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Today massage is one of the most popular services in the medical and cosmetic field. This procedure allows you to get rid of back pain, relieve stress from the spine after a hard day at work and prevent problems with the musculoskeletal system. Unfortunately, there is not always the time and opportunity to seek the services of a professional massage therapist. In this case, the procedure can be easily organized at home using a special chair cover..


Today, massage chair covers are very popular among buyers. The high demand for products is due to many positive factors, which you should familiarize yourself with in more detail. The cape is a convenient and ergonomic device with which the procedure can be easily carried out at home without assistance. To use, the product must be fixed on the back of a chair or chair.

It should be noted that the back massager is not only suitable for home use. It can be easily used at work, since the device does not take up much space.

The use of the cape helps to eliminate pain in the back and neck. Such a thing will become an indispensable assistant if you work while sitting at a computer..

The peculiarity of the product is that a session with a cape lasts a certain amount of time. For example, a light massage takes about 20 minutes. An intensive session takes 15 minutes.

Experts do not recommend being zealous, as you can achieve the opposite effect. For example, there is an increase in muscle tone and loss of their elasticity..

In addition, modern massage capes have another useful function – auto-off mode.. In this case, it is necessary to use a special timer to select the duration of the procedure. Basically, the indicators fluctuate within 5-20 minutes. Functional devices are equipped with a special control panel. Users have the ability to adjust the intensity of exposure and change the selected mode.


Manufacturers offer customers a fairly wide range of massage capes, from which you can easily choose suitable option for yourself:

  • The first and most popular type is the shiatsu overlay.. We can say that this is an intermediate option between a full-fledged device and a compact product for the neck. This option is ideal for a car seat. In addition, capes are often used for office work. The peculiarity of this product is the presence of a roller base, which affects the back and neck area. An interesting point is that many buyers compare the work of a rug with the real work of a massage therapist. While sitting, you will receive a full therapeutic effect.

But it is worth considering the moment that you will not be able to lie down on the cape. This is due to the fact that the rollers work only if the body is not pressed against the massager.

  • Electromassage capes are no less popular.. Products provide maximum relaxation during use. This is due to the influence of vibrations or pulsations in the area of ​​the seat and backrest..

The main design feature of these options is the presence of motors, which provide the desired effect during operation..

  • Vibrating cape equipped with the function of adjusting the intensity of exposure. In comparison with the previous version, this type can be used on a horizontal surface. When choosing such a product, you need to understand that the fewer motors are in the base, the lower the effect will be during massage.

It is worth noting that each of the above types has certain functional qualities.. For example, roller options do several types of massage:

  • The first type is rolling, the peculiarity of which lies in the linear action along the spinal column. Thanks to this, the muscles quickly come to tone..
  • Another type is kneading. The main purpose of this massage is to squeeze the muscles. This is necessary for complete relaxation and recovery after a hard day at work..
  • Roller options are able to perform this type of massage, such as swing. Its peculiarity lies in the repetition of wave-like movements, which have a beneficial effect on all parts of the spine. In the process, the pinched nerve endings are relaxed. Massage strengthens the muscle frame.

Vibro-massage capes are no less effective. We can say that such a thing is an ideal substitute for a full-fledged session in the salon..

As for the additional functions of modern models, it all depends on the imagination of the manufacturers. For example, at home, you can use a cape with a choice of area of ​​impact. Some models are equipped with an additional heating function, which improves the performance of the device.

Many capes are supplemented with special covers that protect the product during transportation or storage.

Manufacturers rating

When choosing a massage chair, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer:

  • Popular with buyers Japanese brand Yamaguchi. The brand produces high-quality functional options equipped with additional features. Models are characterized by increased reliability and durability.
  • A model called “Yamato”. The product can be used at home, at work and in the car. The cape is capable of doing both “classic” massage and other types. In addition, the cape has additional functionality in the form of infrared heating and point exposure. Its advantage is its low cost..

  • No less popular are Chinese brands that have adequately presented their devices on the modern market. Particular preference should be given to brands such as Hansun and FitStudio. Products from these brands completely break buyers’ patterns of relatively low quality Chinese goods..
  • The American brand has earned the trust of buyers from all over the world Us medica. The massage chair covers are designed with the physiological characteristics of the human body in mind. Products not only eliminate pain syndromes, but also prevent the development of such a common ailment as osteochondrosis. The most popular is the model called “Sport”, which can be used both at home and in the car.

  • German manufacturers also occupy the leading positions in this list. Customers increasingly prefer brands such as Beurer and Casada.

How to choose?

When choosing a massage chair cover, you need to pay attention to many important features. First you need to decide in what conditions you will use the product. It is worth noting that the models for the home and for the car are somewhat different from each other. The difference lies in the availability of neck massage. This mode is only available on home models.

In addition, the products have the function of air compression. This function is not available on car models..

An important parameter is the presence of the orthopedic form of the elements. This is especially true for the upper part. The model must have a special headrest. In addition, small rollers are used in the lumbar region, which support the body in a comfortable position..

Note the extra padding to protect your back from hard elements.

If you are choosing a model for a car, it is better to give preference to the heated options. In cold weather, this mode will provide the most comfortable conditions in the car. In summer, the ventilation function can be activated.

As for models for the home, then when choosing a massager, several other qualities must be taken into account. You need to understand that the device will be used by all household members, and therefore it should be as comfortable and convenient as possible for everyone..

Pay attention to the width and height of the model, as in the future you will have to adjust the device for children and adults..

Often, massage capes are used for office chairs, and in this case, vibration devices should be preferred. A few minutes of massage will restore the necessary tone to the muscles and relieve nervous tension. At the time of purchase, please note the availability of various functions. For example, the best option would be an additional ventilation mode..

For information on how to choose a massage cape, see the next video.


Reviews of buyers who have already purchased this option will help to determine the appropriate massage cape for the chair. Most consumers prefer foreign brands, which is the right decision. This is due to the fact that such brands have managed to show their quality and reliability. Especially popular are the models from the Yamaguchi company, which was mentioned above..

In general, the general consumer opinion regarding such products is positive. People are satisfied with the functionality of the devices, ergonomics and low cost. Many people use the same model both at home and at work, which is quite convenient. Also, buyers note that 20 minutes of massage perfectly restores tone and even has a positive effect on the psychological state..

Consumers recommend choosing models with additional functions in the form of heating and ventilation. The cost for such options is not too different from the prices for standard devices, but as a result, you will be able to use many useful modes.

Another advantage of capes is that they save time and money. Buyers note that the use of such a model can completely replace a classic massage session in the salon..

But some users are still unhappy with certain points that are worth paying attention to. Many manufacturers have not foreseen that such capes can be used by people who are too short or tall. In addition, models in light shades get dirty quickly..

It is worth noting that it is quite problematic to clean the material from contamination, especially with regard to fabric options..

Be sure to consider your doctor’s opinion during the buying process. Experts say that such devices should not be used by pregnant women. This is due to the fact that during this period, impacts on the lumbar region and abdomen are strictly prohibited..

Massagers cannot be used by people with cancer. Vibrations and pulsating movements can trigger rapid tumor growth.

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