Wallpaper for the corridor, visually expanding the space

Wallpaper for the corridor, visually expanding the space

The corridor is an extremely important part of the apartment. After all, it is he who is immediately seen by guests who come to your house, so it is very important that the hallway looks beautiful and neat. However, this is not at all as easy as it might seem at first glance, since the decoration of such a space has many features and subtleties. Next, we will talk in detail about how to choose the right wallpaper for the corridor so that the room looks as spacious as possible..

Important nuances

The entrance hall not only helps to create a favorable impression of the entire home, it is an important link between all the rooms in the house. At the same time, the corridor is very rarely large. But it is necessary to place many necessary interior items in it: a wardrobe or a rack for outerwear, shelves for shoes, ottomans and much more. Also, when choosing the decoration of the corridor, one should not forget that it is in this room that all the dust and dirt from street shoes and clothes often accumulates..

Regardless of what color of decoration you choose for your corridor, it is important to purchase wallpaper, with the help of which it will be possible to visually expand the room, as well as make it lighter and more spacious, because there are almost never windows in the corridors.


As we have already said, wallpaper that visually expands the space will certainly have a light shade. But this does not mean at all that the whole room will have to be completely pasted over with white wallpaper..

  • Be careful with the pattern. You should not choose a covering with bright or dark large colors for a small corridor. This will only make it tighter. It is better to give preference to small patterns, the size of which is significantly inferior to the dimensions of the furniture in the hallway. You can also glue combined versions of fashionable wallpaper. For example, decorate the wall with plain panels at the top and colored panels at the bottom. Such solutions not only visually enlarge the room, but also help maintain order and cleanliness in the room. After all, on low panels with patterns, dust from outdoor boots will not be noticeable.

  • Or you can choose striped wallpaper for a small corridor.. Horizontal stripes will make the room look longer. Vertical ones are suitable for the design of rooms with low ceilings. Such wallpapers visually stretch out the space. However, you should not glue photowall-paper in a narrow apartment. When the unnatural light is on, an ugly glare forms on the wall. It will look completely unattractive. Better save the wallpaper option for larger, daylight-filled rooms..

  • Choose the right color. You can paste over the corridor with plain wallpaper or play in contrast, this is a perfectly acceptable solution. So, combinations of one-color wallpaper with a coating on which there is an ornament will look great, but only on condition that they are made in the same color scheme. Using this method, you will not only be able to visually enlarge the space. You will also be able to functionally divide the room into zones. For example, set aside a space with a wardrobe and a mirror..

  • Feel free to experiment and look for options., which are right for your apartment. The main thing is to monitor harmony. Everything in the corridor must be combined with each other, be it furniture, the color of the walls, ceiling and floor, as well as their size. Be careful with the color, and you will certainly succeed..

Here are a few basic colors that you can use when decorating a corridor without fear for the result. It can be beige and light blue tones. These colors look great in Provence style apartments or any other bright rooms. Green wallpapers of not too dark shades are quite versatile. In addition, this color gives a sense of calm and confidence to residents and guests..

Lovers of blue should also not deny themselves the pleasure of decorating the corridor in just this shade. It looks good even in small rooms, without hiding precious square meters..

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In modern stores, you will find a huge variety of different wallpaper options. It can be vinyl, non-woven, liquid, glass, washable models. Let’s consider each option in more detail.

  • Washable Vinyl Wallpaper – This is the most practical option, which is ideal for the hallway. Indeed, in winter and in the off-season, a large amount of dust and dirt gets into the apartment from the street. Under such conditions, ordinary paper wallpaper will quickly become untidy or become unusable, while washable wallpaper is not afraid of moisture and dirt. They can be easily tidied up with a soft cloth and warm water. Do not rub them with a brush or use aggressive cleaning agents, then the coating will delight you with its beauty and cleanliness for many years..

By the way, for lovers of everything original, unusual and attractive, vinyl wallpapers with a silk coating are perfect. They look great in the interior of the corridor, while being practical and easy to clean. It is only necessary to clean them as necessary with a slightly damp sponge..

  • Paper – environmentally friendly and affordable material for everyone. It is because of the low cost of such a coating that these wallpapers have become so popular. They are easy to find on sale, just glue them. However, this option also has significant drawbacks. First, the walls should be carefully prepared before gluing such wallpapers. They should be free of irregularities and cracks. You should also carefully monitor that the joints between the paper canvases are not noticeable..

In addition, paper wallpapers are completely unstable to mechanical damage and any external influences. They tear easily, get dirty quickly, and you won’t be able to wash them. Therefore, the shelf life of such a coating is relatively short..

If you nevertheless chose paper wallpapers to decorate your hallway, we advise you to give preference to denser and more durable options.

  • Glass wallpaper are one of the most durable and practical types of modern coatings. After the glass covering has been applied, it can be painted in any shade. In this case, the wallpaper is not exposed to solvents. This means that you can easily remove the old paint and apply a new one. This is a great option for those who like to update the interior from time to time. By the way, cullet will not cause any trouble in care. They are very resistant to external mechanical stress and are durable. To clean them of dirt, you can even rub the coating with a brush without fear of its integrity..

  • The liquid wallpaper great for walls that have some unevenness and cracks. The solution with liquid wallpaper is applied with a spatula. They level any surface, saving you time and money on additional wall primer. There are no seams on such a coating. You will not see the loose corners and seams that often appear when using paper wallpaper. In addition, if you cover the liquid wallpaper with varnish on top, it can be easily cleaned with a washing vacuum cleaner or with a damp cloth. Be sure to take a closer look at this option if you want to get the most beautiful and practical coverage for your corridor..

  • Tissue. Textile wallpaper will become a real decoration of your apartment. The coating consists of two layers: the lower one – paper and the upper one – fabric. The beauty and luxury of such material needs no discussion. In addition, this coating is very durable and has excellent thermal insulation characteristics. However, such wallpapers are not cheap at all. But if you compare the price with the quality, the cost looks quite justified..

  • Non-woven wallpaper have become in demand due to their excellent performance properties. It is incredibly strong and durable, so it is the perfect solution for decorating a hallway. You can use coatings based on non-woven chips, for example, with a vertical pattern. So you will significantly increase the space visually..

  • 3D Wallpaper presented in modern stores in a large assortment. Just choose the drawing you like for your hallway, which will be combined with the overall style of the apartment. So you will slightly expand the space and create an original and stylish finish in the corridor..

Apply the listed tips and you will certainly be able to make a small corridor more spacious, stylish and beautiful..

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