Hallway for a narrow corridor

Hallway for a narrow corridor

The function of the hallway is not only to meet and see off. Today, this place is traditionally considered a repository of casual outerwear and footwear, which is used depending on the season. The arrangement of this zone of the apartment requires an attentive approach, taking into account the needs and tastes of those people who live there..

Features of a small space

An interestingly designed entrance hall for a narrow corridor sets the tone for the entire decoration of the apartment as a whole. To find furniture for a small area, you often need to use options in a mini-format..

It is possible to equip this territory in a compact and original way, if we take into account some of the features of its small dimensions:

  • Visually expanding the territory will help light tones of wall decor with large details of the picture.
  • It is possible to increase the usable area by abandoning conventional models of interior doors, replacing them with a sliding version.
  • A narrow area always requires good lighting, this technique adds space and comfort.
  • Cabinet models are chosen shallow, given that they cannot be placed along both walls.
  • The use of mirrored surfaces helps to visually increase the area.

Equipping a small-sized corridor is a difficult task, in order to facilitate it, it is necessary to determine how many items are required there and for what purposes. It is also important to understand whether it will be a furniture set or separate parts that are combined with each other in a single style..

But before starting the selection of furniture, the hallway needs to be prepared for this – to make repairs. The design of furniture elements will also depend on its main stylistic characteristics..

Renovation ideas

Any renovation in an apartment begins with the choice of materials. For the hallway, they are selected the most wear-resistant, ready to withstand high humidity, dust, dirt, as well as frequent cleaning. It is best to give preference to liquid wallpaper or materials for painting, textured plaster, designer photo wallpaper.

In this case, it is impractical to use drywall panels., since they will take away extra centimeters from the space. Uneven walls can be hidden with a finish that imitates natural stone or timber.

The color of the material for finishing wall surfaces, designers recommend choosing light pastel colors.

Considering that there are no windows in the corridor room, good lighting and light wall coverings will correct this deficiency. Small wall sconces and lamps, spotlights around the perimeter, compact crystal chandeliers or antique stylized pendant lamps look good as a source of lighting. The choice depends on the overall design concept. Even in an ordinary “Khrushchev” building, a small hallway can look like a spacious territory, if you correctly solve the issue with lighting.

But not only wall surfaces and ceiling play an important role in expanding the space of a small hallway. The floor covering can add its own flavor to the interior. The floor in the hallway is subjected to daily increased stress, so the materials for it need durable and high quality. Self-leveling floors or ceramic floor tiles are resistant to moisture and abrasion. Their color palette is quite diverse, and their durability is beyond praise..

Laying laminate flooring also occupies a leading position in terms of frequency of use. Linoleum and carpet are used for budget repairs, since their durability is the lowest..

One of the effective design techniques that increase the space of the room was the use of large mirrors. They are attached to the front parts of furniture, sliding or swing doors, or mounted in baguette frames directly on the wall. The reflective mirror surface creates the illusion of a double increase in the area and enhances the lighting available in it. It seems that in such a room it is even easier to breathe. However, to avoid injury, it is best to apply a design to the mirror, otherwise, by mistake, someone may try to walk through it..

Design options

In any design there is a key detail around which the entire design concept is built. Here are some examples of non-standard approaches:

  • Stone: small hallways can be made in stone. This decor element is used to decorate the corner parts and niches, in addition, the interior stone looks interesting in the design of the doorway. The material gives the impression of solidity and comfort.
  • Mirror: an original solution would be to use white furniture in combination with mirror decoration.

Adding bright ceiling lighting to it, you get a very solemn and bright atmosphere..

  • Ceramic tile: bright ceramic floor tiles can become the basis for the design concept of a narrow corridor, while the rest of its interior details are proposed to be made in monochrome colors. This solution allows you to divert attention from the narrowness of the room..
  • Closet: a sliding wardrobe installed along one of the corridor walls can collect all the focus of attention on itself, acting as a mirror and a spacious dressing niche for storing clothes with shoes. This option is appropriate and compact in an extremely small space..

  • Racks: A free vertical surface in a narrow corridor can be used for open shelving, placing shelves and a hook system for clothes. If this composition is painted in a light color, then visually it will not dominate the rest of the space..

With the help of furniture, wall decoration, floor and ceiling, you can emphasize the features of a narrow space, turning its disadvantages into amazing advantages. The main thing is to correctly place accents and see all the nuances when planning an interior..

