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Vegetable and fruit cocktails are fun and healthy. The unique NutriBullet blender will allow you not only to prepare delicious drinks, but also to unleash the full potential of the gifts of our nature.


NutriBullet is a real discovery in the world of home appliances. It’s not just a blender or juicer. This is a special food extractor that will open the way for you to the world of healthy eating. You can get the most out of even a tiny hazelnut with this machine.!

NutriBullet’s action is based on a unique milling technology. The 600 W motor allows you to grind any food several times better than a conventional blender.

If you like a juicy pomegranate smoothie, you are familiar with the unpleasant sensation of the seeds found in the drink. With NutriBullet, this problem is a thing of the past. The device allows you to get a rich and homogeneous drink

It easily crushes berries, vegetables, fruits and nuts. It is capable of crushing seeds, stalks and tough skins to extract all the important nutrients from them..

The resulting cocktail is called nutriblast. It is an energy drink containing vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids. In addition to easy digestion and benefits, it will give you an unforgettable taste experience..


  • Exclusive grinding method. You get tasty and healthy smoothies and smoothies with a uniform consistency. At the same time, all useful and nutrients enter the body..
  • Increased speed of rotation of the blades. You save time on preparing healthy food.
  • Ease of use. It is enough to place chopped pieces of fruit or vegetables in a special bowl and press the power button. In a couple of seconds, your cocktail is ready. Keeping the appliance clean is as easy as shelling pears. Used parts can be easily rinsed under the tap. Corrosion resistance allows you to safely wash the metal parts of the device, without fear of a decrease in its cutting properties.
  • Health benefits and experimentation. You can mix different fruits with vegetables and nuts for incredible new flavors.
  • High strength of materials. The device will serve you for more than one year.
  • Safety of materials for the human body. You can be calm about the health of your family.
  • Ergonomic and stylish design. The device will perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen.

Who needs?

This device can be used by absolutely all connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle. But it will be especially useful for sports fans and families with children..

Cocktails are the best energy boost for serious workouts. They also help to keep the body in excellent physical shape and achieve new results. For example, a banana nut shake is a great source of protein. A watermelon drink with seeds will provide the body with zinc and magnesium. And blackberry seeds will provide unsaturated omega-3 acids and antioxidants.

The growing body also simply needs the nutrients that nature gives us. Vitamin drinks will give the child vigor, good growth and mental development.


The manufacturer presents 3 main models of unique shredders.

Nutribullet (Basic) – Basic option. Modest, laconic design and simple equipment are offset by an affordable price. The model is equipped with three different containers for making cocktails and mashed potatoes. The power of the device is 600 W. The number of revolutions per minute – 20,000. Not a bad option for daily use.

Nutribullet Red is a chic red model. A similar configuration and power is complemented by a pleasant surprise – a recipe book. And the bright design does not leave indifferent many connoisseurs of beautiful home appliances..

The Pro Family Set 900 W is the most powerful option. The number of revolutions per minute is 25,000. This allows him to cook healthy “goodies” faster than other models. This option has the most complete set. An excellent choice for a large family.

There are few NutriBullet analogs that can compare with it in terms of the quality of the result. The most famous is the Nutri Express smoothie and shake blender. The device is equipped with high-tech blades. Speed ​​- 17000 rpm. Nutri Express is good at chopping food, light in weight and cute in design.


Most NutriBullet blender owners are happy with their purchase. Customers prepare delicious purees, cocktails, cereals, and baking fillings in it. The device is especially praised by those who monitor their weight and health..

We are pleased with the possibilities of the chopper and happy mothers. Children who refuse to eat greens, nuts and seeds in their usual form will happily eat them in NutriBullet fruit purees..

Judging by the reviews, the device is easy to clean and takes up little space. Buyers also appreciate the level of quality of the equipment. Even with active and frequent use, the blender does not break, perfectly performing its functions.

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