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Modern, simple and reliable electrical appliances have become truly convenient, functional and effective helpers in the kitchen. Purchasing a high quality Tefal hand blender or stand blender can make life easier for any woman by significantly reducing cooking time..


Models of the Prepline series are especially loved by customers. The line is represented by two-speed blender models HB7011, HB 7111, HB7031, HB7131, HB7051, HB7151.

The body is made of white plastic. The rubber-coated handle is comfortable to grip with the wrist. On the handle there are buttons for switching on the speeds 1 (slow) and 2 (fast), an EJECT lock button for attachments. The Silence Plus motor makes the grinding process virtually silent. Weight is about 800 grams. Convenient storage is provided by a wall bracket and a suction cup to the cord, which is 1.4 meters long.

The blender attachment is ideal for preparing sauces, soups, fruit shakes and milkshakes. A beater is needed for making pancake dough, whipping cream and egg whites. Shredder chops greens, meat, chops spices and nuts.

Hand blenders 7011 and 7111, 600 and 700 W, have a metal attachment and an 800 ml beaker. Models 7031 and 7131 are available in 600 and 700 watts. Equipped with a removable stainless steel blender attachment. Includes 800 ml measuring container, whisk attachment, 500 ml chopper with lid and knives.

The 7051 and 7151 are available in 600 and 700 watts. In addition to the case with a plastic (7051) and practical metal (7151) blender leg, the following accessories are included: a whisk with a holder, a graduated 800 ml glass, a 500 ml mini chopper, a lid and knives.


There are models on sale: BL522, BL523, BL5013, 6783 BL5101 Performa. The stationary product is a jug with a lid of up to two liters made of glass (5101, 522, 523) or plastic (5013), set on a silver metal base with a motor and controls. Inside the bowl, stainless steel knives rotate, capable of chopping or crushing a portion of food. The advantage of these blenders is that they do not need to be held in the hand..

Products can be completed with graters, operate in the mode for splitting ice (523). Such household appliances are useful for making milkshakes, berry smoothies, soups, sauces, mashed vegetables and fruits, pates and batter. The set complements the measuring cup (523).

The regulator assumes two-speed (522), four-speed (523, 5013, 6783) or eight-speed (5101) rotation mode. The pulse mode provides alternating rotation with short breaks to thoroughly crush hard ingredients such as ice. The high power 400-600 W allows you to mix the components in a matter of seconds. Self-cleaning function (5101) makes it easy to clean the bowl while rotating.

A toy, almost like a real one, the Smoby model with a height of 17.5 cm Tefal offers for little (3+) cooks. Water can be poured into the plastic waterproof jar of the battery-operated blender, the stirring is accompanied by an interesting sound effect.

The brand offers compact electric chopper choppers that handle delicate meats well. Choppers are indispensable for baby food, as they puree the ingredients to a whipped, airy state. Four-speed shredders with a power of 400 W MV4021 Optimo Power and 8513 Rondo 1000 have 1 liter bowls, equipped with knives and emulsifying attachments.

How to choose?

Some advice from experienced users will help you find a Tefal product that meets your needs:

  • When buying a blender, you need to consider the possibilities of storing the appliance with attachments in the kitchen. A compact submersible model is much more convenient to store than a stationary one..
  • If you are going to process small portions for an infant, it is better to focus on the submersible or stationary model with a small jug..
  • Don’t chase the highest levels of power and performance. Taking into account the average need of a small family for 400-800 ml of chopped food, a blender with average characteristics will suffice..
  • When choosing a working nozzle, you should give preference to a more durable metal product.

Safe use rules

In order for the blender to delight the hostess for a long time, there are a number of general rules that must be followed. Before starting to use, you must carefully read the instruction manual.

Since any blender is an electrical appliance, before using it for the first time, you need to familiarize yourself with the network requirements specified in the service certificate for the appliance. It is forbidden to use the blender if it has been dropped or damaged on the case, plug and power cord. The cord should only be replaced by a specialist..

The household appliance is not intended for children and persons with mental or physical disabilities. They can only work under the supervision of people responsible for their safety. Do not use the product near an open flame..

When turning off, do not pull on the cord, you need to carefully remove the plug from the socket. It is allowed to use an extension cord if it is serviceable. It is necessary to disconnect from the mains in the following cases: if the device is not used for a long time, in case of interruptions in operation, before disassembly, washing and maintenance, after each use.

Before using for the first time, wipe the motor unit, power cord with plug, whisk holder and mini-shredder cover with a damp cloth. These parts of the product must not be placed under the tap or placed in the dishwasher. Washing the whisk, beater attachments, bowls and knives in soapy water is allowed in the dishwasher.

Try not to use the device empty. Do not touch the moving parts with your hands, do not touch the whisk and knives with your fingers, as they have sharp blades. Also, all blade accessories require care when installing and removing. A knife for a mini-shredder of a submersible product must be stored in a special case.

You can independently carry out external cleaning of the body, containers, installation of nozzles. It is not recommended to disassemble the motor part. For repair work, contact a service specialist.

Practical advice from the manufacturer

Overfilling the container of any blender design is not allowed. To avoid splashing, the mixing or churning bowl should be no more than two-thirds full. The best quality puree is obtained when all or at least the bottom of the whisk is completely immersed..

To avoid rapid wear, the appliance is best used for processing soft to medium-hard foods. The submersible models are not suitable for chopping ice, grinding coffee, grinding sugar and chocolate.

When puréing celery and asparagus, you must periodically stop to clean the knives from accumulated fibers, observing safety rules. When processing fruits, you need to carefully remove all the seeds. When placing meat in a submersible grinder, it should be freed from bones and veins..

During the mixing process, do not keep the bowl on the stove. For best processing, it is better to put food in the container at the same temperature. It is not recommended to start processing too hot components, first they need to be cooled to a temperature of no more than 80 degrees.

Using a hand blender shredder bowl to heat liquid ingredients in a microwave oven is acceptable, provided the food is non-greasy and completely covers the metal axis of the container..

Some vegetables with a bright juice, such as beets, carrots, are capable of staining white plastic in the time of unpeeled parts of the blender. The stains should be wiped off with a napkin soaked in vegetable oil, then rinsed as usual.

Customer Reviews

Tefal products are consistently trusted by customers all over the world. The blender and chopper models have earned recognition and a lot of positive reviews for their long life, trouble-free operation, ease of assembly and ergonomic body design. Kitchen appliances from a brand that maintains high quality European traditions are available at affordable prices for most buyers..

Young mothers with babies consider the product an indispensable assistant during complementary foods for preparing cereals, vegetable and fruit purees. They pay tribute to the quality of modern materials used in the assembly. Plastic and metal accessories are environmentally friendly, harmless, do not smell and do not emit harmful substances into food.

All owners of Tefal blenders pay tribute to the convenience of pouring fruit drinks and cocktails from a high transparent container with a spout and graduated graduations. Many people note the practicality of a submersible device, which makes it possible to use it not only with a branded work glass, but also with any other vessel..

A good impression is left by the silent, despite the high power, operation of the products. Many housewives are pleased with the possibility of compact placement of the submersible model on a special wall bracket, which allows you to always keep the blender at hand in an accessible place, saving kitchen space.

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