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To ensure comfort while you sleep, you need to take your blanket seriously.. To make the right choice in favor of this or that model, it is necessary to take into account the temperature in the bedroom. The anthropometric data of a person are also important. AlViTek offers a wide range of quality blankets at affordable prices.


When the temperature in the bedroom is low, you should choose blankets with fillers that allow you to keep warm and keep you warm for a long time during sleep. As a rule, models made on the basis of sheep wool, goat or goose down are suitable for people who quickly freeze and warm up for a long time..

The manufacturer AlViTek has divided all of its models into categories, which differ in keeping body heat and keeping warm air under the covers while sleeping. The lower the room temperature, the higher the blanket should have..

Our own production allows us to produce the following categories of blankets:

  • Classic super warm;
  • Classic all-season;
  • Standard all-season;
  • Lightweight;
  • Ultralight summer.


Depending on the above classification, technologists select the composition of the filler.

Consider the main differences and characteristics of various fillers.

The production uses highly siliconized microfibers and polyester fibers, which are an alternative to natural down and surpass it in some properties. They are not only environmentally friendly materials, but also do not cause allergic reactions. Blankets made of them are very light in weight and fluffy in volume, perfectly retain their shape, have a high level of resistance to washing and dry cleaning..

Natural sheep wool is distinguished by its practicality in operation. The filler has a positive effect on health, stimulates blood circulation. Sheep wool bedding will keep you warm during the colder seasons, but will not overheat during the warmer seasons. Wool allows the skin to breathe, therefore sleeping under such a blanket gives pleasant sensations. For people with asthma, joint and skin problems, the filler is medically indicated..

Camel wool blankets also have a healing effect on a person, since the heat from such a fiber expands blood vessels, and the substances in the wool composition have general strengthening properties. The healing effect is based on the fact that the animal wax lanolin, contained in camel hair, is easily absorbed into the skin and penetrates deeply into the vessels and muscles..

Blankets do not electrify and dissipate existing static electricity. Camel’s wool is rightfully considered one of the most expensive fibers for filling pastels; it is several times lighter than sheep’s wool and exceeds its quality in terms of strength. It should be noted the high protection against hypothermia and overheating, which gives camel wool. The rejuvenating and cosmetological effect of the use of products made of camel hair was noted..

To obtain an anti-cellulite effect and increase the elasticity and hydration of the skin, the manufacturer recommends paying attention to models that contain seaweed. Plants are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements that can relieve swelling, neutralize stress and stress accumulated during the day. Products with this filler are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic..

It will seem surprising that most of the bacteria instantly die when they get on the bamboo fiber. It comes from China, where it is made from four-year-old plants grown in ecologically clean areas. Bamboo differs in that its growth is natural – pesticides and other harmful chemical compounds are not used for growing. Scientists have noted the antibacterial, bactericidal, deodorizing properties of the fiber. This material is durable, strong, wear-resistant. Blankets made from this material will be soft and warm.

For kids

AlViTek children’s models are manufactured under the strictest quality control and have exclusively natural hypoallergenic fillers. Their composition is based on such components as sheep or camel wool, holfit-plast, aloe extract, nettle fiber, Kashmir goat down, corn fiber. In production, the use of down materials is completely excluded, since bird down often causes allergic reactions in children.

The “Lavender-Eco” model has natural lavender flowers in its filler, which have a beneficial effect on the well-being of the child. Blanket “Bamboo-Summer-Standard” has a light weight and is made from high quality bamboo fabric. The “Swan” classic blanket contains hypoallergenic artificial swan down. The most budgetary option will be the Anti-crisis blanket, which is made of polyester.

The assortment of the brand’s baby blankets is quite wide and is ready to satisfy the most demanding requirements of buyers. The line includes winter and summer models for newborns, toddlers and preschoolers.

The reviews from owners of various models of blankets from AlViTek are always enthusiastic. For modest money, the consumer receives the highest quality products that will delight all family members for many years..

You can learn how to choose a good blanket by watching the video below..

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