Shoe cabinet in the hallway

Shoe cabinet in the hallway

A shoe cabinet is essential even in a small hallway. The design can resemble a shelf, rack, pouf or chest of drawers. This is a special kind of furniture that can combine convenience and aesthetics. As a rule, the curbstone is placed in the hallway next to the front door..

She will help to keep the original look of the shoes and organize the order..


A modern shoe cabinet in the hallway is a shoe cabinet that is common for many, but instead of the usual piece of cabinet furniture, a shoe cabinet can become an interesting accent in the interior, while you will significantly save space in the corridor. Modern designers are of the opinion that furniture should not only be beautiful, but also functional. The cabinet is a convenient storage system for other necessary things, but even a small shoe cabinet can be convenient, beautiful, spacious and practical. Many things can be placed in it..

  • Gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses and other seasonal accessories;
  • Rollers, skates, balls, jump ropes and other outdoor toys;
  • Keys and wallets;
  • Walking accessories for animals;
  • Home slippers and more.

The main characteristic of shoe furniture is rationality. With small dimensions, high capacity and aesthetic placement of items are important, and at the same time, quick and convenient access to shoes. All models have different sizes. It is necessary to choose based on the area of ​​the corridor and on the number of shoes that need to be placed. Standard dimensions are 40-160 cm wide, 20-60 cm deep and 60-150 cm high. Even the smallest cabinet 40x20x60 cm can hold about 10 pairs of shoes. There can be 2-3 rows of shelves inside.

Depending on the type of device, they are divided into two types:

  • Solid. For several pairs of shoes;
  • With compartments. Each pair of shoes is stored in a separate compartment.

It is necessary to place the curbstone next to the front door so that it is convenient to put on shoes. The shoe rack should leave a free passage and not block the doorway. The curbstone can serve for many years, and the shoes will retain their original appearance for a very long time..

To do this, it is important to follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not leave wet dirty shoes in the cabinet. In addition to the fact that the shoes do not dry out, an unpleasant smell of dampness will surely accumulate inside the furniture..
  • Place a sachet or any flavor inside the cabinet.
  • Wipe shoes with a damp cloth and use deodorant products to eliminate odors.
  • To store shoes for several months, each pair must be placed in a separate compartment..


If the first models looked like a low cabinet with doors opening outward, then modern furniture designers offer various types of shoe racks in the hallway, which are used as a cabinet, dressing table or miniature sofa. The curbstone can be floor-standing or suspended, by the type of construction – open or closed, by the size – wide or narrow, by the form – linear and angular. On open models, shoes dry faster, and the price of such pedestals is much lower.

Closed pedestals must have a ventilation system, otherwise there is a risk of unpleasant odor and dampness from dirty shoes.

Stands are rarely used as a separate piece of furniture. Designers offer such models that combine several functions. In sideboards-dressers, the upper part can act as a table top for decorative items, bags, perfume, cosmetics, watches or wallets. On the wall next to you, you can place a mirror or hangers for storing outerwear, while you save space and arrange all things in their place. For example, a model with a mirror will save you from the need to buy an additional mirror in the hallway, and the option with a hanger will allow you to organize the correct storage system not only for shoes, but also for outerwear. When choosing a closed chest of drawers, you need to pay attention to the type of doors.

There are four main types:

  • Swing. They are hinged and open outward. The simplest and most affordable mechanism. When choosing such a model, calculate the distance required to open the cabinet: at least 60 cm should remain between the open door and the wall opposite.
  • Folding. A similar type of mechanism, but the doors go down or go up.
  • Sliding. The mechanism is similar to a compartment door, the shutters move to the sides. Ideal for narrow corridors.
  • Retractable. In shape, such cabinets are more like an open shelving or cabinet with storage boxes..

Any type of construction has its pros and cons. So, for swing and folding views, more free space is required. Sliding doors reveal only part of the shelf with shoes, while sliding doors take up part of the usable space inside the cabinet. Some models combine open and closed designs. This cabinet will perfectly fit into any interior and will protect your favorite pair of shoes from dust and pets..

A narrow, closed nightstand can accommodate large shoe sizes if the shelves are slightly angled. Sponges, shoe polish and other necessary accessories can be stored in the free space inside the cabinet. The top drawers can be used for a wallet, keys, gloves, glasses and other small accessories. Doors can be made of wood or other material.

For example, a mirrored or glass door will add airiness and elegance to a rectangular cabinet..

