Hallways to a small corridor

In the modern world, buildings of small-sized apartments increasingly prevail. This is such a special budget class of housing, on the one hand, that meets all the basic requirements of the owner, on the other hand, it makes you think about organizing space for the vital functions of the owner. Developers especially like to save space in the hallways. It would seem that small functionality does not require large sizes, but it is important for any owner to choose furniture for this room that meets his needs.

Smart design in a cramped environment

In small apartments, there is an acute issue of organizing the storage of personal belongings. Even for a long and narrow hallway, you should choose suitable furniture for this purpose. Modern manufacturers provide models with a width of only 20 cm, while they have a place for storing shoes, bags, keys. Things in such a space can be simply hung on a bar with hooks. Such minimalism in the interior will look stylish and conceptual, and the narrow corridor will turn from the disadvantages of the apartment into its advantages.

A difficult task for the layman will be the design of the corner hallway. Furniture manufacturers have tried to facilitate this task, to make the cabinets spacious and beautiful. If you still have difficulties with the choice, consider the option of making a hallway to order. In this case, the dimensions will be exactly observed, and the furniture will fit into the interior as it should. It is worth noting that the closet compartment, which falls on the corner of the room, has a large volume, the space inside can be used very rationally, then there will be no problems with storing clothes and shoes out of season. Also, the corner version can be beaten with radius doors, the bend can be directed both inward and towards the outer part of the product.

An entrance hall to a small corridor can be designed as a sliding wardrobe. This option is very popular, as it looks beautiful and has great functionality. Built-in models look very impressive. Due to the fact that the walls of the cabinet are formed by the walls, the usable space expands, which will be used as functionally as possible.

For fans of ready-made solutions, manufacturers offer to choose modular furniture. Cabinets according to this system are arranged based on the size and shape of the room, acquire any scale, look modern and intricate.

Minimalists install ordinary barbells in the corridors, on which they hang clothes of all seasons on hangers one after another. Shoes are placed directly under the clothes. In this case, it will not work to hide anything, but such a design is popular and occupies a special poverty in interior design..

The functionality of small hallways is not great, but if you work correctly with the space, you can get a beautiful room with the necessary storage space..

Furniture options

Manufacturers have developed numerous versatile furniture concepts for small spaces. Any consumer with the most demanding taste will be able to find wardrobes in the hallway. Embedded designs are now at their peak of popularity. Comfortable wardrobes made using this technology can be either with an open area for everyday clothing, or completely deaf. It is possible to perform mirror doors, then the question of where to hang the mirror disappears, again, saving space and a ready-made solution. There are built-in wardrobes with hinged doors, such an organization of space will fit well into a small hallway made in a classic style.

If such options are more suitable for supporters to purchase custom-made furniture, then the cabinet wall in the hallway is the choice of lovers of ready-made solutions. It is enough to choose a product according to the size of the room, without thinking about how, what and where it should be stored and stored, completely trusting the designers’ intention.

There are the main points that you should pay attention to in this case:

  • The set of the finished wardrobe must necessarily include an area for everyday wear;
  • There should be a shelf for storing hats, scarves, gloves;
  • Below, under the clothes, there is a shoe rack or shelves for shoes;
  • There is a closed area for clothing for other seasons;
  • Little storage space for small items such as keys.

There are walls with a rounded corner. They soften space and save space. If the wall is a relatively large and monolithic piece of furniture, then modular cabinets allow you to choose options for using space.

Materials (edit)

Wardrobes made of solid wood will become durable and reliable. They perfectly meet all quality standards, but they look decent and of high quality. Moreover, the product from the massif can be made both with swing doors and with sliding doors. The most common material for manufacturing is oak, but such a cabinet may seem heavy for a small room, and even expensive. The lighter material is pine, it is cheaper and will look no worse.

Products made of veneer will help to save money. It can be made of artificial materials or natural wood (oak, birch, pine, mahogany, walnut, beech). It is made as follows: a layer is cut from the surface of the array, which is processed in a special way, a thin sheet is obtained, which is subsequently glued to the base of the furniture. Without going into trifles, sometimes it is not easy to externally distinguish veneer from solid wood.