How to choose furniture

When choosing the design of cabinets in a long corridor, one should take into account the basic principles of room design:

  • Guided by the ideas of environmental friendliness and safety, furniture must be selected so that it is durable and does not emit harmful substances during operation. Natural solid wood is considered the best choice..
  • The corridor should be in harmony with the overall style of the entire apartment; mixing of different styles in one area is unacceptable.
  • The colors of objects in the interior should be combined with the color scheme of wall and floor coverings, as well as lighting. Dissonance will create a feeling of being cramped and cluttered..

  • Furniture variations need to be chosen narrow, but as functional as possible, their number should be minimal based on the needs, but no more.
  • The best choice is a ready-made furniture set, but if there is no place for its placement, then individual elements are purchased that are well combined with each other in color, size and style..
  • There should be a free space in the room – no need to try to clog every centimeter of the area.

When choosing furniture, their functional purpose is taken into account, therefore they are guided by the initial minimum of items – a wardrobe, shelves, a mirror and hangers. All of them should fit easily without creating a feeling of bias..

The wardrobe is very convenient for mini-hallways, but if there is no place for it, it is quite possible to use a shallow pencil case.

The mirror is installed separately or on the front of the cabinet, and the open area with shelves and hooks can be located on the wall or be a built-in part of a furniture set. Sometimes the shelves are placed higher to the ceiling, but their number should be minimal and they should be located only along one of the walls.

Popular models

To decide on the choice of interior, you need to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of each model. Any option is unique in its own way, but choosing the one that will be convenient for many years of operation is a task of paramount importance:

  • Cabinet furniture. Modular systems made to order for specific room dimensions are considered more convenient. There are many options, the main thing is to decide on the number of items and their placement. The most common solution is a wardrobe with a mirror. Since it has rather large dimensions, the central role of the entire interior composition belongs to him..

  • Sliding wardrobe and wardrobe with doors. A closed cabinet is convenient in that all its contents are removed from prying eyes, and in a small corridor there will be constant order and the absence of unnecessary things. Doors of closed structures can be hinged or sliding – it all depends on how much the free space allows to implement the design idea. The most convenient in this version are sliding wardrobes..
  • Wardrobe with hangers. Interesting products with a built-in system of hangers-hooks and seats with soft surfaces. These cabinet options are the most compact and versatile. This structure can be placed along one of the walls and there will be nothing more to add to it..

  • Open cabinets. Cabinet options may include partially open shelves for small items and decorative items. This furniture structure can also be angular.
  • Wardrobe with mezzanines. Due to the limited space and the need to remove a large number of things, they choose tall tall cabinets with mezzanines. Their height, as a rule, reaches the ceiling..

The listed classic options are sometimes supplemented with individual trifles inherent only in your apartment – this can be original fittings, carved elements, plinths and cornices, curly legs.

Color solutions

Even a small hallway in Khrushchev can be turned into a room with an unusual interior that sets the tone for the entire design of your home. Experts believe that the most effective technique is the game of the color palette, the correct combination of which connects all the elements with each other, turning them into a single whole:

  • White color. Cleanliness and solemnity, as well as a sense of airiness of the space – all this creates the white color of the hallway surfaces. Light walls and white furniture blend beautifully with mirrored surfaces and bright lighting.
  • Wenge color. This dark classic color, used in the hallway, requires a careful approach, as it does not like unnecessary small details. This option looks best on smooth, even surfaces without excessive pretentiousness..

  • Nut color. The most common classic shade. Suitable for all shapes and styles of furniture, creating an impression of warmth and harmony. Its tint nuances range from light to deep dark.
  • Multi-colored options. The use of unusual colors for the manufacture of furniture is possible for stylized modern design projects used in the style of modern, pop art and others. Any riot of colors necessary to fulfill the designer’s creative idea is allowed.

  • Metallic. The use of silver and bronze colors makes the furniture unique and expressive. There are no time limits for this coloring technique – the old baroque style and modern high-tech obey this interesting color scheme. Metallic color accentuates every curve and protrusion of the furniture structure.

  • Pastel colors. Furniture surface painted in pastel colors is incredibly pleasant to the eye. Such colors breathe with the warmth of the hearth, hospitality and peace. Most often, this approach is used when performing the Provence style..

It is not uncommon for interior specialists to combine 2-3 colors or shades in furniture design. It looks unusual. With the help of this technique, you can emphasize individual design details or, on the contrary, visually reduce their size..


In the design of small corridors, the same stylistic techniques are used as in the design of large areas. These rules are the same and they are based on color preferences:

  • Modern and classicism. These styles are characterized by the use of natural colors – light and sandy tones. The corridor, decorated in white, will be a classic design option.