An open cabinet with shelves can take up a minimum of space, while compactly accommodating about 18 pairs of shoes. If you place decorative pillows at the top of a low shoe rack, you get a comfortable soft seat. Such models are especially suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly and simply for people who value comfort. The curbstone can have several compartments, this will allow you to search for the required pair much faster.

The upper part can have not just a soft seat, but resemble in design an ordinary ottoman with a hinged lid. Shoes can be stored in such a cabinet. The seat is covered with dense fabric, natural or artificial leather. If the ventilation system is thought out in the design, then inside such a pouf you can store out-of-season shoes for several months. The curbstone can be located along one wall or occupy only the corner of the hallway. The linear model is considered universal and therefore is in special demand among buyers, but if the hallway area is small and it is not possible to accommodate a long cabinet, then a corner shoe rack with horizontal shelves will be the best solution. Such models allow you to rationally use a free corner, equipping it for storing shoes.

Materials (edit)

The curbstones are made of metal, solid wood, wood board or plastic. Modern manufacturers prefer to combine different types of materials, for example, wood and metal, metal and chipboard and others. Some elements and fittings can be made of metal, plastic or plywood. Natural solid wood is used only in the production of expensive shoe racks. Such furniture is reliable and environmentally friendly. Natural wood furniture will perfectly complement a spacious hallway in a classic style.

Metal cabinets are bulky and heavy, so designers are trying to visually lighten the structure and make it open, more weightless and lightweight. The main advantage of metal is durability and wear resistance.

Such models are more suitable for modern loft and high-tech interior styles..

Wood-based panels are much cheaper, but less durable and less durable. Such shoe racks may at first have a persistent chemical smell, but over time it will disappear. The outer side is covered with veneer with natural wood patterns like oak, pine, beech, walnut, ash, alder or other species. Curbstones made of chipboard or fiberboard have an original attractive design, so interesting edging, bright colors and unusual leather inserts, various prints, images or photographs can be used as decor.

Plastic is considered the most affordable material, but such cabinets are the most fragile, they cannot withstand heavy loads, therefore they are used exclusively for placing shoes. The disadvantages also include the possibility of deformation of the structure..

For shelves, solid wood, wood board, metal or plastic are used. The best option is a lattice metal base or a wooden slatted base. Both options allow air to circulate and the shoe dries much faster. In addition, much less dust and dirt accumulates on such a structure than on a solid shelf during operation. The main requirement to pay attention to when choosing a material is the ability to pass air. In closed models, a system for air circulation must be thought out. And for drying and disinfecting shoes, you can supplement the shoe rack with ultraviolet lamps..

Color solutions

Furniture for shoes should ideally match the interior of the hallway and match the chosen style. It is important to evaluate the furniture available, the color of the walls and the floor. The most common option is calm light colors with a natural wood pattern and a minimum of decorative elements. White is known to expand space, and light-colored furniture is no exception. A long white curbstone looks quite appropriate in a narrow hallway, and a delicate milky color is in perfect harmony with different shades of the palette and perfectly complements a room where there is not enough daylight. Delicate shades of pink, yellow and gray in the furniture also demonstrate the hospitality of the apartment owners..

Wenge furniture is in great demand among buyers.

They appreciate it for the beauty of the texture and rich color. Such a sideboard or chest of drawers will fit into any style solution. Wenge color goes well with various tones and textures. In combination with light wood, it looks very attractive and stylish, but in addition to the usual light and dark combination, wenge looks great with bright saturated colors. Natural wood shades will harmoniously complement any hallway interior. Maple, ash and oak colors give the furniture a respectable and prestigious look and speak of the status of the owners..

Dimensions (edit)

The choice of a cabinet largely depends on the number of shoes in the apartment, the size of the hallway and the presence of other furniture. For an average family of 4, a drawer unit for 12-18 pairs of seasonal shoes is needed. For such a quantity, you will need a shoe rack with a minimum width of 30-40 cm with three internal shelves, while only summer and off-season low-rise shoes will fit in such a model, and you will have to find another place to store winter boots. According to the shape, the pedestals are divided into three types: large, narrow and angular. Any shoe rack can be placed in a large corridor: wide, long, narrow, high, and for a miniature hallway it is better to choose a narrow but deep cabinet that can accommodate about a dozen pairs of shoes. The compact size allows you to place the shoe rack in a small space. Such models are called “slim” and, as a rule, have hinged doors with shelves at an angle of 45 degrees, but such samples have one significant drawback – it is impossible to store high boots in them..

