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Almost all manufacturers of household kitchen appliances are engaged in the production of blenders. They are in high demand due to their functionality, affordability and the ability to facilitate time-consuming food preparation processes. However, despite the wide assortment, more and more people tend to purchase exactly the Redmond blender. What is so good about the products of this company, and what advantages it has, we will tell you today.

Features of the models

Each specific type of this kitchen unit, produced by the Redmond brand, has its own distinctive advantages, but they remain unchanged, they all have high power and high-quality workmanship. The raw materials used to create them are not only strong and durable, but also meet absolutely all safety requirements and consumer needs. In addition, blenders of this brand are characterized by convenient and smooth switching of speeds, which makes their use as convenient as possible..

The company also paid due attention to the design of its products; they all have a modern, beautiful appearance and a variety of colors. The availability of additional accessories for each type of blender is simply amazing. The manufacturer really made sure that the buyer was able to get everything they need at an affordable price..

Models at a glance

At the moment, the company is engaged in the release of several models of blenders: stationary and submersible.

Submersible models are characterized by mechanical control, a wide range of uses, and high power. Such a blender must be constantly held in hand during use, therefore it is often called a handheld device..

The Ecology Series includes several varieties of such devices at once. All of them have a beautiful, modern ergonomic design and include a variety of attachments. With the Redmond RHB Chrome in Black blenders, you can prepare food faster, easier and more conveniently. The following models are most popular today: RHB-2933, RHB-2940, RHB-CB2932. It is worth noting that some of these models are multi-kits, that is, hybrids of stationary and hand blenders..

Such a unit is simply irreplaceable when chopping food in small volumes, whipping food and mixing them. With optional accessories, you can turn this blender into a real food processor when needed. High functionality, low price, long service life and ease of use are the main characteristics of this device..

Stationary models during their operation do not require the constant presence of a person, which allows you to do other things while the device is cooking. They can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes, thanks to the huge range of attachments. This device is indispensable for home confectioners, large families, as well as all those who seek to spend their time with benefit, and you can entrust the difficult work to this blender, because it is not for nothing that it is called 3 in 1. It can be used as a blender, meat grinder and juicer.

This type of device, like the submersible, is one of the devices manufactured in the Ecology Series line and meets the highest requirements. The most popular models today are: RHB-CB2932 and RHB 2935. But, like any other kitchen appliance, a blender made by Redmond has its pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages

In order to objectively evaluate the pros and cons of this device, it is necessary to consider each type of blender separately.. So, the advantages of stationary models include:

  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • The ability to use a blender for processing food in dishes of any capacity.
  • The presence of a large number of accessories, as well as a removable knife-leg, can significantly expand the functionality of this device.
  • Compact size and ergonomic design.
  • Multiple operating speeds.
  • Low cost and durability.

The disadvantages of this device include the need to constantly hold the blender in your hands, which leads to fatigue. And also the impossibility of replacing some kitchen appliances with it. In addition, it will be impossible to grind or mix a large volume of food at one time using this unit..

If we talk directly about the disadvantages of Redmond stationary blenders, then there are practically none.. The device has a high power, sometimes it reaches 1300 watts, is capable of performing several functions at once and can completely replace a mixer, dough mixer, meat grinder and other kitchen units. It is easy to use and maintain, as it is equipped with a self-cleaning function. In addition, despite such high power, it emits very little noise during operation. It has a durable body, and all its nozzles are made of high-quality metal, which ensures a long service life, subject to the recommendations for use.

How to choose?

The decision on the choice of a specific type of this kitchen assistant, of course, should be based on the functions it performs, its needs, as well as the pros and cons that each of them has..