An even cheaper option is a cabinet made of MDF. When processing wood, wood dust appears, from which the material is produced. It is strong and moisture resistant.

The cheapest cabinets are made from chipboard. This material, unfortunately, is short-lived, suitable for people who are used to changing the interior quite often, because with prolonged use, deformations and detachments are possible, and with prolonged contact with water, the chipboard swells and warps. Now manufacturers have learned to laminate such material, which makes it more resistant to external factors. A special decorative film with an imitation of wood or stone is applied to the surface, but it can also tear over time.

A wide variety of different materials are used to create unique and beautiful designs. This is rattan. This is a specially processed tropical vine, surprisingly strong and moisture resistant. An interesting fact is that it is used as an independent product and used as decorative elements. A rattan wardrobe in the hallway is an expensive pleasure, it is very light and elegant, but not suitable for everyone at a price. If you really like this material, but you cannot afford it, buy rattan baskets, put on open shelves for small things such as gloves, scarves, combs and other accessories..

Also, an ottoman or a small rattan couch for putting on shoes with convenience will look appropriate in the hallway. Manufacturers of sliding-door wardrobes and wardrobes with swing doors use this material as decorative elements, in a special way gluing thin sheets to the MDF or veneer base. The result is a solid and beautiful design. The “relative” of rattan cabinets is a bamboo cabinet. It is a little cheaper, but it is still considered an elite material..

A wardrobe with mirrored doors in the hallway will save space, since in this case you will not have to look for a place to hang a separate mirror. Mirror and glass coverings expand the space of a small room, letting in and reflecting more light. Different patterns can be applied to the mirror using sandblasting technology. They are applied with a special device, they look elegant and easy. Different types of glass are used: opaque, with the effect of graphite or bronze, painted using the lacobel technology or with engraving. Cabinet doors made of such material can be covered with a film, the pattern of which will match the wallpaper of the room or simply have a pattern for every taste..

For connoisseurs of the style of “soft luxury”, cabinets made with leather elements are suitable. Basically, for this, not natural material is used, but eco-leather. It is more wear-resistant, hardly scratches, but looks nice and neat. It is made on a fabric basis, applying special embossing a special polymer film that repeats the natural texture.

Color solutions

In small rooms, every little thing plays a role and will not go unnoticed, but the color scheme is not a little thing. Everyone should understand that the light design of the room visually enlarges the space, while the dark one conceals this space. Therefore, when furnishing a miniature corridor, choose light shades, they are more optimistic and look good. Bold ideas include accents with vibrant details. For example, painted white walls, cabinet doors are glossy and also white, but shelves or accessories are bright yellow or blue.

In general, colorful solutions favorably divert attention from the problem of lack of space, but excessive saturation with various colors is unnecessary. Do not overdo it in this direction, it is enough to have 1-2 bright details.

Dimensions (edit)

Furniture in the hallway must fully correspond to the size of the room, it is important to use every centimeter of space. But do not forget that there must be enough free space, that at least 1 person could calmly dress and put on shoes. Compact models are what you should look for in a store before buying. Now manufacturers are ready to meet the demand for a variety of requests, while the furniture will be roomy, look neat, beautiful and dignified..

Non-standard solutions will also fit perfectly into the interior of a small hallway.. For example, some designs suggest arranging shoe racks from floor to ceiling. Or, in general, limit the furniture in the hallway to hooks, where you can hang 3-4 jackets and shelves for hats, and just put your shoes on the floor along the wall. Such an organization of space will really save space, but then you have to think about a place to store clothes for other seasons..

The most common hallways for small rooms are 140 cm wide wardrobes and hangers. They include everything you need, are inexpensive and fit perfectly into the environment. To correctly order or purchase such furniture, keep in mind that the length of the open part should be at least 60 cm, then the closed part will be 80 cm.The latter can be completely abandoned in favor of a mirror, and the open part should be replaced with a round-shaped floor hanger.

Manufacturers overview

More and more manufacturers are identifying whole product lines designed specifically for small spaces. Such budget options have become just a salvation for the owners of small apartments and studio apartments. The most famous creators of miniature solutions are designers from Ikea. This factory has Swedish roots, is the largest retail chain of furniture and household goods around the world and meets all European quality standards..

