Shoe boxes for shoes in the hallway

The entrance hall forms the first impression of the house, therefore it is necessary to create a cozy and beautiful interior there. And then the shoe rack or shoe rack is an indispensable design element. It allows you to give the hallway neatness, and also provides an economical arrangement of the room..

Advantages and disadvantages

Shoe cabinet is a type of cabinet furniture designed for compact storage of shoes. A variety of models, designs, colors, materials of manufacture allows each customer to find the best option for stylish decoration of the walk-through room.

models have certain disadvantages. For example, closed-type shoe racks are designed to store extremely clean and dry shoes..

The shoe cabinet has the following advantages:

  • Saving space. Many models are characterized by compact dimensions and shallow depth. Vertical shoe racks accommodate a large number of shoes and take up very little space.
  • Beautiful design. The galoshnitsa can be a harmonious addition or a bright accent in creating a stylish interior..
  • Variety of lineup. Each buyer can choose an option depending on financial capabilities. Manufacturers offer shoe racks from inexpensive materials, as well as spectacular options from expensive.
  • Ease of use. Simple product design provides convenience when opening or closing the cabinet.
  • Reliable shoe protection. Closed shoe racks protect shoes from dirt, dust and moisture, while maintaining their original appearance.

It is impossible to single out general disadvantages. Some options made of metal or wood are not characterized by mobility, like plastic shoe boxes.


Shoe cabinet is designed to preserve the beautiful appearance of the shoe. It allows you to extend its service life. Shoe racks are also a stylish addition to the interior. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of practical, fashionable and comfortable shoe racks. They are characterized by functionality, since they often have stands, cabinets, shelves:

  • A good solution for a spacious hallway is cupboard. It is roomy and functional. Typically, hallway cabinets are up to one meter high, while the sizes of the shelves may be different. Tall models can fit a huge amount of shoes. Separate shelves can be allocated for each family member for ease of use. But such shoe racks also have a minus. The upper shelves are difficult to reach without an additional device..

  • Sometimes it is used in the form of a galoshes dresser, because it has a luxurious design. But this option is impractical for storing shoes..
  • Pencil case can be presented with various internal filling and design. It can be used for small families. It is not suitable for those families where there are a large number of people, since it will be inconvenient to use it..
  • Stylish bench equipped with a soft and comfortable place to sit down and put on or take off your shoes. It is not intended for storing shoes, but only takes up extra space, so it is not recommended to use it for decorating hallways. The shelf model is more practical, but it can fit a small amount of shoes..

  • Couch it is distinguished by its functionality, since it has a comfortable and soft seating position, as well as shelves or drawers for shoes. Wooden models are always in trend. They give the hallway coziness and comfort..
  • For decorating spacious hallways can be used bench. It is designed for both one and several seats. The bench acts as a decorative element. Models with armrests are characterized by ease of use.
  • One of the most popular shoe racks is curbstone. Previously, they were inconspicuous and bulky, modern models are distinguished by elegance and style. They are already small in size, but compactness negatively affects the functionality of the product. This option is a good choice for one person. For a spacious hallway, you can pick up a large cabinet, complemented by a seat.

  • Rack with shelves looks like a shoe store. It is suitable for accommodating a large number of couples, so it is often chosen by fashionistas or large families..
  • Sometimes, when decorating a hallway, it is used to store shoes. stand, thanks to the variety of design solutions and functionality. It is made from natural wood or metal. Some options are presented on casters for mobility and convenience during cleaning. Open construction ensures quick drying of the shoe.
  • An excellent choice for dirty shoes is tray. The design of the product allows water to drain from the shoe and help it dry quickly. This product is perfect for a snowy winter. The models have a special ribbed surface. They are usually made of plastic.

  • Rack – a good option for small or narrow hallways. They are represented by open shelves, which contributes to excellent ventilation of shoes..
  • Looks original and stylish in the hallway box. He always acts as a decoration for the interior of the room. Only clean shoes can be stored in it. The advantage of the model is that it can even be used for sitting if needed. Often these options are made from natural wood..
  • Shop – open version of the shoe cabinet. It is designed for seating and storing shoes. Tall models can have multiple shelves. This option allows you to conveniently and quickly clean up in the hallway, and your shoes are always clean and dry..

Grids are often used instead of shelves, since such models are easier to clean.

Dimensions (edit)

Shoe cabinet manufacturers create models in various sizes to meet the wishes of all buyers. Designers are trying to create compact and roomy models, since the functionality of the product plays a significant role..

A narrow shoe rack is ideal for arranging a long and narrow hallway. The height of the product may vary. Tall models are characterized by maximum roominess. Tall products must be additionally fixed to the wall to ensure a secure fit. Low models are stable, therefore they do not require additional actions to fix.

Shoe cabinet with a height of 60 cm is the standard choice for small hallways.

