Sheep wool pillows

Sheep wool pillows

Sheep wool pillows are a popular commodity in today’s sleep equipment market. They have been known for their positive properties for many centuries, which is why many buyers prefer them to modern synthetic products..


The pillow filler is made from merino wool. This is a breed of sheep that is bred in Australia, China and Kyrgyzstan. Their fleece is soft and resilient, which is why it is the ideal material for pillows. Since it is an organic material, it has a number of characteristics. It wears out faster than synthetics, but it does not electrify and does not contain toxic substances. Care for this material needs more gentle – if you want the product to be used as long as possible.

Wool as a material attracts with its availability. She is not a scarce material. In addition, although it is difficult to obtain it, it is a long-established process. The sheep are sheared, and the wool is laid out on a flat surface, straightened, shaken and unsuitable pieces are removed. Then it is thoroughly washed, combed and treated with special protective equipment..

This material has been known for a long time as a filler for pillows, it has many advantages..

Advantages and disadvantages

When you are going to decide on the choice of a suitable woolen pillow, you should familiarize yourself with its advantages and disadvantages..

Although such products have many positive qualities, they are not suitable for everyone:

  • Low thermal conductivity. Among the undoubted advantages of the material, one can single out its ability to retain heat for a long time. Sheep wool has unique thermoregulatory properties. Due to the presence of air between the hairs, it perfectly maintains body temperature, not allowing heat to escape into the atmosphere. It protects against overheating by keeping the body temperature at a natural level.
  • Hygroscopicity. The material is able to absorb more than 30% moisture, while remaining completely dry to the touch. This is an important property for comfort while sleeping. A person often sweats at night, and the accumulated liquid on the skin is not only uncomfortable, but also serves as an excellent medium for the spread of harmful bacteria. Wool absorbs excess, ensuring a wonderful sleep throughout the night..

Such a product warms up perfectly, it is ideal for sleeping in cool rooms. However, free air circulation allows the skin to breathe and saves from stuffiness..

  • Odorless. It is animal material, but merino fleece is a poor breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Such wool has bactericidal properties, therefore it is considered one of the cleanest materials. Unwanted microorganisms do not have the ability to develop, there is no unpleasant odor. If the pillow smells strange, it means that the wool has not been properly processed or the fiber is of poor quality. It is worth refraining from purchasing such a product..
  • Low contamination. The elastic structure of the hair repels dust, so it accumulates in woolen pillows in a smaller amount than in products filled with fluff or other materials.
  • Healing properties. Animal fibers secrete a special wax – lanolin, which has a healing effect and has a positive effect on the skin of the face, rejuvenating it. In addition, wool warms with dry heat, which is a big plus in the fight against colds, bronchitis, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, arthritis, sciatica). Pillows work not only on the face and upper spine, they heal the whole body.

Woolen filler also has certain disadvantages, which you need to familiarize yourself with when choosing a product:

  • Allergenicity. Although merino wool accumulates much less dust than many other materials, it is still an organic material and therefore is not suitable for people with allergies..
  • Crease. Even a high quality fleece rolls quickly with use. This process usually takes less than a year. Matted coats do not lose their useful properties, but provide much less support for the head and shoulders.
  • Lack of orthopedic effect. Wool is a soft and pliable material and will roll over time. Therefore, she is unable to provide orthopedic support.

Variety of models

Woolen pillows are available in several varieties. You can choose the most suitable material in terms of price and quality, depending on personal preferences.

With wool filling

These pillows are 100% wool. Sometimes synthetic fiber is mixed with them. This is done in order to prolong the life of the pillow. The synthetics in the composition prevent the pillow from settling, making it more voluminous. Wool-filled items are the most expensive. They will delight lovers of sustainable materials. However, other options are in no way inferior in terms of a positive effect on the human body and comfort..

One to the other

In such products, the inner cover contains artificial filler – for example, swan down or holofiber. The outer cover contains sheep’s wool. This technique provides better orthopedic properties of the pillow, and also reduces its cost. At the same time, the warming and healing properties of the product do not suffer at all..

Woolen cover

The inner composition of the pillow can be any organic or natural material. There is a natural wool cover on top. Although this pillow warms perfectly due to the dry heat, it is not quite suitable for sleeping. Few people like the constant contact of the delicate skin of the face or neck with the prickly wool surface. A woolen pillow can be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. A knitted wool pillow can also be a great interior decoration. In this technique, magnificent toys-pillows of various shapes and designs are created, which delight the owners with coziness and warmth. Patchwork knitting can also make a home more original.. The combination of various patterns in one product will decorate the rural or ethnic style.

However, such products are well suited for a sore lower back, knee or other parts of the body..

Who is it for?

Merino wool pillows are ideal for people who often suffer from colds. The lanolin in a filler can help relieve skin conditions. These products are indispensable for those who are constantly freezing. Wool successfully copes with the symptoms of osteochondrosis and radiculitis, relieving pain. This is why wool pillows are so good for older people..

These products are absolutely safe for children. Woolen pillows will protect them from colds and the need to sleep on synthetic products that are electrified, poorly maintain the temperature balance and do not absorb moisture.


Wool pillows require careful handling and care. Once every six months, they need to be ventilated in the fresh air. Such products can be washed by hand – at a temperature of 30 degrees. Do not wring them out or rinse them intensively, as this will promote felting. Wool covers can be machine washed with a delicate wash.

Dry products on a flat surface, preferably outdoors.


Consumers speak positively about wool pillows. They are soft and elastic, it is very comfortable to sleep on them – especially on winter nights, when a slight coolness reigns in the apartment. They warm and have a positive effect on the body. Buyers note that it is not very hot to sleep on such pillows in summer, they excellently protect against overheating. They absorb moisture well, so the pillowcase will always be dry. It will be very comfortable to sleep on such a pillow..

Over time, however, the filler rolls down and has to be replaced. Moreover, there is no orthopedic effect. The durability and quality of your stay depends a lot on proper care. The pillow must be periodically ventilated and dried. Reviews are different. Whether you like this pillow or not depends on personal experience. However, many are not disappointed in such products, moreover, they remain very satisfied.

For an overview of sheep wool pillows, see the following video.

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