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Even in childhood, parents tell their children that the best cure for all diseases is sleep. This is indeed the case. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, busy people are under constant stress. Day after day, fatigue and irritability accumulate, a person is increasingly sick. The body needs good sleep for rest. And so that he was not only healthy, but also cured, traditional medicine recommends using juniper pillows..

What is this plant?

Juniper is a tree that has a strong resinous scent. All of its components are used in medicine. It grows mainly in Siberia and southern Russia. Several species of this medicinal tree are listed in the Red Book. A strong smell from the plant appears even during its initial processing and remains on the skin of the hands for a long time.

For medicinal purposes, people use the roots, bark, cones and needles of the plant..

Also, the plant is often used to treat the respiratory organs, circulatory and nervous systems. It has a pleasant smell and does not irritate the olfactory receptors.


Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of pillow fillers to choose from. These are herbs, wood, and pine needles. Juniper pillow is in the highest demand.

For such medical bedding, sawdust from this tree is used, carefully sheathed with durable fabric. Spillage of filler during use is completely excluded. The sizes of pillows are presented for every taste, ranging from the smallest – 30×40 cm, and ending with large sizes 60×60 cm, 50×70 cm. A juniper pillow will help you fall asleep faster, disinfect breathing air, and promote better blood circulation in the neck and shoulder area.

Thanks to the free-flowing properties of sawdust, the pillow takes the shape that the body needs for a comfortable sleep.

Beneficial features

The juniper pillow stuffed for sleeping has the following beneficial properties:

  • Antimicrobial;
  • Strengthens the immune system through the sense of smell;
  • Carries out prevention of diseases of the cervicobrachial region;
  • Calms the nervous system;
  • Normalizes sleep;
  • Relaxes the body;
  • Treats hypertension, respiratory organs;
  • Promotes the treatment of dermatitis and other skin diseases;
  • Gives vitality to the body.

The purchase of such a simple and useful thing will allow you to effortlessly improve the health of the whole family. Considering that its cost is not very high (300-600 rubles), providing such a “home doctor” for all relatives will not make it difficult for a person with average income.

How to choose the right one?

When purchasing such an important thing, first of all, they pay attention to the smell. It should be pleasant and not repulsive, coniferous. If you squeeze the pillow, it should not spring like foam rubber. Ideally, the product takes on the shape that is given to it..

Before buying, you need to decide which shape of the pillow will be more convenient for use. There are cushions, squares, rectangles.

The fabric for the pillow should be natural, not synthetic. A zipper should be present on the case for convenience. A good manufacturer will always sew a zipper into the cover so that the buyer has no doubts about the stuffing of the bedding. For all pillows with herbs and other natural fillers, dense cotton and linen covers are sewn.

Some artisanal manufacturers save materials and simply mix other sawdust with juniper.

If the pillow smells of dampness, then it was poorly stored, caked and, apart from fungi and mold, does not contain anything good in itself. You shouldn’t buy such a thing..

Customer Reviews

Many buyers speak very flatteringly about the medical device. Consumers give personal examples of use, talk about how this thing has a beneficial effect on overall health.

But there are also those people who have experienced side effects from the pillow, had headaches and general malaise. These juniper pillow owners were unhappy with their purchase.

Happy owners of this product are advised to store it in a tightly tied bag when not in use to avoid volatilization of medicinal phytoncides..

Contraindications to use

It would be wrong to talk only about the positive qualities of the product and not mention contraindications. Therefore, this information is required for review..

It is forbidden to use juniper pillows in the following cases:

  • If there is a disease of the skeletal system;
  • The person suffers from skin diseases;
  • There is an intolerance to juniper sawdust;
  • Hypersensitivity of the skin.

In any case, you should not self-medicate and a doctor’s consultation is necessary in these cases before using the pillow. Aromatherapy, if used improperly, can harm rather than benefit. Comfortable and compact, the juniper pillow will come in handy both at home and on the go. It is not difficult to take it into the car and enjoy the effect of essential oils on the road. Traveling with such a useful thing will not only increase immunity, but also heal the body as a whole..

You can learn more about the beneficial properties of juniper from the following video.

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