A large cabinet is more similar in design to a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, but even high boots can be placed in such a shoe rack. Drawers can be used not only for storing shoes, they can accommodate shoe care products, purses, cosmetics and other small accessories. Corner pedestals occupy one corner and free up maximum space. Such models are not suitable for every hallway. For greater functionality, the cabinet can be supplemented with a mirror or drawers.

Manufacturers overview

Shoe racks became widespread in the middle of the last century. Modern designers do not limit the flight of imagination and offer unique and stylish shoe cabinets. Bold solutions give the furniture a special appeal. Various shoe racks are presented in the assortment of each furniture manufacturer.

The price of different models can vary widely.

  • Ingara factory (Russia) appeared on the market about 10 years ago and has earned the trust of buyers. All models have different sizes, and it will not be difficult to find the right cabinet for any hallway. The company produces not only high-quality and durable furniture, but also original and stylish.
  • There are pedestals on the market at affordable prices from the manufacturer “Furniture World” (Ukraine). The factory furniture is in great demand, and there are many reasons for this: interesting design, wide range and quality.

  • A large assortment of pedestals is offered by Russian Vental factory. Open and closed models, with and without a soft seat, wall and floor models – the variety of stylish and beautiful furniture is endless. The slim mirror cabinet for 30 pairs of shoes is a direct confirmation of this. In the manufacture of furniture, the company uses laminated chipboard and plastic, so some buyers complain about fasteners and accessories that quickly failed..

  • Italian manufacturer Arredokit offers shoe cabinets complete with hallway furniture: clothes hangers and shoe systems, boxes for small accessories and umbrellas. A large number of different collections makes a pleasant impression. Wall mirrored shoe racks “Sirio”, glossy and unusual shelves with multicolored inserts or the strict lines of the “AD” collection look incredibly stylish and modern.

  • Are no less popular Morello Gianpaolo, Ferro Raffaello and Sergio Tarocco brands (Italy). All cabinet furniture is made exclusively from solid wood, therefore all models of manufacturers have a high price..

  • Donguan houjie Jiafeng company (China) produces very compact but roomy cabinets for 30 pairs of shoes.

  • Ikea furniture remains popular over the years. Simple and convenient options are perhaps the main criterion why you should choose this furniture. It cannot be said about the variety of styles or colors, but with the ratio of price and quality, the company’s leadership in the market is quite tangible. Ikea furniture style will be appreciated by connoisseurs of minimalism. Functionality, quality, affordable prices and a huge selection – these are the main criteria why shoe lovers choose Ikea cabinets.

When choosing a cabinet, give preference only to those manufacturers who use environmentally friendly materials for furniture..

Any cabinet should have a well-assembled structure, the joints between the shelves should not have gaps, and the fittings and movable elements should move smoothly and without sound. Pay attention to the area of ​​the material near the screws, there should be no scratches or chips on the surface of the cabinet. Each model must have confirming quality certificates and documents. The reputation of the manufacturer is also of great importance for the quality of the furniture..

Stylish examples in the interior

For a large family, a shoe cabinet is essential. Such an original light model will take up a minimum of space in the hallway, but will save the apartment from dust, dirt and a mess..

A sideboard with cupboards and additional shelves in a rich olive color is ideal for a long corridor.

Vintage returned to fashion confidently and for a long time. A curbstone in this style will be appreciated by true connoisseurs.

A curbstone with an unusual bright print on the body is specially created for active people.

The classic gray sideboard with carved doors proves that austere interior can be bright and light.

The mirror cabinet is very convenient and does not require the installation of an additional mirror on the wall.

A simple cabinet will help organize not only shoes in the hallway.

Corner shoe rack is a unique piece of furniture, it does not take up much space and is very convenient to use.

A practical solution is to combine a vertical shoe dryer and a closed cabinet. Both pieces of furniture are compact and will not take away precious centimeters in the hallway..

You can make stylish and unusual shoe racks from wooden boxes with your own hands. The advantages include a unique design, an unusual style solution and the ability to place different types of shoes: from summer sandals to high boots.

Functional, bright cabinet that combines expressive aesthetics.

This model will be appreciated by lovers of modern and fusion style. Very unusual, compact and convenient shoe storage system.

For how to make a shoe cabinet with your own hands, see the next video..

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