How to choose the right blanket?

A person spends about a third of his life in a dream. The quality of sleep affects health, mood, and productivity throughout the next day. Therefore, it would seem that such an everyday task as the choice of textiles and accessories for sleeping is a rather important aspect of our life, because they should be environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, and ideally also harmoniously fit into the home interior. When choosing bed linen, as well as blankets and pillows, it is better to give preference to natural materials. However, today many synthetic materials are not inferior in their operational properties to natural ones..

Important parameters

Considering all the variety of models currently presented, choosing a blanket – one of the main components of sleep accessories – can be a real challenge. We will try to understand the classification of materials, sizes, fillers, color options, as well as manufacturers of this bedding.

  • Before buying a blanket, you need to pay attention to the individual characteristics of your body., temperature regime in a house or apartment.
  • The purpose of the purchased product is important – whether it will, for example, have a decorative function, or will it be intended for daily use.
  • You shouldn’t skimp on buying it, since it is usually needed every day for a long period of time, which means it should bring joy and pleasure to its owner.
  • The blanket should be warm, hygroscopic, hypoallergenic and comfortable. And you should definitely like it and evoke positive emotions..

By appointment

According to their purpose, blankets are divided into practical, which are used every day in everyday life, and decorative, designed to bring some stylistic touch to the interior. More rational housewives choose models that combine these two qualities..

Sleeping models should be comfortable, durable, hygroscopic, soft and hypoallergenic if you have previously experienced an allergic reaction.

Decorative models include a pike blanket – it is lightweight and is usually used to cover the bed during the day to give the interior of the bedroom a neat look..

By season

Ideally, each home should have several blankets designed for different temperatures and different seasons. You also need to pay attention to the features of your thermoregulation – if you perfectly adapt to the cold, there is no point in purchasing a thick down product.

When choosing a blanket, it is important to consider that the higher the density indicated on the label, the higher its thermal qualities..

  • For the winter period, a warm and thick product with a density of 420 g / m² is suitable.
  • Product with a density from 300 to 320 g / m2 – all-season.
  • A lightweight thin blanket with a density of 220 to 280 g / m² is suitable for those who have warmth in an apartment or house.
  • A light cool blanket with a density of 200 to 220 g / m² is suitable for cold summer nights or cloudy rainy weather. It should not warm, but maintain a comfortable microclimate.

To size

The choice of the size of the blanket depends on the individual preferences of the person and his habits. For people who are freezing, regardless of the season, as well as those who like to spin in a dream or completely curl up, a large double bed will certainly suit. In other cases, a one-and-a-half blanket is quite suitable for a comfortable sleep..

The sizes of one-and-a-half single beds are usually in the range of 140-160 cm by 205-210 cm.

Double blankets are made in sizes from 170-240 to 205-210 cm.

Materials (edit)

When choosing a blanket, they usually pay attention to the filler material first. However, it is equally important to take into account the features of the material from which it is made..

The fabric will be natural or synthetic – in any case, it should be quite dense so that the filler does not break through it. Also, if you don’t plan on using a duvet cover, make sure the fabric feels good..

  • Synthetic materials usually have a brighter and more attractive appearance.. There is an opinion that they last longer and retain their presentation better than blankets made from natural materials. Popular models from biosoft, which includes polyester. Also, these blankets are usually hypoallergenic..
  • A product with a cover made of natural fabric is still more useful, since it is more environmentally friendly and beneficial for humans, it allows the skin to breathe and, when touched, causes a more pleasant sensation. Such fabric can be silk or cotton, and according to the variant of weaving of fibers – satin, percale, jacquard, teak or cambric..

  • Teak cover is dense, comfortable, it will securely hold the filler inside. Blankets with a teak cover are heavy but hold their shape well and are durable to use.
  • The satin case is thin but durable, has a pleasant smooth surface and little wrinkle. Satin cover in most cases cotton, and less often silk.
  • A jacquard case always looks chic and expensive, while it consists of one hundred percent cotton or silk. The jacquard blanket is very durable and durable, but is in a higher price point.
  • The twill cover is durable and even somewhat stiff due to the thick threads used in the production of fabric. Basically, twill is made from cotton or a combination of cotton and wool. This cover gives the blanket extra volume..

