Making a narrow hallway

Making a narrow hallway

The problem with many apartments built during the Soviet era is narrow hallways. In such corridors, it is difficult to correctly arrange furniture, so that it is convenient to dress, put on shoes, and take off outerwear. Many owners of apartments with such hallways have to think about design as the last thing, and this is not true. The design of this place must be thought out so that everything is harmoniously combined and increases the space at least visually, and the furniture must be selected and arranged rationally, in accordance with the overall decor.


The corridor of a standard Soviet apartment should be arranged based on the main dominant factor – this is a very narrow rectangular room, as a rule, rather long. Repairs should be made, paying special attention to small details of the room, which can become a source of inconvenience if the wrong approach to the layout of the hallway.

A small space needs to be visually enlarged, furniture should be placed only the most necessary, for example: a pouf, a hanger for outerwear, shoe stands, a wardrobe, a mirror.

Before proceeding with the repair of the hallway, it is recommended to make a drawing of it with the arrangement of all the necessary items.

There are different options for design projects, focusing on the redevelopment of a narrow corridor. For example, the fall of a wall. So you can combine the interior of a narrow hallway and an adjacent room. The living area will increase.

But this option is not possible in every apartment. If the wall is load-bearing, the project is not feasible. When implementing a version of such a design, it should be borne in mind that privacy in the room connected to the hallway will be violated..

Another option is a glass wall. Natural light will appear in the hallway, dirt will not get into the room, the volume of the corridor will visually increase. But this is also only possible with a curtain wall..

You can visually raise the ceiling. This is done by using light colors on the walls and ceiling. For the best effect, you need to beat the colors so that the vertical surface smoothly turns into the horizontal one, erasing the boundaries between them..

Above, a glossy ceiling will appear, and the floor can be made dark and matte.

If the ceiling is already high, the narrow hallway can be transformed with doorways. Their height can be increased. This will give a certain solemnity to the general appearance. The option is quite expensive, but lives up to expectations.

It will be more economical to make a high doorway, and put standard doors. The remaining space can be closed with matching panels.

Another type of hallway design is zoning. Divide the corridor into an entrance and a lobby area. This will give the room more correct proportions. Separation is achieved using various methods: performing zones in different styles, using different floor and ceiling coverings, highlighting with color.

A few more points to pay attention to when planning:

  • Entrance and interior doors. It is desirable that the design of all doors in the corridor matches. When opening, they should not intersect with each other. If possible, make all doors open to rooms..
  • Lighting. First of all, the mirror should be well lit. It is a good idea to place one switch at the entrance, and the other towards the end of the corridor. It is practical to install a motion sensor so that the light turns on automatically when you enter the apartment.
  • Sockets. Install at least one in the hallway. If before repairing you are not sure that it will be useful to you there, then in the future everything may change. Better to take care of everything in advance.
  • Underfloor heating. An electric underfloor heating in the area of ​​the rug can save you from the puddle that snow turns into on your shoes. And also boots will last longer if they dry faster.

How to visually expand?

There are various ways to visually expand the space in a narrow corridor:

  • Mirrors and mirror surfaces. You might be surprised how many mirror placement solutions are out there. The doors of the sliding wardrobe can be mirrored. If you place a large detached mirror opposite it, this will create an optical effect of doubling the area..

Mirrors can be placed on interior doors by replacing plastic inserts. Make the entire wall mirrored, which will also double the space. Glossy reflective coatings on furniture, ceilings and walls will also visually increase the area. And this applies not only to light shades..

  • Passages to rooms. Interior swing doors can be removed if there is no special need for them, and the passage can be made in the form of an arch. Alternatively, you can replace them with sliding, translucent doors. But for this you have to remove part of the wall..

  • Lighting. It will be good to place spotlights along the perimeter of the corridor. In general, try to ensure that there is no lack of lighting in the hallway. Fractional diffused light will increase the space.

  • Minimalism concept. Furniture must be strictly functional and rationally used. Only the essentials are allowed. In no case should you overload the area with unnecessary decorations, side tables, etc. Do not be afraid to get rid of old things, place new compact and roomy furniture.

If, for example, there is no room for a closet, just install hooks for outerwear. It is appropriate and practical to use combined furniture.

  • Bright hues. Wallpaper, paint and other coatings should be in light colors. Do not experiment with large drawings or elongated patterns on the walls. This will further narrow the space..

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

Let’s go from top to bottom in this question:


The design and decoration of the ceiling depends on its height and, of course, on the preferences of the owners. If the ceilings are standard, multi-level plasterboard options are suitable. Built-in spotlights will give the hallway an interesting look, expand the space.

