Fashionable hallways in the style of “Provence”

Fashionable hallways in the style of

The romantic Provence style expresses the spirit of simplicity and comfort. It is associated with the Mediterranean Sea, the fragrant aroma of spices, and the bright sun. The name itself comes from the French southern region of Provence. The style successfully combines rustic motives of the provincial wilderness and extravagant luxury.

To “dress up” the interiors in this way means to portray the country style in the French manner.


The Provence style hallway is a reminder of the good old days. The design of the corridor, any other entrance area sets the desired mood, forms the first impression of guests about your house, apartment.

An important feature of this decoration is the insignificant financial costs. Most often, the corridors are a small room, so a little money will be spent on the purchase of finishing materials, furniture set. If you are absolutely in love with Provence, then try decorating the entire apartment in the style of a French village. It can be successfully combined with rustic, country, and also shabby-chic.

Use only a light palette of colors that visually expands the boundaries of your miniature hallway, add freshness and coziness to the overall atmosphere of the house.

The key features of a Provencal-style hallway are:

  • original decor of flooring, wall coverings, furniture with the effect of “scuffs”, “antique”;

  • the predominance of white, indigo and lavender shades;

  • the obligatory use of a pastel palette (cream, pale lilac, pale blue tones);

  • the presence of light, almost weightless curtains, any other textiles with frills, cutwork, sewing and ruffles;

  • light floors in the color of natural materials (wood, stone);

  • furniture with decorative cracks, an unobtrusive splash of terracotta, sand, muted indigo;

  • many shelves with potted flowers, porcelain and ceramic knick-knacks.

Wall panels, forged accessories, wicker furniture, painted stools, decoupage, lace, tulle and knitted rugs will add Provencal motifs to the hallway. Your hallway should look like everything around is slightly sunburned..

Materials (edit)

When decorating a hallway, corridor, hallway, it is important to use only natural materials. Prefer a stone surface, wooden planks, laminate, linoleum and plastic, and metal hangers for an Art Nouveau wardrobe.

For owners of country houses or apartments who want to achieve the atmosphere of Provence, it is better to cover the walls with paint or use paper wallpaper with a floral pattern. Give up stretch ceilings in favor of plaster, rough whitewash.

The use of plastic panels is also not recommended..

Anyone who is afraid of white, because it is associated with a hospital room, it’s time to “arm” with brushes and cans with beige, cream, milk paint. You won’t go wrong if you apply textured plaster to the walls. They can also be upholstered in wood paneling.

If your choice fell on wallpaper, try to look for inexpensive models without the effect of velor, velvet, gloss. No sequins, abstractions and pop art prints should be shown on them. Floral motifs, unobtrusive small floral patterns, contrasting stripes or polka dots – these are the main ideas for creating a “background” in the hallway.

Also, the walls can be covered with decorative plaster, panels, wooden slats, embossed with stone or brickwork. Fabric solutions for walls will look incredibly stylish. Textile trims should show cute floral patterns, woodgrain print, mural.

The wall with a false window will organically fit into the interior of the hallway. This technique will make the room visually wider and more spacious. Image of a window overlooking a lavender field, a provincial town – you will feel absolute comfort from being in the corridor, lobby.

It is best to lay a wooden board under your feet. Give up carpet, parquet and rugs. The floor is best painted with white or light gray paint. Terracotta slabs, a fresco with cut corners, the effect of a worn surface will look perfect in the Provencal style.

The entrance hall, decorated with stone, looks expensive and luxurious. At the same time, a cozy and homely country style is not lost anywhere..


A beautiful Provence-style hallway should be associated with the warm rays of the sun, cause a carefree state of mind and surprise guests from the doorway. In this case, it is important to find the right color palette for walls, ceilings, flooring and furniture. It is also necessary to correctly arrange lighting to highlight functional areas and strengths of the interior..

With the help of a successful combination of shades, you can achieve both the grace of a French house and rustic charm. The predominance of white in contrast with lavender, light green, purple will remind you of the freshness of the salty breeze, the aroma of Provencal herbs.

Correctly decorated entrance hall gives the impression of an expensive and luxurious mansion.

It is so easy to find yourself on the hot seaside if you use a palette of sandy, muted yellow, pale blue, pale green, peach. A win-win option would be the tone of dried clay, sea green. It is worth painting with such a palette not only walls, ceilings and floors, but also to observe the “color balance” in the decor elements (furniture, textiles, figurines, etc.).

Do not forget to create a beautiful effect of aging things, do not hide decorative chips, cracks and other irregularities. A feature of the Provence style are burnt spots, bald spots, roughness and bulges. The natural shade of wood will also harmoniously blend into the provincial ambience of the room. You can decorate walls with stucco, vine branches.

Whichever color scheme you choose, you do not need to use LED backlights and a point system. Sconces, floor lamps, lamps with lampshades, and other forged structures will look perfect on the ceiling and walls..

What do you prefer:

  • Cool shades of purple, purple, pink.

  • Light green, pale turquoise, light blue notes.

  • Young green color, jade shades.

  • Muted yellow, light brown.

Here is a wide color palette for the Provence style. Combine the general interior of the hallway and its individual elements: hangers, wardrobes, benches, floor mirrors, sideboards and various draperies.

How you can beautifully decorate a hallway in the Provence style, see the next video.

How to choose furniture?