  • The percale cover is very durable, since the fibers of the fabric are additionally impregnated with a special compound, it can withstand countless washings. A blanket with such a cover is considered the best for a crib. By the composition of the fabric, percale is one hundred percent cotton.
  • Bitist cover is thin, weightless and even slightly transparent. Usually used for duvets, it does not add volume to the blanket and it turns out to be soft and incredibly light like a cloud. These blankets are perfect for children and people with sensitive skin..

  • A great example of a blanket made from natural materials is a soft and fluffy camel wool product., made in the form of a plaid. It does not accumulate moisture, warms well, does not electrify and is very durable in operation. The downside of this blanket is its density compared to a product filled with camel down, which feels much lighter..
  • Sheep wool blankets lightweight, perfectly absorb moisture and “breathe”.
  • Merino wool blankets usually of very high quality, they are heavy and much warmer than lambswool blankets.
  • Llama wool blankets are considered the most comfortable and cozy, as well as elastic and durable, they are very delicate, but practically do not form pellets during operation.

Manufacturers claim that all natural wool blankets have amazing healing properties. For example, they help with exacerbation of symptoms of rheumatism and osteochondrosis.

  • Wool blankets are often advertised by manufacturers as sheep wool blankets. There is just a play on words, such blankets are practical and some of their characteristics have already been described above. However, now there are real fur blankets on sale – made of chinchilla, fox, mink, silver fox fur, etc. Such blankets are more of a decorative function and serve as an indicator of the well-being of their owner in the interior..
  • A bike blanket familiar to everyone from childhood also refers to products made from natural materials, because the composition is cotton. It is easy to wash and dries quickly, and you can use it both as a blanket and as a blanket..

  • One of the interesting and fashionable varieties of blankets today is knitted. Due to the fact that it has such an unusual and interesting texture, it can become a key accent of the entire interior. And the variety of the composition of the yarn allows you to make it both in synthetic and natural versions. For example, knitted from acrylic – can carry a decorative function, but a blanket knitted from natural wool can be used as a baby.

  • A light fleece blanket is great as an extra in winter or can be used as a bedspread. Due to its soft texture, it is often found in children’s bedding.
  • Cloth duvet is mainly used as baby bedding and the composition is most often natural, since parents tend to sacrifice the visual appeal of bedding in favor of their environmental friendliness and naturalness.


It is very important to pay attention to the quality characteristics of the filler and choose it correctly, taking into account the seasonality, the density of the blanket, the presence of allergies and the temperature regime of the room in which it will be used. Ideally, in winter, you need to use a woolen or duvet blanket, in the off-season, use a woolen or synthetic winterizer, and in summer you need to hide with a bamboo.

Let’s consider some types of fillers:

  • Blankets filled with duck or goose down are among the warmest, most comfortable and durable. The only disadvantage of a feather blanket is the possibility of dust mites in it, which like this habitat. It is better to store it unfolded so that the fluff does not fall into lumps, and it is recommended to remove dirt only under dry cleaning conditions..

One of the finest blankets in the world is a loon feather. But the price for it will not be acceptable for every person..

  • Among the advantages of blankets filled with synthetic winterizer are noted the fact that it does not accumulate moisture and does not damp, so it is perfect for living in the country in the summer. It can be machine washed on a delicate cycle and stored folded without fear of losing its original shape. In addition, the synthetic winterizer does not cause allergies..
  • One of the most popular synthetic fillers is holofiber.. It is believed that a blanket with holofiber holds its shape better than a padding polyester and retains more heat due to its texture.
  • Fiber filler is a hollow fiber, which, thanks to its texture and spiral shape, quickly regains its shape. Therefore, fiber products are easily washed, stored folded in a closet and do not lose their shape over time..

Still, it is better to give preference to a blanket with a natural filling..

