Modular hallways

A house or apartment begins with a hallway. The mood of the incoming person depends on how the room “meets”. Whether he wants to throw his things and, headlong, run out of this room, or slowly undress and undress, throw off the burden of problems left behind the door. So that everything in the house always starts with a positive, think about arranging the corridor. Modular furniture may well create the very same comfort and coziness, starting right from the doorstep.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern hallways are increasingly being filled with modular furniture. And this is due to the fact that this type of furniture ensemble has the following advantages:

  • Modular hallways are selected individually. Each customer chooses only those things that he really needs.
  • Furniture items from one collection are stylistically combined, modules are interchangeable. If necessary, they can be replaced with narrower or wider ones, changed to another type of furniture, for example, an open shelf can be changed to a closed cabinet.

  • Such furniture is ideal for change lovers. You can change, outweigh, rearrange its location at least every day. It’s like a Lego constructor for adults.
  • Wide range of sizes. There are options for both small apartments and spacious rooms..
  • Ease of assembly. Typesetting furniture is ready-made sections and modules that are easy to assemble.

Despite the numerous advantages of such furniture, it also has disadvantages:

  • The collection consists of a set of ready-made design solutions, and this, to some extent, reduces individuality. And besides, the choice of the color palette can be quite meager and minimal..
  • The modules must be assembled on a flat surface, otherwise its transitions will be noticeable.

Varieties of typesetting furniture

Modular systems are a type of cabinet furniture. Any module consists of a body. And, having assembled a set of several such buildings, you can completely equip any hallway with furniture for storing things (cabinets, mezzanines), for relaxation (one on which you can sit down and even lie down) and even add some interior items that are not characteristic of this room (for example , dressing table).

By their location, modular hallways can be straight, linear, located along the wall, and corner, compactly taking up space. Anyway, any type of furniture can be adjusted to the narrowest or widest corridor. This can be done due to the size range of modules, which can be of different depths..

Modular hallways also differ in what they are made of and in their design. The materials from which the modules are made are very different: from chipboard to wooden massifs. As for the design, it can be incorporated into almost any stylistic solution..

Dimensions (edit)

Each house has its own entrance hall, with its own parameters. It will not be difficult to place a chest of drawers 100 cm wide in a spacious corridor, but in a small apartment it is already problematic. Very often there are rooms where it is impossible for several people to turn around. But you still need to hang things there. Here, small ensembles made up of narrow modules can come to the rescue. The maximum depth of these products is 35-40 cm.However, these modules are not designed to store a large number of things, and they are not very stable.

When the hallway has room to turn around, you can install cabinets up to 60 cm deep.If it is not so spacious, then you can opt for medium-sized furniture of 40, 50 cm.

Materials (edit)

To a greater extent, it depends on the materials from which the furniture in the hallway is made, how long it will last. If we discard all kinds of decorative elements, mirrors and glass, then modules are mainly made from the following materials:

  • Particle board or Chipboard. A very economical (especially in terms of money) option. According to its characteristics, modern chipboard furniture is reliable, but slightly inferior in durability. Various processing methods, including lamination, veneering significantly improve the characteristics of the material, however, they do not remove its main drawback – low environmental friendliness. The composition contains formaldehyde resins.
  • Fiberboard or MDF. The main “competitor” is chipboard, which is slightly ahead of it in terms of its qualities. Environmentally friendly material. MDF covered with veneer looks very advantageous, sometimes you cannot distinguish it from wood.
  • Wood. Solid wood is a very expensive material, it is rarely used for the manufacture of furniture in the hallway. It turns out to be very heavy. Wooden furniture in the hallway is more of an expensive whim that a person with a high income can do..


The color scheme of the hallway depends on:

  • geometry – in small, poorly lit rooms, a dark color such as wenge, dark walnut, oak, graphite, black – can “eat up” the space;
  • functional – the color should not be easily soiled, since various dirt is often brought in here;
  • personal preferences – everyone chooses a color combination to their liking.

The color palette of modular furniture is varied. It includes both pure colors and imitations of various surfaces (wood, stone, leather), on the facades can be placed photo printing or drawing.


The most minimal filling of the hallway consists of three parts: a place for hanging outerwear, a hat, a scarf and shoes. The advantage of modular furniture is that any of its items can be “stuffed” so that it becomes multifunctional.

