opportunity to look at yourself from all sides, moving away. Sometimes it is possible to do this even in small narrow hallways..

Do not forget that opening cabinet doors or pull-out drawers should not interfere with the passage, and if this is not possible, then at least you need to make sure that they do not hit other objects or door frames. This will protect both from damage..

Style solutions

For the hallway, any cabinet with a mirror will become the main element of the interior. The mirror attracts attention, visually enlarges the space, fills it with light. Therefore, any structure that “frames” the mirror, or any furniture around it, becomes the main focus of the room. This rule does not apply to other rooms, for example, the bed plays the dominant role in the bedroom. But in the hallway, a mirror always reigns as the main attribute of the room..

In order for a cabinet with a mirror to harmoniously fit into your interior, you need to decide on the general style of the interior.


The most, perhaps, the standard option, choosing a model for which will not be difficult. It is in the classic style that chests of drawers with mirrors turn out to be the most refined and elegant. The classic loves spaces filled with mirrored surfaces and noble woods.

Hi-tech and modern

The curbstones in these styles will have unusual futuristic shapes, with a lot of metal and mirror elements. The color range varies in white and silver tones with a deepening into dark shades of gray and even black. The mirror as the main element can be framed with a bright spot of intense shade. The details of the construction can be the same..


This modern, practical style dictates simplicity and convenience in everything, so a cabinet with a mirror in the hallway will be as simple and convenient as possible, made of MDF panels and quite affordable in cost. Laconic lines, discreet colors, a minimum of boxes and decorations. Nothing distracting, full compliance with the modern rhythm of life: functionality and comfort.


Rooms in the style of rural France and lavender fields are characterized by delicate pastel colors and delicate forged curls on furniture, as well as warm sunny wood. A sideboard made of chipboard with a simple wood finish without an overabundance of gloss and varnish is suitable for this style. Decorations in the form of inlay with ceramics or forged floral ornaments are welcome..

Country and ethno style

The objects of these styles are characterized by the presence of an ethnic orientation, as well as a national flavor. A curbstone with a mirror in the hallway should be made in accordance with one or another vector in this style, otherwise it will sharply discord with the surrounding atmosphere of the room. As for the materials, it will undoubtedly be a simple tree, as close as possible to the “natural” direction.

Selection Tips

When choosing any furniture for your home, pay attention not only to the appearance of the product, but also to its quality. Even a small cabinet with a mirror is a rather heavy and bulky design, therefore, it is especially important to make sure of its strength:

  • check the fasteners and mechanisms of the compartments in the cabinet;
  • pay attention to the material of manufacture itself – it must withstand the weight of the mirror and at the same time be stable so that the mirror element does not outweigh it and pull it down. This is especially true for models of pedestals with legs;
  • check the quality and cleanliness of the mirror surface, as well as its attachment to the holding panel. The mirror should be “poured” into the overall structure of the pedestal, making up one whole with it;
  • when choosing pedestals made of MDF or chipboard plates, pay attention to the glued seams – they must be protected with veneer for the duration of the product’s service life.

For information on how to independently assemble a cabinet with a mirror in the hallway, see the video below.

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