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A blender may seem to some to be a simple and unnecessary device, but in fact it is a very useful device that should be in every kitchen. Generally speaking, a blender is a smaller version of a food processor. Thanks to this unit, you can prepare delicious cocktails, make smoothies and sauces, batter and cream soups without a single lump. It can do almost anything: chop food to a puree state, mix different ingredients and even crush ice..

There are different types of blenders these days, and many brands successfully put them up for sale. But, among the whole variety of goods of this type, shredders of the Kenwood brand, a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation, are in special demand..


The design and function performed affect the blender types. In total, Kenwood produces four lines of devices, and so that a potential buyer can decide which device is right for him, it is worth considering in advance what types of products will be most often processed, for what purposes, what volumes will be required, where the device will be stored..


The name of the submersible speaks for itself – this technique is equipped directly with the device itself and the container into which it must be immersed. All devices in this category have the Triblade system (three blades), which makes them work more efficiently than other models, so making cocktails with such units will not take too much time.

Another advantage of this assistant can be attributed to the fact that, as soon as the consumer releases the power button of the device, it immediately stops working.

Many models have a compartment for storing the power cord, they are quite easy to clean, they do not take up much space, are convenient to use, and are not heavy. In addition to the basic set of some models, Kenwood offers to buy, if desired, additional attachments – a whisk for whipping egg whites and devices for grinding dry products, such as nuts.

All hand blenders are 34.5 cm long, with plastic models weighing a little more than a kilogram, while metal ones weighing almost 1.2 kg. The power cords are attached at the top of the handle, so they in no way interfere with the hostess working with different attachments. The buttons for controlling the speed of movement of the nozzle are located on the handle.

The clear advantages of the Kenwood hand blender are: ease of use, small size, ease of maintenance. The disadvantages are that, firstly, during operation, the device must be constantly held in hand, and, secondly, it cannot mix and grind large amounts of food at the same time..


Many housewives prefer to deal with submersible blenders – they are compact, sold at affordable prices, they take up little space in the kitchen, and in terms of technical characteristics they very much resemble stationary models. However, the difference between manual and stationary devices of TM Kenwood is obvious, and the advantages are more on the side of the latter. Of course, stationary blenders are more expensive and you will have to allocate much more space for their storage, however, if we consider the situation in the field of functionality, then the buyer of stationary units always wins.

For example, hand blenders cannot chop ice, and during operation they must be constantly held with your hands. Owners of stationary models are devoid of all these problems, because the devices are equipped with capacious containers that do not need to be kept and controlled all the time..

The body of Kenwood stationary blenders is made of metal or very durable plastic. Most models have a double-sided stainless steel disc for slicing and shredding, as well as a chopping knife. Stationary models have different number of speeds and different functions.

The disadvantage of such models is only their large dimensions..

Mini harvester

This is essentially the same submersible Kenwood model, but which includes additional attachments and several stationary bowls. Thanks to the mini-harvester, you can get a universal electric appliance that will easily chop, puree, knead the dough, beat and cook various goodies..


As a rule, such a device is represented by a small plastic bowl or containers made of glass, on top of which there is a handle with a moving mount and a motor. Such blenders are usually bought for chopping meat and vegetables of different densities..

Features and Benefits

All Kenwood kitchen appliances are known for their strength and durability, independence from the material from which the cases were made, however, plastic units are always cheaper than metal ones..

Kenwood blenders easily beat soft foods and ingredients with a harder texture thanks to their good power, usually 700 W. Each housewife also has the opportunity to independently set the speed of the device and choose the appropriate mode for creating a particular dish..

The special properties of the goods include all the same material from which it is produced. Firstly, the bowl in all devices is made of heat-resistant glass, which means that the container that will come into contact with food is environmentally friendly, safe for human health, while it does not absorb food odors. In some models, the bowl is made of durable and non-toxic plastic. All knives are sharp and made of stainless steel, so the electric device can even cope with crushing ice and will do it quickly and efficiently.

Due to the pulse mode, the motor of the device is reliably protected from overloads, and the auto-off function prevents overheating of the product.

How to choose

A blender is not a whim of a lazy housewife, but a very efficient tool in the kitchen, an assistant to every housewife. And no matter how well a person wielded a knife or a whisk for whipping, he cannot make an ideal consistency of mousse from berries or crush ice by hand in a minute..

It doesn’t matter which type of blender was chosen, potential buyers should pay attention to the general rules.

First, the number of speeds. More often, shredders have 2-5 speeds, often there are models with a turbo mode, which speeds up the operation of the device for a short time..

Secondly, noise insulation. A very important point, because a too loud device can put on the ears of all family members on a weekend, when their mother decides to please loved ones with something tasty.

Thirdly, the automatic shutdown function will not be superfluous in the blender, if the device was operated incorrectly, during overheating it will turn off without human intervention..

You need to pay attention to the number of knives. It is better when there are a lot of them, so the efficiency of the device will be an order of magnitude higher, and the time for cooking the dish will be significantly reduced..


Kenwood blenders, as noted by their users, are a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Fast cooking, ease of use and maintenance are the main points that are noted by the owners of this type of equipment. Every day, Kenwood electrical appliances receive thousands of positive reviews from those people who, from their own experience, were convinced that these blenders are the best and deserve to be in every kitchen..

For many, a compact blender has replaced a bulky meat grinder, as the hostesses write, their assistants are comfortable, easy to clean, work conscientiously.

Judging by the reviews, it is better to buy a stationary blender in a metal case, so the engine of the device will be better protected from accidental mechanical damage. It is better to buy a hand blender made of impact-resistant plastic – a light device is always easier to operate.

Young mothers note that it is convenient to prepare the first complementary foods for babies with Kenwood blenders..

A minimum of time and effort, no dirty dishes, and as a result – a delicate, homogeneous mass, in consistency in no way inferior to purchased food for children from six months. Of course, this technique can be used not only by those who have small children. Many people love mashed potatoes, smoothies, cocktails, and with the help of a blender everyone can make goodies.

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