Take a pencil case, for example. It can be a simple box with hooks or a barbell inside. Or it can contain a shelf for hats on top, a shelf for shoes at the bottom, the same hooks, a bar, pull-out hangers, and a mirror can be placed on the inside or outside of the door..

If desired, any corridor (even the smallest and narrowest) can be equipped as practical and functional as possible, and at the same time the aesthetics will not suffer. And you can assemble a hallway from the following types of furniture:

  • open hanger for things, which can be framed or equipped with a shelf for hats;
  • a shelf for hats – it can be a separate piece of furniture, but more often it is included in the set of others;

  • a wardrobe is the most necessary item, it can be angular or linear, with swing doors or a compartment;
  • pencil case – mini-version of the cabinet;
  • shoe cabinet or shoe rack – it is both a rack without doors and a bedside table with drawers, it can also be a bench with shelves;

  • open rack for storing small items;
  • chest of drawers with pull-out sections – for storing things and small things;
  • mezzanine is a good old and very practical solution, this piece of furniture can accommodate a huge number of things, while it is not as noticeable as a massive wardrobe or chest of drawers.

If space allows, then you can think about leisure items. You can place a stool, armchair, sofa, bench, ottoman. And if there is still little space, then a well-fortified shoe rack combined with a pouf is suitable for such purposes.


Coziness is created in the little things. In this regard, the modular system is very well suited to accommodate a wide variety of accessories. Key holders, hangers, hooks, clocks, organizers, an umbrella stand, a shoe mat will add a little bit of practicality and become good accents in the interior.

Vertical or horizontal modular paintings can add brightness, personality and style, and even expand the space..


The style of furniture depends on taste preferences and what style prevails in the apartment. Today, modular furniture can fit into any style: from hi-tech and art deco to baroque and empire. But the main style that prevails in modern hallways is still minimalism. But at the same time, it can be with notes of other styles..

Classic style people who value comfort, practicality and aesthetics with a touch of aristocracy prefer to furnish their hallways. It looks good in spacious hallways. Natural and expensive materials, oriental accents and elements of antiquity on a one-color soft background – these are the characteristics of type-setting furniture in the Art Deco style..

For lovers of simplicity – style country with unpretentious “rustic” furniture or romantic provence. Light shades and bright accents will make the corridor visually larger.


It should be noted that modern modular systems meet the requirements of many styles, and can, if desired, fit into any interior.


Both a small private company and a furniture giant from Russia or abroad can be engaged in the production of modules. At the same time, each manufacturer uses its own materials for the manufacture of frames and furniture fittings..

The undisputed leader in the production of modular hallways is the domestic company BRW. The furniture of the company is distinguished by a rich assortment, high quality and a wide variety of colors.

Of particular note is the elegant and simple design that suits any style and any space..

How to choose?

When buying a particular set of furniture, it is impossible to predict what the seller saved on – on the material of the case or details. You can buy a bad modular hallway both from a “private trader” and from a brand manufacturer. Therefore, the choice of furniture should be approached very thoroughly..

The first step to choosing good quality furniture in the hallway will be to understand what is really needed in this hallway. Decide on the minimum set of interior items. Then take measurements of the hallway and estimate how deep the modules will be needed.

Most buyers are guided by the following selection criteria:

  • Build quality, materials. Modules can be made of super strong, moisture resistant materials, but come with cheap fittings. Conversely, a cheap frame with secure fittings. In both cases, the furniture will not last long..

The choice must always pay attention to the quality of all components. To be on the safe side, you can ask the store for a quality certificate..

  • Functional. A wide range of modules allows you to choose only what you really need. It is vitally important for someone to distribute a lot of little things on open shelves, while someone does not like it when everything is on display..
  • Design. The more the furniture stands out stylistically, the more expensive it is, as a rule. Standard or exclusive – the choice is only up to the buyer.
  • Price. One of the most important criteria. The miser pays twice, but no one wants to pay too much.

Beautiful examples of interiors

Modular furniture will make any hallway stylish and practical. Even in the smallest corridor there is a place on the wall for a hanger, and under it there can be a couple of drawers for furniture, and if the length allows, then you can fit a compact pencil case.

A practical solution would be a corner set that can combine several pieces of furniture (hanger, wardrobe, shoe box, rack).

Well, if there is enough space in the corridor, the furniture can be arranged as you wish, and it will not eat up the space. Therefore, it is quite possible to place a real collection of modules here: several wardrobes, shelves, chests of drawers, mirrors..

You will learn more about how to choose a modular wardrobe for the hallway in the following video..

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