  • Bamboo filler in our country is just beginning to gain popularity.. Such a product is hypoallergenic, perfectly breathable, allowing the skin to breathe, does not accumulate static electricity and dust. It can be used for quite a long time if it is dry cleaned.
  • Not everyone can afford a blanket with silk filling, but it has the best thermoregulation, hygroscopicity and tactile properties. It should be noted that parasites do not start in it and it is comfortable to sleep under it at any time of the year..

  • Cotton padding makes the blanket rather heavy, however, since it belongs to products made from natural materials and is quite inexpensive, it still occupies a fairly stable position in sales in our country. Its disadvantage is the formation of lumps during operation, weight and rapid loss of attractive appearance..
  • Wool-filled duvet designed for cold winter nights. It is usually much lighter than a woven woolen blanket and is the preferred choice for people with cardiovascular disease. For example, a garment filled with camel down feels almost weightless..

  • A silicone blanket has a number of advantages over natural – it does not accumulate odor, dust, there are no dust mites and it has excellent thermoregulation. And it is also very light and costs much lower than analogs made from natural materials..
  • Quilts filled with seaweed are incredibly popular today with supporters of a healthy lifestyle.. It is believed that algae can make your skin more radiant, help relieve insomnia and energize the whole day. They also have an antibacterial effect, are hypoallergenic, do not accumulate moisture and quickly evaporate it. Manufacturers assure that the product with seaweed filling is also unpretentious in maintenance – it can be washed in a washing machine on a delicate cycle..

How long the duvet will last also depends on how it is made. One-way quilt is not very secure – filler may bunch up along the quilted stripes.

  • The cassette blanket will last longer, since the filler with this sewing method is in separate sections and, thanks to this, does not get confused.
  • Blanket quilted using the “karostep” method in the form of a certain pattern it looks interesting and attractive, but during operation, through the small holes left from the needle during stitching, the filler can come out, which is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also inconvenient.

Color solutions

A colored blanket can bring a certain mood to the interior or even become its bright accent. It is more practical than white and less soiled. With the help of a colored product, you can visually adjust the size of the bed – it will look smaller and more harmonious if the color of the bedspread on it matches the overall range of the room.

An interesting color scheme in the interior is a patchwork quilt. It gives the home a special flavor and mood, because sometimes it is a real work of art..

Using a blanket, you can also change the visual perception of the room – for example, if your windows face south, you can choose a product in cold shades, and vice versa..

A white blanket will match almost any interior and any bedding. It always gives the room a strict and classic look and looks more expensive. It is not for nothing that white colors are used in good hotels..

Popular models

The most popular designs are teak blankets. Often it is stitched together with the filler, and only in exceptional cases is it a separate removable element. Which option is more convenient, everyone can easily determine for himself.

Blankets with a silk cover and silk filler are extremely popular as gifts for newlyweds. Such a gift is considered very status and at the same time practical and durable..

One of the most popular models is the blanket, which consists of two layers, which are connected with each other using buttons. In the warm season, one of its layers can be simply unfastened and put into the closet, and covered with a lighter layer. In the off-season, you can use a denser layer, and on cold winter nights you can warm yourself under this amazing blanket, combining all the components.

A blanket with sleeves is an unusual and cozy model, which is now at the peak of its popularity. It is presented as a gift to loved ones and bought for themselves, because it is very comfortable. It is convenient to take it on trips or to the country house, it is convenient to read in it, work at a computer, talk on the phone or enjoy hot tea or mulled wine..

Manufacturers rating

Today there is no shortage of blankets to choose from – they are sold in any shopping center, in various price categories and are designed for completely different segments of the population. However, in order to buy a quality product that will delight you with its appearance, softness and comfort, you need to have a little idea about the most successful manufacturers who have proven themselves on the market from their best side..

Among Western manufacturers, the following brands occupy the leading places in the rating of buyers:

  • FinnLuxe;
  • Familon;
  • Daunex;
  • German Grass.