When choosing furniture, trust the professional look of a designer who will not miss a single detail. Wooden frames, candlesticks, exquisite door handles, a chandelier with forging elements – this will make your corridor literally an exhibition room. Guests will be delighted with the general atmosphere, despite the fact that you purchased simple wooden furniture and did not even hide the scuffs, uneven surfaces.

When buying wardrobes and dressers, make sure that their height is below average. Your task is to visually increase the square meters of the hallway, which means that you can safely refuse sliding wardrobes, high-rise hangers. Do not overload the space with hinged bulky shelves – just a couple of wooden planks with pots of flowers neatly placed on them.

Furniture must also be made from natural materials..

Wicker baskets for laundry and storage of household items can be placed next to the front door. It is better to hide any wires, communication systems from prying eyes. They look appropriate in the style of loft, urban chic, fusion, but for country and village motives they are “bad manners”.

It’s time to take out a small plain armchair with colorful upholstery in the hallway. The drawing should be small, organically emphasize the decor of the room itself. Bring wood furniture from light species into the corridor: walnut, alder, ash, oak. You can also use wicker and forged items. It can be a rattan or cane chair, a metal rack-rack.

Furniture should be solid and simple. Its main decorative feature is age. Scratches and chips that show through the shabby paint are the highlight of the interior of the hallway in the country. You can use both antiques and modern objects with antiquity effects.

You should “arm yourself” with sideboards, a coffee table, a small library cabinet, a functional console, and hangers. Decorating wood furniture will turn out to be floral patterns using the decoupage technique. A small wrought-iron couch, chair or bench will look elegant in the hallway, as well as for country style. A wooden table with decorative carvings on legs looks romantic in Provencal style.

How to arrange?

Pay attention to the little details to decorate the entrance room in a rustic style with a touch of provincial France. Wood is wood, and textiles will create the true atmosphere. Decorate the hallway with plain, translucent fabrics, set up a screen, throw pillows of different shapes on chairs and couches.

Even though you are decorating the room in which you are going to change clothes and store your weekend clothes, shoes, it will not be superfluous to have a few potted plants. Paying attention to detail will create a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Run as much light as possible into the hallway. If you have a window in this part of the house, try experimenting with decorative moldings, dividing the glass into sections..

Thus, you will achieve true French style..

The Provencal-style room is decorated with exquisite details:

  • chairs with peeling legs;

  • pedestals and chests of drawers in pastel colors, also with traces of “scuffs”;

  • furniture only in light colors from wood species such as chestnut, oak, walnut;

  • the presence of a decorative “props” in the hallway in the form of a bird cage, shells, seabirds, fishing nets;

  • floral theme not only as a print on bedspreads, but also in vases (roses, alfalfa, lavender bouquet, dried flowers);

  • forged lamps, flowerpots and photo frames, door handles, key holders;

  • pretty wicker boxes for hats, other accessories.

A Provencal hallway can be decorated with other materials and accessories, as well as successfully combine several similar styles: country, rustic, boho and shabby chic. Everything around should resemble a family heirloom, antiques. From the doorstep, your guests should feel right at home.

In a country house, you can put wooden pallet boxes and chests under a bulky mirror in the corridor. They will make the interior less flashy and allow you to fully enjoy the spirit of Provence. For an apartment, it is better to limit yourself to a table lamp, a stylish clock and other accessories that reflect the concept of a rustic country.

Interior design options

You can decorate the room in different ways. An abundance of forged elements with a patina is considered a fairly popular method. On the one hand, you get the notorious luxury, on the other, you relax in a provincial calm atmosphere. A good option would be a combination of luxurious Provence and a simple rustic style. Against the background of elegant snow-white or milky walls, miniature poufs, armchairs covered with natural fabric in a small flower will look beautiful.

Furniture sets, miniature lamps, and decorative figurines will add romance to the interior. This is a clear echo of the gentle shabby chic style mixed with enchanting Provence. In both cases, the effect of shabby, aged furniture, forging and carving is appropriate..

Do not skimp on creating a fashionable hallway design with an abundance of textiles. Light curtains, napkins, tablecloths on a coffee table, chest of drawers will not interfere with the interior. Try to use only linen, cotton or wool.

You should not overload the atmosphere with colorful prints and decor, because Provence strives more for minimalism than for pompous luxury..

To highlight the beauty and sense of taste, arm yourself with furniture with floral prints. Vegetable patterns such as fragrant flowers, shrubs, flying dragonflies will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the entrance room.

The design of such a romantic style will suit people with a calm temperament. This direction inspires, gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. Natural and scenic Provence can be so different!

Some will prefer to paint the walls white, highlighting accents with blue or turquoise boards, pale lilac furniture. Others will want to place a table or a couch with metal legs under a wall with an unpretentious pattern, to give the effect of aging to the wardrobe itself. A huge mirror on the entire wall will not be superfluous. Designers recommend decorating it with a white wooden frame..

A wall decorated with plaster with a rough texture will look exquisite. If you decide to lay wooden boards on the floor, then it is better to decorate the walls with large fragments of ceramic tiles. When equipping the hallway, do not forget to hang a couple of paintings, for example, with a lavender field.

A few soft armchairs will be enough in the hallway in a Provencal atmosphere. Pay attention to what materials you choose, how you combine colors, and whether all furniture is processed to give a charming effect of “aging”.

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