Ikea is famous for the fact that it has ready-made solutions for the improvement of any apartment, acts on the principle “we have everything” and eliminates the need for a person to turn to another manufacturer for one or another interior detail. The low price for products and good quality makes consumers choose this company. Ikea really saves money for those who choose its products. There is no need to contact the designers in addition to plan the space of your apartment, Ikea has already thought of everything for you.

The brand offers a product catalog in which a special place is reserved for storing things, which is so important when decorating a hallway. These are wardrobes from 60 cm with a bar for hangers and shelves for non-creasing clothes, dressers for small accessories from 50 cm, shelves with open shelves, modular systems, tall cabinets from 36 cm, regular and modular shelves.

Wardrobes from the Pax series are ready-made wardrobes with a width of 150 cm. Particular attention should be paid to fabric wardrobes that can be closed with a regular zipper. This is a very economical way of storing your belongings, preventing dust and dirt from the street from ruining your belongings. Such furniture is attached directly to the wall using a mechanism that is included in the kit. Size – 74x51x149 cm.

For storing shoes, Ikea has created a large number of shoe racks that look stylish, interesting, and are convenient and practical to use. In such products, each pair is in its place. Fabric organizers for boots, sandals and sneakers look unusual. It is hung on a door or wall, it has its own pocket for each pair..

Ikea’s arsenal includes many accessories that are used to organize storage spaces. All kinds of baskets, boxes, hooks, hangers and hangers can be found in the company’s store.

Such furniture has its drawbacks. Some consumers accuse Ikea of ​​using clichés and lack of uniqueness in the interior furnished with products from this company. Low-quality and cheap fittings are also the object of criticism. But if you compare the company with competitors, then similar and even less “design” solutions cost much more. Yes, more expensive materials are used there, but their quality is questionable..

The main competitors of the brand in Russia are the furniture of the Shatura factory. Hoff furniture hypermarkets offer to consider different manufacturers from almost all corners of the world – Elfa, Rubbermaid, Element System, Aristo and others..

Which one to choose?

It is not so easy to understand all the variety of hallway design. First of all, you need to build on the desired cost of the product. There are both economy options made of inexpensive materials such as chipboard, middle-class wardrobes made of MDF or veneer, and expensive luxury wardrobes made of solid wood..

It is also worth understanding the style in the interior. Classic or modern ideas in the apartment should be combined with the future wardrobe in the hallway.

Check out samples of different brands in stores. Take your time with the choice, evaluate all the pros and cons, check the operation of the mechanisms, evaluate the strength of the product. Pay special attention to the interior fittings of the cabinet.

Decor ideas

Any small space visually needs to be expanded. Choose light-colored wallpapers, preferably plain ones. A bright, clumsy drawing will only emphasize the small dimensions of the room. A stylish solution is just snow-white walls and several accents, such as blue, yellow, pink frames for photos, a colorful rug or a pillow on an ottoman or a sofa for shoes.

If just white smooth walls seem boring to you, create a brickwork relief or the feeling that the wall is made of stones. All designers, without exception, are very fond of these techniques in modern renovation and are often used in practice. There is also decorative plaster, which creates whimsical outlines of the wall pattern, looks elegant and unusual..

Make sure that there is enough light in the “hallway”. Bright rooms appear larger and more spacious. It is obligatory to have lamps or sconces near the mirror. Firstly, it is convenient and simply necessary to correct your hair or makeup before going out, and also, being reflected in the mirror, one lamp turns into two, scattering light, makes the room twice brighter.

Beautiful examples in the interior

It is not difficult to create an original interior design for a small hallway. It is enough to study some examples of interesting ideas on this score. Many modern designers propose to get rid of swing and compartment doors, thus creating a single space. And for the price it comes out on a budget, and the mini room seems to be larger, because the corners breaking up the space are getting smaller.

A variant close to this design is distinguished by the presence of a small chest of drawers in which you can hide everything that strangers should not see. The chest of drawers does not take up a lot of the bridge, but in terms of spaciousness it will satisfy many.

Thus, the always acute problem of furnishing the hallway in the “Khrushchevs” has found its solution. The main thing is to show imagination and determine the key points in the design, from which to build on.

For an overview of the design of hallways in a small corridor, see the following video.

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