Blankets by Vladi

Blankets by Vladi

Sleeping comfort depends on the right blanket. Blankets Vladi – an excellent choice that provides warmth, softness, natural and gentle care.

About the brand

Vladi is a well-known Ukrainian company. Today it is one of the largest European manufacturers of excellent quality wool blankets and blankets..

The brand appeared in 2003. Since then, he has been continuously developing, improving technologies, installing the best Italian equipment and increasing the professionalism of his employees. Only the principles of environmental safety of products remain unchanged..

The brand’s products have been repeatedly noted with high awards at international competitions, and enthusiastic customer reviews only confirm the level of its quality..

The assortment of the company includes quilted, woolen and semi-woolen products (blankets, rugs), as well as bedspreads and rugs made of soft acrylic. The wool of New Zealand sheep and alpaca is used in the production, which makes them so warm and pleasant.

Blankets of the Vladi brand are divided into categories. Among them there are options for the “economy” class, classic and elite-level products, as well as children’s models. The company’s specialists are constantly developing new design solutions, presenting customers with interesting colors. The size range is also wide.

Today the brand exports its products to many countries, including Russia. Worldwide success can be easily explained by environmental friendliness and excellent quality of products created with great professionalism and love..

You can buy a Vladi blanket from the official representatives of the company in Russia and Ukraine..


The advantages of Vladi brand blankets are obvious:

  • Quality. The brand’s products meet the highest standards. The highest quality wool and impeccable processing on modern equipment ensure the creation of real masterpieces of home textiles.
  • Security. New Zealand sheep’s wool is a valuable material. It is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, which allows the use of products even by people with high sensitivity.
  • Comfort. Vladi blankets are distinguished by their softness, tenderness, and low weight. They do not “prick” at all, do not irritate the skin, which is especially important for children. The special properties of wool allow it to maintain its natural temperature level regardless of conditions. Rest under such a blanket turns out to be comfortable and serene..
  • Attractive appearance. The brand’s products are distinguished by their original design. Unusual prints and pleasant colors make each blanket a worthy element of the interior.
  • Wear resistance. With proper care, woolen products retain their original appearance and heat-shielding properties for a long time. They remain the same bright and soft, keep their shape well.

Care rules

By following simple recommendations, you can preserve the beauty and tenderness of natural wool products for a long time. Each blanket has a care label. However, there are basic nuances that are suitable for all woolen models:

  • Products can be dry cleaned.
  • Washing is permissible only by hand, at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. It is not recommended to use aggressive powders with bleaching components. Better to use products with lanolin. Regular shampoo will work too..
  • Do not rub the material, even with serious dirt, the wash should be gentle.
  • After rinsing, wait for the water to drain and dry the blanket flat. Do not squeeze and twist the product to avoid deformation. It is also not recommended to suspend it.
  • Air the product twice a year.

Product overview


Products in this series are made of semi-wool. The combination of natural and synthetic fibers makes the cost of blankets more affordable. At the same time, the heat-shielding properties and durability of the models are not inferior to natural counterparts..

The collection includes blankets of unpretentious checkered colors, as well as jacquard models with various patterns. This option is ideal for a country house, as well as a spare blanket in case of the arrival of relatives..

Classic and luxury collections

These models are made from 100% high quality New Zealand sheep wool. Original prints, a wide range of colors and different levels of material density allow you to choose an option for every taste. It can be Japanese or Greek motives, a laconic stripe or the famous Tetris drawing. Any of the options will delight you with the brightness of colors and excellent quality.

The combination of softness, light weight, high heat-saving characteristics and strength – this is the real elite quality..

For kids

Baby blankets should be the most delicate, airy and soft. Vladi’s products from this collection are just like that. 100% New Zealand wool provides warmth and comfort. The adorable colors with cute teddy bears will surely appeal to both moms and babies. The composition of the blankets is completely natural and hypoallergenic, does not contain synthetics and artificial impurities.


For those who are closer to blankets covered with fabric, the brand presents a special collection. Quilts are made from 100% wool. Outside, they are lined with cotton material. Ribbon is placed around the edges of each garment, giving it a fixed shape and reducing the possibility of tangling in the duvet cover.

These blankets perfectly retain heat and absorb excess moisture, providing maximum comfort during sleep and rest..


Judging by the reviews, Vladi blankets are really warm, lightweight, breathable and pleasant to the touch. Customers especially love the quilted designs. It is neither hot nor cold under them at any temperature in the room. Products create an optimal microclimate, keeping the warmth of the human body. The brand’s products save at low temperatures (during periods of heating off), and even on summer nights, lightweight options give comfort and coziness.

See below for an overview of the woolen blanket. "Greece" by Vladi.

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