Materials (edit)

Modern models are made from various materials. Designers offer the choice to each customer, depending on personal preferences. The material has an impact on the practicality, appearance and service life of the product:

  • Many shoe racks are made of chipboard, since this material is notable for its affordable cost, lightness and attractive appearance. The disadvantage of chipboard shoe racks is the fear of moisture. With frequent ingress of water, the material quickly loses its original appearance.
  • Shoe racks made of natural wood are ideal for spacious hallways. It has a long service life, looks beautiful in different styles. But wood is also afraid of high humidity..
  • Plastic shoe rack is often found in modern interiors. Plastic is inexpensive, is not afraid of contact with water, and it can be easily cleaned of any kind of contamination. The only drawback of plastic shoe racks is their fragility..

  • Glass models look beautiful and original, but they are characterized by impracticality. Such a shoe box must be constantly washed from dirt and dust, as it loses its attractive appearance. Thick glass looks massive, while thin glass is very fragile.
  • The metal model is characterized by practicality. To protect the product from corrosion, it should be regularly coated with special products or paint. Iron shoe racks are not movable because they are heavy. Forged models attract attention with exquisite design. Such a shoe box will decorate the interior of the hallway..

A shoe rack with a mirror is ideal for small spaces. It will visually make the room more spacious, and you can always check your appearance before going out..


The color of the shoe cabinet plays an important role in creating the design of the hallway. It can be used as a spectacular interior accent, then you should give preference to bright colors..

Often, models of light shades are acquired in the hallway, since most rooms are dark. White shoe cabinet is able to visually expand the room, make it more spacious. White is impractical, therefore, you should be prepared that the shoe rack will need to be washed regularly.

How to choose?

When choosing a shoe cabinet in the hallway, many factors must be taken into account, then the product will become an excellent place for storing shoes, as well as a worthy decoration of the interior of a room in a certain style..

Before buying a shoe rack, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • the area of ​​the room and the place where it will be located;
  • the number of people who live in the apartment, which means that they will use the product;
  • the presence of pets, their basic habits;
  • how often guests come and usually how many people;
  • the size and height of the shoes that will be stored in the shoe rack;
  • product design features.

Very important calculate the approximate dimensions of the future shoe rack, and also think over the color design of the model so that it looks harmonious in the design of the hallway.

For a small corridor, you can use a curbstone or a wheeled shelf, which is mobile. The product can be easily moved to the desired place. Corner shoe rack also looks nice in small rooms, as it only takes up one free corner.

Spacious hallways allow you to use a large wardrobe or pencil case, which not only include storage space for shoes, but also are designed for a convenient location of outerwear. Barbell options allow you to hang jackets, coats, down jackets on hangers. Thus, clothes do not wrinkle and always look beautiful..

Models with a seat are characterized by their convenience as they allow you to sit down to change shoes or rest. Usually such options are made of wood, metal, or are presented in a closed version. When choosing such a shoe rack, you should pay attention to it reliability and endurance. Seat options are usually more expensive as more materials are expended.

The rimmed options are ideal for storing small items on the countertop. The sides prevent them from rolling. Such products are used not only for storing shoes, but also as a cabinet..


Shoe cabinet is an excellent shoe storage system. To decorate the hallway with an original product, you can make such furniture with your own hands. This does not require special skills or abilities, the main thing is to use your imagination.

The choice of materials is individual, since the shoe rack can be made from various materials at hand. Wood planks, plywood, leather, pipes, cardboard boxes, or plastic bottles can be used.

To make a shoe cabinet, you will need the following tools and elements:

  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • corners for fastening;
  • nails;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • pen and ruler;
  • polished machine.

It is necessary to cut two side walls, as well as one back, if the drawings include it. Small bars should be attached to the side walls, then they will become a mount for the shelves. Using the corners, you need to firmly connect all the walls of the product. Next, we install shelves on the bars. For reliability, they can be attached with nails..

Shelves with forged elements cannot be completed independently without blacksmithing skills, but you can turn to professionals for help. They will be able to customize the product.

You will learn more about how to make a shoe cabinet yourself in the following video..

How to store shoes conveniently?

Shoe racks are ideal for keeping shoes clean. They allow you to organize the placement and search for the desired pair of shoes. Designers offer various solutions to quickly and easily find the shoes you need..

First you need to try to remove old, as well as seasonal shoes in order to free up space in the hallway as much as possible. You can find a worthy place for her in other rooms..

For small children, you need to set aside a separate place so that the baby can remove his shoes on his own. You can use a separate container or shelf, small drawer or basket. Better to mark this place with an inscription. It will be easier for the kid to navigate.

If the child still does not know how to read, then you can place a bright picture on his box.

Interior options

Designers never cease to amaze with stylish, original and bold ideas for shoe boxes, which always attract attention and become an exquisite decoration of the hallway, its hallmark.

The combination of white and black is always in fashion. A curbstone made of natural wood with a beautiful texture will ideally fit into various styles of the interior of the hallway. It consists of open shelves and a drawer. Shoe cabinet can also be used to arrange small items or be decorated with original decor.

The cabinet for storing shoes in plastic pipes looks interesting. Unusual shape, fresh idea and well-thought-out design make it possible to create a compact and spacious shoe rack, where everyone can put their own pair of shoes. The model has a seat, which refers to its indisputable advantages. The white color of the shoe box will be beautifully combined with the interior in different style directions..

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