Fine quality Finnish duvets Joutsen company FinnLuxe topped the ranking of the best blankets. They are declared hypoallergenic thanks to the innovative multi-level cleaning of down and feathers. The cover material is presented in the form of cambric or silk. They warm in cold winter and give a feeling of comfort and coziness in summer.

Finnish company blankets Familon comfort and safety, and are renowned for their quality and durability. They are suitable for people with respiratory diseases, as well as for allergy sufferers. Cotton covers do not contain glue impregnation, but, nevertheless, they are very durable and withstand even frequent washing. They do not accumulate dust and moisture and do not dry out..

Blankets with linen filling and satin cover of the famous textile brand Tac (Turkey) have antimicrobial and antifungal properties, perfectly absorb moisture, but do not retain it for a long time, are durable and wear-resistant.

Turkish blankets Le vele with artificial swan down, aloe vera impregnation and a microfiber cover have long established themselves as excellent products with good thermoregulatory properties, hygroscopicity, lightness and antibacterial effect. They are easy to wash, do not form lumps, do not cause allergies and are able to delight their owners for many years..

Blanket Tarrington house Made in China, it is soft, light and very warm. It is perfectly breathable, does not retain moisture and is hypoallergenic..

Blanket Dormeo siena – double, comfortable, quite light and suitable, as a universal for all seasons, you just need to connect two parts of it to get a winter version, or vice versa, leave the thinnest layer for summer nights. The lyocell filler used in this product absorbs excess moisture and evaporates it quite quickly, making your sleep comfortable night after night. Blankets of this Italian brand are made in China, but under the control of Italians in their own factory..

Double blanket Premium Soft Camel Wool Russian firm “Softtex” differs from the above-described analogue in that natural material is used as a filler – camel wool, and as a cover – downy teak made of 100% cotton. It does not retain dust, does not accumulate static stress, and besides, it is hypoallergenic..

Blanket Miotex European company Ol-Tex It features a green printed cover with bamboo fiber filling. The manufacturer claims that it has antibacterial and deodorant effects and is ideal for people with asthma. It is lightweight, comfortable and warm..

Among the well-known and conscientious manufacturers of down blankets, one can mention such companies as Primavelle, Tinta, “Kariguz”, “Couch potato” and Nature’S. The products of these companies are still very popular and in demand by customers..

Among the manufacturers of bamboo blankets, such manufacturers as Sofi tex, Sweet dreams, “IvShveyStandard”, “Ecotex”, “Cozy House and K”.

Among the manufacturers of silk blankets, the company has proven itself Asabella. The products of this company are good for both adults and children. They are lightweight, comfortable, hygroscopic and hypoallergenic, and incredibly pleasant to the touch..

It should be noted that today buyers are less and less attracted by the low price and average quality of products, they understand that the blanket is purchased for a long time and strive to buy a high-quality and practical product.


Buyers agree that Finnish blankets from firms FinnLuxe and Familon are the highest quality and most comfortable among other varieties on the market. According to some buyers, the price for them is in a higher price segment, and not everyone can afford to buy them..

Buyers note that the firm’s blankets Primavelle Is the best value for money. They are good for use in winter and mid-season when you want to keep warm and comfortable while sleeping. In addition, a variety of designs, different colors, density and a variety of stitching methods make them one of the most popular among buyers..

The most comfortable blankets, according to most buyers, are products made from camel down and bamboo. They warm in winter and do not overheat in summer; they are cozy with them even in the off-season. An example of this is a blanket. Tarrington house made in China. It is a quality product at an affordable price, and, accordingly, attractive to various categories of the population..

Buyers note the excellent quality of the company’s silk blankets Asabella and claim that having once bought a product of this company, they will definitely return to it and advise it to all their friends.

What else to look for when choosing?

When choosing a blanket, it is important to pay attention to its appearance. If you notice that in some places the filler is breaking through the cover, then it is no longer worth taking it, since its service life will be quite short and it will not bring you anything but inconvenience.

Pay attention to the integrity of the cover, to the seams of the stitches, as well as to the processing of the edge. A high-quality product will not raise additional questions for you.

For information on how to choose the right blanket, see the next video..

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