If the height allows, use a stretch ceiling. It will become a decoration of the room, as well as a way to enlarge the area due to its glossy finish. You choose the color depending on the overall interior of the room. There are no strict frames.


Remember that everything in a narrow hallway, if possible, should work to expand the space. But let’s not forget about practicality. To visually increase the area, light, delicate shades are needed..

But this causes the need for the highest quality and most frequent care of the walls. Therefore, you need to choose an easy-to-clean wallpaper or moisture-resistant paint. If you use decorative plaster, then it should be borne in mind that finishing will have to be done every few years, radically changing the previous one..

If you like to experiment, you can try using different materials and colors when decorating the walls..

We also remember that the side surfaces can be decorated with mirrors. Well-chosen paintings, photographs, stylish sconces, hanging shelves can decorate the walls..


The material must be durable and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are the most suitable option. Do not forget about the possibility of zoning a room by using different materials and colors. Often the space at the front door is tiled, and the rest is laminated. The floor can contrast with the rest of the areas.


This is an element that needs to be thought out well when arranging a hallway. If natural light does not enter the corridor, it is necessary to provide it with artificial light as much as possible..

It is better to refuse a large chandelier.. It is possible to install small recessed luminaires on the ceiling (the number depends on the length of the corridor) with diffusers. So, the light will be evenly distributed throughout the room. Luminaires are also built into the floor and into the wall. If we talk about large shades, one or two on top will be enough. It is also possible when one is located on the ceiling, and the second is on the wall..

Try to install the lamps so that the mirror is illuminated. You can use LED strips or furniture with decorative lighting. The light can be distributed according to zones: at the front door and towards the end of the hallway.

The use of motion sensors will be beneficial. In the place you need, the light will turn on automatically as soon as you find yourself there. Often they are installed right at the entrance so that the owners do not have to look for the switch when they enter the apartment. It is very convenient.

We select doors

Harmony in design always makes a good impression. The entrance and interior doors should be in harmony in color. They should also be combined with skirting boards. Try to keep both those and others in the same scale. It also looks advantageous if the furniture matches in shades and materials with skirting boards and doors..

If you want something interesting and impressive, don’t be afraid to use catchy colors. You can decorate the hallway with a simple door in a bright color.

How to equip?

The biggest difficulty in decorating a narrow corridor is the arrangement of furniture. I would like to make the room with the essentials to the maximum, but at the same time leave room for unhindered movement. Today there are such opportunities:

  • The set in the hallway must be chosen taking into account the shape of the room. The number and size of items will depend on its length and width. It should be remembered that for free movement you need to leave a passage with a width of at least 80 cm.
  • All furniture will have to be placed along one wall. You cannot place anything near the second, otherwise it will be very cramped in the corridor.
  • A common piece of furniture in the hallway is a wardrobe, which is supposed to have a place for outerwear, hats and sometimes shoes. Don’t put it right outside the front door. This will make it much more difficult for you to get outside or arrive home. Do not forget about the mirrored cabinet doors, which visually increase the space..

  • The use of combined furniture has now become common. To save space, models are installed in which a bench, galoshes, wardrobe, mirror, curbstone, etc. can be combined. There are all kinds of.
  • Another cabinet option is a column. The design feature of the column cabinet is that it is narrow enough to fit in a room where it is necessary to save space. A variety of models allows you to choose the right one for your purposes.
  • If there is very little space, it is better to abandon the cabinet and bulky structures. It will be enough to leave a few hooks for the outerwear. The remaining area can be furnished with modular furniture. The use of suspended structures is permissible. For example, it would be appropriate to place a rack on the wall for books, cosmetics, indoor flowers, photographs or fashion accessories. Depends on the preferences of the household.

  • Stylish glossy furniture will help to visually expand the space and modernize the room. Excellent design solution.
  • Another element of the hallway, which, as a rule, cannot be without is a bedside table. Do not forget about saving space and choose this piece of furniture with a depth of 20-30 cm, no more. It can be combined with a shoe rack or shoe storage will be its main function. Try to allocate as much space as possible for shoes so that there are no problems with their placement when guests arrive..
  • A bench, pouf or stool must be present. The main criteria for the interior of a narrow hallway are practicality, functionality, convenience. And to put on shoes while sitting is much more comfortable.


Responsibly, you should approach the choice of colors. Everything (from floors and walls to furniture and doors) must be coordinated. This does not mean at all that you need to arrange everything in one color. But the combination of different shades should look harmonious, attractive and stylish..