  • Baroque style. In modern interiors, imitation of antique furniture and the corresponding design of the entire concept of the room are often used. Gold, bronze, pink, cherry colors are the most common colors for this design option..

  • Rococo. The stylish entrance hall, made in the Rococo style, will be characterized by the presence of elegant furniture with twisted legs and carved decor. The main background for it will be the pastel background of the room, and the furniture itself can be bronze or gold..

  • Empire style. Its expressiveness is achieved through the use of rich and bold color shades of the surrounding space, against which furniture and decorative elements contrast. Traditionally, for the Empire style, red, green, blue or gold colors are chosen..

  • Minimalism style. Everything is used in the interior to a minimum – the wall decoration is monochromatic, no frills, their color is chosen in a neutral scale, and the furniture is simple in execution, functional and few in number..

  • Pop art style. The case where fantasy can roam. Colors are chosen bright, provocative – pink, red, yellow, orange, black, white. All this is combined in an unimaginable way in a style solution and a unique result is obtained, which is simply impossible to repeat..

  • High tech. Metallic and gray shades dominate, with rich dark or dazzling whites used for contrast. The combination of the minimum amount of furniture and decoration of the room should be in a single style key.

The choice of style largely depends on the room itself, the height of its ceilings, the availability of free space, as well as the architectural layout.

Dimensions (edit)

The size of the furniture will depend on the size of the corridor. Narrow spaces require compact furniture designs. If the parameters of 50-60 cm are considered the traditional depth of the cabinet, then in conditions of limited areas there will be appropriate depth 30 cm. You can replace the standard set of furniture sets with separate compact items. Of course, the number of things that can be stored there will be symbolic, but the functionality will remain.

The height of furniture structures can only be limited by the ceiling. Most often, in small-sized apartments, the vertical space is used to the maximum, equipping the mezzanine at the top. No less interesting are the options for transforming furniture and compact sliding structures. Even with a minimum width of 28 or 30 cm, they are incredibly spacious.

Cabinets are not the only ones undergoing changes to their standard dimensions. If, for example, we take compact versions of an ordinary floor hanger and a small soft ottoman and a shoe cabinet installed next to it, even if it is 28 cm wide, all this will look much more appropriate than a large standard cabinet.

Manufacturers overview

The list of domestic and foreign manufacturers of furniture for a small hallway is quite large. Large manufacturers and small businesses cope with the task of saturating the furniture market very effectively. The price range depends on the material from which the structure is made. The most expensive models are made from solid natural wood, budget options are made from woodworking products:

  • Furniture factory “Ascona” produces not only orthopedic mattresses, but also produces compact small-sized furniture. The company produces more than 300 models of ready-made sets of furniture for hallways, mirrors, cabinets and poufs, cabinets, shelves and banquettes. The price range is wide enough and corresponds to the price-quality ratio. You can buy the products of this factory in almost any city in Russia..

  • Ikea brand has Swedish roots, today it is one of the largest commercial and industrial companies in the world. In Russia, there are 14 shopping centers of this network located in large cities of the country. However, furniture can be ordered from a catalog from any city with inexpensive delivery throughout Russia. Ikea brand products are distinguished by their restraint, functionality and a pleasant price. Here you will not find pretentious models, but simple, solid options will surprise you with a variety..

  • Furniture factory “MebelGrad”. Bryansk Manufacturing Company has trade branches in Russia and manufactures high-quality furniture products from solid wood and wood processing products. For the arrangement of hallways, modular systems and single interior elements are offered. The prices of this manufacturer are very affordable, and the quality is decent. The assortment includes a large selection of wardrobes, cabinets, shoe racks and modular systems for any, even the most demanding, taste.

Beautiful design projects

Every year, each company releases new items, improving their previously developed drawings and inventing new designs. Every manufacturer has examples of some of these design findings. Finding decent and suitable furniture in size is only half the battle. Skillfully integrating it into the overall interior is a much more difficult task..

An interesting design find may lie not only in the furniture products themselves, but also in the surrounding environment. The combination of material, as well as the color of furniture with room doors, balances the balance of the entire composition, leading it to unity.

Among the novelties of manufacturers, models with textured design of the front parts of furniture began to appear. This element in itself already becomes the center of the entire composition, since it focuses primarily on itself..

It is impossible to remain indifferent to the hallway, made with modern materials in the Empire style. With a minimal amount of furniture, the feeling of chic design will not leave anyone indifferent..

You will see even more interesting design ideas for hallways for a narrow corridor in the next video..

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