The main selection criteria should be:

  • Frequency of use. Appliances that are often used in the kitchen should always be at hand, so it makes sense to purchase a stationary model.
  • If you frequently prepare liquid or semi-liquid foods, as well as baby food, it is better to use a stationary or planetary blender. But for grinding solid products in small quantities, a manual unit is also perfect..
  • In the kitchen of what area this assistant will be registered. In small areas, a large device will not only look out of place, but it will not be very convenient to use it..
  • The number of members in the family. The more people, the more food, and therefore the hassle of preparing it. Therefore, for a family of two or three people, a submersible device will be quite enough, but for more numerous families, a good powerful stationary unit will be required..

How to use?

The correct use of a blender depends not only on the type of blender, but also on the attachments used. The main point is that you should install the desired attachment and put the food in the bowl before turning on the appliance..

As for the general recommendations for using this unit, they are as follows:

  • It is recommended to use only Redmond accessories..
  • To prepare each food and perform a specific operation with it, you must use the appropriate accessory. So, it is not recommended to try to crush ice with a disc attachment designed for fine slicing..
  • The supplied chopper is best used for chopping greens and nuts.
  • For smoothies, cocktails, and any liquid food, use the special whisk attachment. At the same time, the manufacturer made sure that the set of some models included a special bottle for fitness, into which it is very convenient to pour the prepared mixtures..
  • The dicing attachment is only recommended for boiled vegetables and fruits. Raw solids can bend metal and make this accessory unusable.

  • When using stationary models of Redmond blenders, it is worth remembering that the useful volume of the bowl is almost 500 ml less than the nominal one. Therefore, do not fill the bowl with food to the very edges, this can lead to incorrect and ineffective operation of the unit..
  • It is not recommended to use this device for whipping or chopping very hot food, unless otherwise specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, the plastic parts of the unit will fail very quickly and the device will not be able to function normally..
  • When using stationary blenders, the food should be cut into medium-sized pieces before placing in the jug..
  • You should not try to stuff the entire volume of food into the bowl at once. It will be much safer and more useful for the blender to add them directly during the operation of the device through a special hole in the lid. It is available on all Redmond stationary blenders..
  • Watch carefully, make sure that none of the types of this kitchen assistant works without food. Therefore, immediately after use, you must disconnect it from the mains. Otherwise, the engine will overheat and the device will become unusable..
  • When using the handheld unit, remember that it cannot be used to grind solid foods unless some liquid has been added to them..
  • If the unit does not have an overheating protection function, it should be used intermittently. After 2 minutes of work, give your assistant a break for 60 seconds..

Following these simple, but very important recommendations will allow you to enjoy the efficient and productive work of your blender from the famous brand for a long time. And its high quality and functionality is once again confirmed by the reviews of those who have already purchased this device..


The brand itself positions itself as an American manufacturer of high-quality household and kitchen appliances for the home in particular. Indeed, according to consumers, the stores offer a very wide range of different products under this brand, ranging from electric kettles to steam cookers. All devices have an attractive appearance, stylish design and, according to the manufacturer, they are quite multifunctional in use..

And this is where the most interesting thing lies: judging by the numerous reviews, this company is far from American, but ours. But why the owners position themselves as a foreign manufacturer remains a mystery. Although, despite this little trick, in general, the reviews about the products of this company are very positive.

  • Firstly, all buyers, without exception, note the wide range and flexible pricing policy of the Redmond brand. This allows everyone to purchase the products of the sensational brand in accordance with their capabilities..
  • Secondly, the presence of various configurations and types of devices, in particular, blenders, plays an important role. This, again, as buyers say, allows you to choose exactly the technique that meets the requests and requirements of a particular buyer..
  • Thirdly, the sufficiently high quality of all kitchen appliances manufactured by Redmond and blenders in particular. Despite the domestic origin of these products, they are made of high quality materials, which ensures their durability in use..
  • Fourthly, it is simplicity and ease of care and operation. According to the owners of this technique, everyone will be able to understand the rules of its use..

So it turns out that, despite the incomprehensible story with the origin of the brand itself, buyers overwhelmingly say that the redmond brand is today the best among manufacturers of household appliances and they are very satisfied with its products. So, it makes sense to pay attention to the products of this company when purchasing kitchen appliances for your home..


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