It has been said many times that light colors optically expand the area, but you should not get carried away with them..

If, for example, your walls and ceiling are made in delicate pastel shades, let the floor be in color contrast. Or doors and furniture can contrast..

When choosing white furniture, make the walls bright. This will liven up the room, give it a mood. If you want walls with a pattern or catchy print, make sure it doesn’t constrict the space. The same applies to dark colors, which are appropriate to apply to one or two details, but not to the entire hallway as a whole..

Another color scheme is to use different colors for the surfaces. For example, long longitudinal walls can be made in one color and transverse walls in another. Or they can be decorated with photo wallpapers..

The colors of the solid color hallway can be given using colored LEDs. This option is suitable for eccentric people who are not afraid of experiments..


When choosing a style for any one room, remember that the apartment or house should have style uniformity. Or at least the design should be similar. The entrance hall is the first room where you and your guests get, and let its design speaks about the concept of the entire interior of the home..

Popular styles:


A versatile solution, perfect for any hallway. Natural restrained colors, smooth lines, symmetry in the arrangement of furniture, softness, grace, luxury – this is what is inherent in this direction..

A cabinet wall that combines a dressing room, a shoe rack, a bench, a curbstone or a chest of drawers is suitable. Shades should be natural. The carvings on the furniture and the beautifully carved mirror frame are what distinguishes the classic style. In the classics, you cannot save money, so materials such as parquet, natural wood or laminate are suitable for the floor..

For the ceiling, pastel colors are suitable. A graceful pattern, antique architectural elements can become a decoration. The walls can contrast with the furniture. Family photos and stylish paintings in the right frames will look good on them..


Distinctive features of this style are light colors: pale pink, mint, blue, beige, white, pale yellow; deliberate wear of furniture, natural materials and their imitation, forged details in decoration. Wallpaper is usually not used in this style. Plaster or even stone is more suitable. The plaster is specially applied unevenly, carelessly.

The floor is usually wooden, aged, often unpainted. Ceramic tiles with the right design for the style are also suitable. The ceiling should be in harmony with the walls and flooring. They should complement each other well..

Wooden furniture is chosen, also in light shades. The presence of open hangers, shelves, a chest of drawers is mandatory. You can place wicker baskets for storing all sorts of little things. A soft couch with graceful legs or a simple bench with soft pillows will look advantageous..

Don’t forget about accessories that are an integral part of this style..


The room in the oriental style looks fabulous, rather pompous, spectacular. A combination of bright colors, golden, orange, red shades, unusual patterns is appropriate. The furniture is distinguished by its graceful forms, filigree finishing. The floor is usually covered with a soft, beautiful carpet..

There are varieties of this style. The concept of “oriental” is quite broad, it includes Arabic, Indian, Turkish, Japanese styles, and they vary greatly. So choose the direction that suits you first..


Everything here is extremely clear and simple: a minimum of furniture, a minimum of accessories, austerity of forms, clarity of lines. All things in such a hallway should be arranged rationally. Functionality, practicality, convenience – that’s what you need to focus on. Of furniture, as a rule, there are hangers, a shoe rack, a bench or stool, a couple of shelves.

You can decorate a minimalist corridor with a mirror in a beautiful frame and, for example, a stylish vase or an umbrella stand.

Modern ideas and solutions in the interior

There are several interesting ideas on how to modernize the narrow corridor of an apartment and make it more functional:

  • Forged products will look stylish and elements on lamps, shelves, frames.
  • You can cut a window in the wall into the next room. Such a design will look very interesting and modern, and the space will visually expand. The cut hole may not be glazed. This will liven up the interior even more, and an extra shelf for accessories will appear..
  • Original umbrella stands will decorate the hallway and will be useful in a practical way.

  • Stylish floor vases in the corner of the corridor will dilute the boring interior.
  • Various wall pockets can store the little things you need: keys, hairbrush, correspondence.
  • It will be good to place wicker boxes on the shelves., which will become a place for storing various necessary things: hair straighteners, curling irons, combs, cosmetics, eau de toilette, brushes and shoe polish, hats.

  • Make a hook hanger for the bag. Very useful and convenient.
  • Decorate the walls with paintings or photographs. Turn a small hallway into a small gallery. It is also possible to use frescoes.

Refine your home, don’t be afraid of bold design decisions, but don’t go overboard with experimentation. Everything is good in moderation.

For even more design ideas for a narrow hallway, see the next video..

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